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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 11th December 2019 Written Update " Kartik-Naira's Engagement Preparation and Leap".

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 11th December 2019 Written Update " Kartik-Naira-Kairav's Happy Moments and Leap"

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 11th December 2019 Written Update " Kartik-Naira's Engagement Preparation and  Leap".

The episode starts with Naira, who tells Kairav that the engagement won't take place in the next week as the divorce process will start after two weeks.

 Kartik says they will enjoy all the functions and this will take time. Naira says they have to take some permissions too then he replies will they give the permission then Kartik replies they'll get the permission and start the functions. Suhasini seems to be tensed about something. Later Kartik goes to Naira and says that their destiny is taking time to make them together then Naira replies they can't fight with their destiny.

 Naira shows a flower pot to Kartik and says that their life is like this flower pot and it has both flowers and spines. Kartik asks her to go on a date with him then she replies that she'll spend all the dates of the month with him. A cute argument starts between them and ends with love. They both dance together and later Kairav too joins them. Kaira thinks that which kind of relationship is in between them as they get separated and again come closer with more love.

 Everyone's moment looks like a decade when they aren't together and the days become moments when they're together. Later after few months, Kairav acts like Gabar and asks everyone about the engagement then Suhasini replies that the engagement will take place this evening. Kairav chides them as they don't choose the rings for the engagement. Samarth asks Manish that who showed Sholay to Kairav then Akhilesh replies that this is the doing of Manish. Later Kairav announces that he'll choose the rings for Kartik and Naira.

 Kairav takes all the rings of goldsmith and goes from there then the for Goenkas make fun of Kaira as they don't know that Kairav will choose rings for them. There Naira says to Kartik that their families are so sweet as they never questioned them that they're going for a walk but don't lose the weight. Kartik replies that because they're becoming more healthier after seeing each other. Kartik and Naira are spending time with each other then Kartik receives a call from Suwarna that they have to come home now.

Listening to this Naira becomes tensed and asks is everything is fine then Kartik replies that their son has to get up the whole house on his head that he'll choose rings for them. Kartik says they're like this that's why their child is so naughty and they run towards their house.

 As they reach the home, Suwarna tells them that Kairav decided that he'll choose the rings. Kaira runs towards Kairav's room and sees that he is talking to Vansh on a video call. Later they become shocked to see that he chooses cartoon rings for them. Vansh asks Kairav does he check the size of the rings then he replies that the shopkeeper asked him that these are adjustable. Later Kaira starts arguing with each other a  who'll make Kairav understand the rings.


Naira asks Kartik to go and make Kairav understand as she doesn't want to wear the cartoon ring for the whole life. Kartik becomes ready to make Kairav understandings and Naira forcefully pushes him into Kairav's room then Kairav asks him what he wants. Kartik thinks he is too clever like his mother. Kartik starts pampering Kairav then Naira comes to Kairav and he asks her that what she wants now. Naira says that they have decided that they'll do a special dance with him to the party then Kairav asks them to practice as he already knows the dance.

He goes out of the room to take glue. Later Suhasini asks Kaira about the rings then they reply that the rings are so cute. Later Naksh asks Manish that why he is doing the work as anyone else can do this then he replies that he likes to do this. Later Kaira comes to Manish and asks him that why he showed that movie to  Kairav as now he is behaving like a villain for their engagement.

 Later Kaira decides that they'll not say anything to Kairav about the rings as this will hurt him. Kartik says the previous time they did for the family and this time they'll do this for their son and Naira replies that their engagement will be perfect now. Kartik asks Naira to get ready for the engagement like he sees her in his dreams.

Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 12th December 2019 Written Update :

 Suhasini asks Kairav to bring the rings and becomes shocked after seeing the rings.

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