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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 15th January 2020 Written Update " Kartik Exposed Vedika "

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 15th January 2020 Written Update " Kartik Exposed Vedika ".

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 15th January 2020 Written Update " Kartik Exposed Vedika ".

The episode starts with Kartik returning back with Vedika. Everyone asks Kartik why he reacts in so anger at that time.

Kartik says he wants to give them a surprise by launching a new product and its production was delayed so he feels very bad as today is the day to do new things. Everyone asks him that new things can happen anytime. Manish asks Kartik to give a smile. Later Kartik says sorry to everyone and to Vedika also and leaves to meet Kairav. There Naira asks everyone to do some rituals before breakfast. Vedika looks worried.

Suhasini asks everyone to write a new page from today in their life as today's day is good to start new beginnings. Everyone does worships of the god and is standing with their closed eyes. Kartik arrives there and secretly says to Vedika that he knows everything but when Vedika asks him what he said he says that he didn't say anything. Later sitting with Kairav and Vansh, Kartik apologizes for his angry behavior. Kartik says he never behaves like that earlier. Gayatri calls Vansh and he leaves then Kartik something to Kairav.

 Vedika notices this and thinks about what are they talking about so seriously. When Vedika reaches them then Kartik moves from there. Vedika tries to ask Kairav about the discussion between him and Kartik but he refuses to tell her. 

Vedika thinks that she is overthinking about this. When Goenka is leaving Singhania's house then a servant comes to Kartik and asks him to do his signature on some papers and later he goes to Vedika to take her signature also. Vedika suspects the papers then Kartik says he is opening a diamond collection by her name.

Vedika becomes happy and signs the papers without even reading them. Vedika thanks Kartik for this and Kartik thanks her for giving her kidney. Goenkas thank Singhanias as they enjoyed there a lot. Kartik says bye to Kairav then Vedika thinks about the secret inbetween Kairav and Kartik. Later in Goenka's house, Vedika asks the servant to keep her luggage in the car as she'll directly leave for the airport with Kartik but Kartik arrives and says that they'll go tomorrow morning not today as he has some urgent work today.

There Naira says to Kairav that sometimes they have to fight with their closed ones for the truth as it's beyond everything. Naira too packed her luggage. On the other hand, Vansh writes an essay in his school on the topic 'a superwoman in my family' for Vedika.
Vansh reads the essay and says that Vedika is a superwoman as she donated her one kidney to save his Naira Massi. Vedika feels so low. On the other hand, Naira keeps her luggage in the car and says only a few hours are left. On the dinner table, Vedika serves by herself then Kartik asks her to sit and says she should not exert as she has only one kidney.

Vedika takes Kartik aside and asks him that he is behaving so weird and why he is reciting that she donated her kidney. He replies that he genuinely cares for her and leaves to attend Naira's call trying to hide from Vedika but she comes to know about that. 

Vedika calls to Pallavi then she asks her not to worry and start her new life. In the early morning, Kartik takes hi luggage and some documents and leaves the house. Vedika follows him and shock to see when he meets Naira outside the house. Kartik keeps the luggage in the car and they are about to leave but Vedika stops them.

She becomes feared seeing passports and tickets too. Vedika becomes mad, takes the car's key and asks Kartik to come out of the car. Vedika asks Kartik that why he lied to her and met with Naira. She asks them where they're going but Kartik doesn't speak a word. All the family members gather there then Vedika says to them that they're doing cheating with her.

Kartik says that he is leaving for another country with Naira as he can't live without her and will later call Kairav also there. Naira says that Kartik is living forcefully with Vedika as he doesn't love her. 

Vedika says she donated her kidney and now Kartik is doing wrong with her then Kartik asks her to stop lieing because she didn't donate any kidney. He says that he knows her truth. Learning the truth everyone gets a shock.

Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 16th January 2020 Written Update :

 Kartik and Naira are getting ready for their wedding it's time for Kaira Milan.

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