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Monday, 17 May 2021

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th May 2021 "Virat Completes All rituals with Pulkit-Devi, Kaku Does Drama Again "

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th May 2021 "Virat Completes All rituals with Pulkit-Devi, Kaku Does Drama Again "

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th May 2021 "Virat Completes All rituals with Pulkit-Devi, Kaku Does Drama Again ".

The episode begins at Chavan's house. Ninad says that Devi and Pulkit are her important guests for whom Sai was doing preparations.



 Karishma and Sonali talk that there will be a blast today. Sai signals Virat and he comes to welcome them. He asks Pulkit to come inside and asks others why they are so shocked seeing her guests as they have to complete function. Ashwini stops Pulkit from entering and says that she have to take aarti as he is their son-in-law.


 Devi gets excited and Virat says that he wants to do the things for their welcome as he did a mistake by not realizing that she was happy with her marriage. He puts teeka for both of them and takes aarti saying that he hopes that they have accepted his apologies for his mistakes. Devi says that she is happy as he is talking well with them but she was afraid on the day of her marriage.


He holds Pulkit's ear asking him to take care of her and Ashwini asks to hold tightly. Pulkit tells that he will keep Devi safe and will take care of her. Devi says Virat not to hold tightly and he asks her to hold his ear. She unknowingly holds his ear and says sorry thinking that she held him tightly. They joke with her and she hits Virat which he gets pain and Pulkit tells her to calm.


Virat says that it is okay and he welcomes them to their house. They enter home holding hands and others are irked seeing them. Pulkit says that he brought sweets for them as he came for the first time after marriage and Sai asks to give it to elders. 



Ashwini asks him to give it to Bhavani but he gives sweets to her after taking blessings. She gets emotional telling that she understood that even she has existence only after Sai came to this house and says that she has given her respect. She says Pulkit there was no need for the sweets but he tells that it was needed as he came to this house as a son-in-law for the first time.


 Sonali says to Karishma that Virat is doing whatever Sai is saying and they are acting like racket and shuttlecock. She says that Sai is the racket and he is the shuttlecock. Pulkit tells that there was no need for preparing lunch and Sai says that she is doing her duty as the daughter-in-law of this house. She says that she only did normal preparations and Pakhi asks why she is acting like a daughter-in-law when she said that she only came for Virat but this family doesn't belong to her.


 Sai says that she said that she came back for her husband and even now she is doing everything for him as he was worried that he couldn't attend Devyani's marriage which is why she invited them today. Ashwini stops Pakhi telling that Sai is the daughter law of this house like her as she is Virat's wife.




Sai asks them to take blessings from the elders but Devyani refuses to tell them that they are bad. Pulkit tells her that they should take blessings as they have gotten married and assures them that he is with her. He tries to take her and Sai asks her to seek blessings for her sake. Devi says that she is going to get blessings only as she told and they take blessings from Ashwini.


She wishes them happiness and blesses Devi to have a good married life. Sonali asks Omkar how Bhavani is tolerating all this drama silently as she can't understand. They come near Bhavani to take blessings but she stops holding Devi's hand and everyone looks at them. She says that when she came to call her from the marriage but she pushed her away and now she is touching her feet. Pulkit holds Devyani when she has pushed away and others look shocked.


Devyani tells Sai that she didn't want to come here because of her bad mother and tells her that she doesn't want to be here as she wants to go back. Pulkit makes her calm and he tells Bhavani that she is elder to them so she can tell them anything but he won't make it good if anyone tries to hurt Devi from now onwards.



Bhavani asks him to stop as she is her daughter first but Pulkit says that they should understand that she is his wife now. Virat tells that what Devi did that day was due to her childishness but they are elder to her so they should not make her sad. Ashwini also asks Bhavani to forget her anger and to accept this relationship.


She asks her not to let her anger overcome her motherly love and asks her to see how happy Devyani is with Pulkit. Bhavani gets angry when  Ashwini asks to forgive Devi and warns her that she will fall highly because of Sai. She is adamant that she won't bless them in any life and insults Pulkit tells that he will always remain a servant in front of her.


Precap Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th May 2021:

 Bhavani asks Sai how she thought of coming behind her after creating drama. She says that there is nothing to tell but Sai asks then why she is frightened to say anything.

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