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Sunday, 5 January 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 6th January 2020 Written Update" Naira-Dadi Join Hands to expose Vedika "

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 6th January 2020 Written Update" Naira-Dadi Join Hands to expose Vedika "

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 6th January 2020 Written Update" Naira-Dadi Join Hands to expose Vedika "

The episode starts with Naira remembering the moment when Kartik asked her to go to Singhania's house and said that Vedika will go to Goenka's house as Mrs. Goenka.

Naira asked him who decided this then he replies that the god decided this. Kartik tells Naira that they tried hard but her kidney didn't match with anyone except Vedika. He says that Vedika saved everyone's life by donating a kidney to you but in return, she said that she can give you anything except his husband. She put a condition against me that she'll always remain my wife and only then she'll donate a kidney to you.

Kartik says he had no other option as her life was the only important thing for her. Listening to all this Naira got a huge shock. Later she hears Kairav's voice and then she comes into the present day. Kairav comes running towards her and hugs her hard. He wipes her tears and Naira becomes happy to see him. Kairav asks Naira that why she didn't come to Goenka's house as they were eagerly waiting for her there and did many preparations for her welcome. Naira replies that she doesn't know that things that's why she didn't come there.

Kairav says that from now onwards they'll love there and asks her to ask Kartik to take them to the Goenka house so that they can live together. Seeing Suhasini standing at the door, Naira sends Kairav downstairs and asks him to prepare soup for her with the help of Naksh. Later Suhasini comes to Naira and starts crying. She asks Naira to forgive her as everything is happening because of her. 

She says that she didn't know that Vedika is such a bad kind of lady and when she agreed to donate a kidney to you then everyone thought that she is so great but her reality comes out now.

 Naira tells to Suhasini that she thought that there is something hidden secret in her kidney transplant. Naira tells her about the nurse's conversation and says that there are many other weird things too that she didn't pay attention to them earlier like her nursing everyone time did by a nurse but Vedika's nursing and medicine were done by only Pallavi. Naira shows the medicines to Suhasini and says that painkillers are given to her and multivitamins to Vedika.

 Suhasini replies that she too is remembering something that once Manish asked Vedika that they'll take her to a big hospital to check that there is no side effect but Pallavi refused them to do so. Naira says that now they have to do something by which the truth itself comes out. Suhasini says that Kartik took that decision in pressure but he'll never live a moment with Vedika. Suhasini asks Naira to remove Kartik from this trap and asks her to come back to her house.

Naira says that she'll tell to everyone that why his Kartik calls her Sherani. There Vedika receives a call from Pallavi that Umesh Gupta is troubling them now and she can't meet him as she has to leave for Mumbai for her seminar. Pallavi asks Vedika to meet Umesh Gupta and handle him. Suhasini hears their whole conversation.

 Suhasini makes a call to Naira and tells her everything which she heard. Naira replies that what they can do with the half information as they don't know who is Umesh Gupta and where Vedika will go to meet him. Naira asks Suhasini to make sure that tomorrow Vedika will not go out to meet Umesh and she has to call him to the house so that they can see them. Kairav is decorating Christmas tree for Christmas. In the midnight Kartik and Naira lost into each other's memories and miss each other a lot.  Naira says that they'll meet soon and will live together.

 On the next day, Vedika is going somewhere then Suhasini stops her and starts her drama that she is regretting her earlier behavior with her. Suhasini says that for her now she is their daughter in law and their Kartik's wife. Suhasini asks her to make closeness with Kairav and Vansh so Kartik will also get close to her.

Naira is listening to all this as Suhasini already kept her phone on a call with her. Suhasini suggests Vedika host a Christmas party for the kids then Vedika says she is going out to meet Pallavi's cousin then Suhasini asks her to call him to their house. Suhasini says that she'll ask Naira to come here with Kairav but Vedika asks her not to call Naira here. Later Naira says to Suhasini that she'll come in the getup of Santa Clause.

Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 7th January 2020 Written Update:

 Naira comes to Singhania's house in the getup of Santa and notices Vedika giving money to a man.

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