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Saturday, 15 May 2021

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th May 2021 " Sai-Virat's Romantic Moments and Nok-Jhok, Sai Takes Care of Virat "

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th May 2021 " Sai-Virat's Romantic Moments and Nok-Jhok, Sai Takes Care of Virat "

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th May 2021 " Sai-Virat's Romantic Moments and Nok-Jhok, Sai Takes Care of Virat ".

The episode begins at Chavan's house. Sai tells that this family is incomplete without Devi and Pulkit so she decides to invite them for lunch.



Virat says that this won't be a good idea as the family hasn't accepted this marriage. Sai tells that now she came she will do everything right and asks him to support her decisions. She says that she needs to complete this function and have the responsibility to make them part of the family. Virat says that bringing Pulkit and Devi to the house can be dangerous while Sai tells that she never ran away from dangers.


She wears a police cap and says that she is the daughter of a policeman and wife of a brave policeman so she doesn't fear anyone. She tells that she will fight against enemies of love and Virat tells that they will make a plan to tell family members. Sai says there is no need for that and tells that they will invite them tomorrow as it is Sunday.


 He says that there is no guarantee that no one will behave badly even if Pulkit comes and she tells that they have to ensure this. Sai is determined to make them complete this function and Virat asks whether it is needed to do tomorrow as there are so many preparations to be done. Sai tells that there is no need to make big preparations as they are not inviting people from outside and there is only a need for making some extra food.




She makes Virat eat medicine as he needs to get well soon and tells that they should call Devi this Sunday as next week maybe she will return to the hostel. Virat gets sad hearing this and Sai tells that she will make all food for tomorrow. He asks who will look after him if she goes as she will be busy in kitchen and she says that she is a multitasker so can do all the jobs.


She says that he might have forgotten her talents being away from her and he says that he hasn't forgotten anything but he will be missing her lying on the bed. Sai asks whether he will miss her and says that she made mistake by taking responsibility any one of the family members should have taken care of him.

 Virat says that jealousy is such a thing that will make people do things and Sai asks if she jealous of Pakhi but he says that she is jealous of that nurse and starts mocking her. Sai tells that if he makes her angry she will leave and he can keep continuing to miss her. He asks her to do whatever she wants and not to go anywhere as he doesn't want to miss her.



Bhavani and Sonali come to Pakhi with food asking her to not show her anger in food. Sonali tells that anyone will be angry seeing Sai's behavior and Bhavani asks her not to mind her doings. Pakhi says that she is hurt by Virat's change in behavior and Sonali says that Sai is behind his actions. Bhavani says that she will make everything right and she asks Pakhi to prepare all food that Virat likes to mend their friendship.


Pulkit tries to make Devi eat food but she refuses as she wants to feed Harini first as she is maybe hungry. He stops her as Madhuri has made her eat and asks her to feed Harini any other day. He makes her eat food and gets a call from Sai. He becomes happy knowing she came back to Chavan's house to take care of Virat but she says that she will leave after he gets fine. She asks them to complete the function and asks them to come to the house tomorrow.


 She asks him not to bring Harini to the house as the family needs to accept them first. Devi gets happy knowing that Sai is back home and tells that they will go tomorrow to her house. Sai says Virat that they have agreed to come and she starts planning for food preparations. Seeing her spending money Virat says that he hasn't done anything for Devi and asks her to let him pay.


He says that they will give a gift also to Devi and asks Sai to make use of her money in her hostel. She says that he is waiting without patience for her return to the hostel and he says that she only said that she wants to go back. He says that he can't understand what the woman thinks and asks her to take money from his wallet.

He asks when she is going to tell family and she says that nobody will let her make food peacefully if she tells them now. Virat lies on the bed while Sai goes to press his head and he says that there is no need as he will be left alone tomorrow so he is practicing. She presses his head and makes him sleep.


Precap For Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th May 2021 :

Ashwini tells that Sai called some guests for lunch and she asks everyone to behave well with them.

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