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Sunday, 2 February 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 3rd February 2019 Written Update " Kartik Supports Naira Surekha Gets Angry "

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 3rd February 2019 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 3rd February 2019 Written Update
 " Kartik Supports Naira Surekha Gets Angry "

The episode starts with the nurse, who brings Trisha's bloodied clothes. Seeing these Naira shouts. The police officer asks the nurse to take away the clothes.

The police officer asks Kartik about Trisha's phone then Kartik replies she was not present with her luggage. The police officer says that the people who molested her or might when she met with an accident then someone took her phone but they'll track the phone to gather information. Later the police officer reaches the Goenka house.

Manish gives all the details to the police. The office asks whether someone is else present in there who is not present there then Surekha replies her sons Luv-Kush they have gone out. Luv-Kush listening all this by hiding themselves. Manish requests the officer to give the strict punishment to the criminals then Akhilesh too says that Trisha is like their own girl. Kairav tells Vansh that she saw Luv-Kush planting chips tree in the garden but Vansh makes his fun. They both go to Luv-Kush to ask about the chips packet.

 They ask Luv-Kush about the chips packet then Luv replies that it was related to their science project and asks them not to tell about this to anyone else. Luv lies to Kairav and Vansh that he kept a seed with a wish in the chips packet and when God will fulfill his wish then a plant comes out of the seed. He lies them that he'll buy helmets for them and then he'll take them on a bike ride. They become happy and leave. Kush says to Luv that he is lieing continuously.

 There Kaira goes to meet the truck driver. They ask the driver to tell them the truth but he says the same that Trisha came instantly in front of his truck and he tried to apply the breaks but he didn't get enough time. He says he was not drunk at that time and he too has a girl child, he can feel their pain and he is innocent in this case. He starts crying then Kartik says to Naira that this man is right then Naira replies that why Trisha tried to suicide.

 Kartik says he too isn't understanding this and who did wrong to her. Seeing Naira's condition Kartik asks her not to worry as police will definitely find her criminals. Kartik brings Naira home but she continues to say to him that she wants to stay with Trisha in the hospital. 

There Naira tells to everyone that someone did wrong with Trisha and molest her and police says that she tried to suicide. Listening to this everyone gets a shock.

Naira blames herself as she called her here. Luv-Kush too feels guilty but Luv asks Kush to remain calm. Naira says she'll not leave her criminals. Later Kairav arrives there then Naira stops crying then Kartik takes her to their room.
Goenkas pray to God for Trisha. Kartik and Kairav bring Naira to the room. Kartik asks her to sleep but she can't drunk Kairav tries to make her happy but she keeps crying. Later Kairav puts her head in his lap then she sleeps. There Kush says Luv that they should confess everything as he can't live with this burden. He says that they're hurting Naira too then Luv replies if they'll confess everything then Naira will hurt the most.

Kush doesn't listen to Luv and leaves to tell everything. Later Naira receives a picture of a locket found in Trisha's clothes then she thinks that this isn't of Trisha as she never saw her wearing this. Naira says it might be the criminal's locket that stuck in Trisha's clothes. Abhishek comes to Luv-Kush and asks them why they're fighting. Luv tells him that Kush wants to confess. Abhishek and Kush become angry then Luv asks them that they should talk in their room. Naira arrives there and asks Kush about his health.

Later she notices the same locket of which the inspector sends the picture. Naira asks Abhishek about the locket then he tells her that he always wears the locket and as every follower of their guruji wears this. Naira tells them that the inspector found the same in Trisha's clothes and listening to this Surekha lost her temper and asks Naira that why she is doubting he sons.

Naira says she was asking. Everyone gathers then Suhasini asks Naira that she can't trust their child's then Naira replies that she was there asking about the locket. Naira and Surekha argue with each other and Naira say sorry to her. Kartik and Akhilesh agree to Naira and say to Surekha that she was just trying to gather the information about the locket. Later Naira apologizes to Luv-Kush and Abhishek.

Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 4th February 2019 Written Update:

 Luv-Kush sends Kairav to bring the necklace and later her Naira blames Luv-Kush for their doing.

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