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Thursday, 16 January 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 17th January 2020 Written Update "Dulha Replaced Kartik Gets Late for Marriage "

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 17th January 2020 Written Update "Dulha Replaced Kartik Gets Late for Marriage "

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 17th January 2020 Written Update "Dulha Replaced Kartik Gets Late for Marriage ".

The episode starts with Kartik's sherwani and Naira's lehenga stuck in the fid. They pray to God not to this with them as if the dresses tear out then they don't have other dresses for the wedding.

There in the temple, Suhasini shouts at Panditji for not informing them that keeping food isn't safe there then Panditji replies that the community has hanged a signboard for this. The sign is so small, so Manish asks the Panditji that how they can see such a small thing. Everyone says to the Panditji that he should tell them earlier about the animals there then he replies that they're blaming him for everything. Later Suwarna asks him to do the preparations for the wedding and they'll bring the food.

 Naira's lehenga didn't tear out so she leaves for the temple with Gayatri from Singhania house. On the other hand, Kartik's sherwani tears out so he asks the driver to take him to a sherwani shop. Naira is so happy while Kartik is in tension and asks his driver to drive the car fast as he can't go to the temple in a torn sherwani. Ladies of both the families prepare food and the gents do decorations in the temple. Suhasini says to the ladies to prepare the Prasad fast then Devyani too asks them to hurry up as Naira is on the way.

Surekha starts crying saying that Luv-Kush too is on the way. Kairav and Vansh are watching the Varmalas as earlier times a camel ate them and now Naksh thought that might a cow come will eat them. In the sherwani shop, Kartik collides with a man with the same sherwani as he is wearing but he asks him to go as she is going to change it. Later Kartik asks the shopkeeper to give him a new sherwani as his wife is waiting for him. Later the man who collides with Kartik goes in Kartik's car by mistake and his own driver js waiting for him.

Suhasini becomes so tensed and asks Manish to ask Kartik, where he is then Naira reaches there. Leaving behind the Varmalas, Kairav goes to receives Naira. A couple runs from their houses to marry each other  too reach the temple and take Kaira's Varmalas secretly and keep something else in place of that. Kartik gets ready in new sherwani and is about to leave but the lock of the door of changing room comes in his hand. Kartik shouts for help and asks to break the door as it's not going to open at any cost. Kartik's car arrives in the temple but its Kamal in the car, who by mistake comes in Kartik's car. 

Everyone thinks that it's Kartik because his face is covered with Sehra. The staff of the shop asks Kartik to keep patience as they're trying to open the door.

Kartik asks the staff to break the door as he has only 27 minutes muhrat for his wedding. Later Kartik realizes that his phone is left in his car. Kamal thinks that Goenkas and Singhanias are from his bride's side and seeing Naira lehenga he thinks that hey his bride takes so expensive lehenga as Naira has covered her face. Kairav asks to start the wedding.

Kartik asks the staff to make a call to his family members but no one is answering the call as there in the temple everyone keeps their mobiles on silent mode. Later Kartik notices a tunnel type in the changing room and he tries to come out of it. As Kairav and Vansh are getting close to Kamal thinking that he's Kartik then he feels weird. Surekha again starts crying as she is going to see Luv-Kush after a long time. Listening to all this, Kamal thinks that his bride Monika never told him about the children in her family. Kartik comes out but no one is giving him lift.

 Suhasini starts the rituals of the wedding then Naira thinks that's why Kartik is so silent today. There Kartik starts running to reach the temple. There in the temple, both the families start dancing with the bride and groom. Kamal thinks that the family is so sweet as no one has come from his own family so Monika's family makes a team for his side. Kamal hugs Suhasini and she feels weird but she doesn't pay attention to it.

Panditji asks them to do the Varmala ceremony but Surekha asks them to wait for Luv-Kush but they reply it's just Varmala ceremony and they'll watch the wedding. 

Everyone shock to see that Varmalas are missing and then they see someone else wearing them. Kamal says Aunty ji to Suhasini and later everyone gets a huge shock seeing Kamal in place of Kartik.

Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 18th January 2020 Written Update :

 Naira starts fighting with Kamal whereas Kartik is coming to the temple on a punctured bike.

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