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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 11th December 2019 Episode Written Update " Komolika's Plan Failed Moloy Shows His Anger "

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 11th December 2019 Episode Written Update " Komolika's Plan Failed Moloy Shows His Anger ".

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 11th December 2019 Episode Written Update " Komolika's Plan Failed Moloy Shows His Anger ".

The episode begins at Prerna's house. She tells Anurag that the police should check the place where she kept the money in his house.

 Anurag agrees to the request and Sonalika leaves. Anurag again apologizes to Veena folding his hands and takes blessings from her. Veena tells that he can't be blamed in this and asks him to go home. Moloy tells Mohini that she should have made Sonalika understand if she had put wrong blame on Prerna and tells Nivedita that she should have supported Prerna. Moloy tells that he would have replaced the money and tells that he is tired of trying to make them understand that Rajesh is his friend and his family is the same for him.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 11th December 2019 Episode Full Written Update

 Moloy tells that not Anupam but Nivedita should have informed it to him and tells that she is being like her mother. Moloy tells that he will never forgive them for this and Mohini tells him that now he will hear what police got from Sharma house when she hears the doorbell ringing. Mohini opens the door asking Anurag whether they got the money and he goes to his father without answering.

Prerna and Shivani come there with police and Moloy apologies to her. Nivedita and Mohini are shocked to hear that they didn’t find the bag at Prerna’s house. Anurag tells that Sharma was telling truth and he tells the police to check their study room. Sonalika is confused thinking where money has gone and Mohini asks Nivedita how can this happen. Shivani understands that Prerna was ready to trick Komolika beforehand and the police come there with the money.

 Prerna tells Komolika that she was overconfident that money was not at home and if she had listened to Prerna the issue would have solved there itself. Prerna tells her how the plan backfired saying that she got the doubt when she went with Prerna to keep the money inside. Prerna tells that she knew about her plan and that is why she changed the bag.

Prerna tells that she showed the anger of Komolika today to everyone and tells that she insulted her mother in the same way as Komolika did before. Prerna tells that now it will not take time to apologize to get exposed and Moloy calls for her to come. Inspector tells Mohini to inform police only after thoroughly checking their house and leaves. Nivedita tells that she lied as she trusted what Sonalika said and Moloy asks her to be quiet.

Moloy asks Sonalika to apologize to Prerna and she goes after saying sorry. Prerna thanks Anurag and Moloy think that he is not able to bring them together even if he wishes.
Sonalika is furious thinking Anurag and Moloy making her apologize to Prerna. Anurag sees her disturbed and he sees photos lying down. 

She takes that fast without Anurag knowing and tells Anurag to forgive her as she made a mistake in judging Prerna. Anurag asks Sonalika to be good with Prerna and not to repeat this again. Sonalika picks all the photos from the floor and Anurag tells her to think that whatever she is telling Prerna is like telling him.

 Moloy calls him and he goes. Prerna tells Shivani that she trapped Sonalika in her own trap and says that she knew that something is wrong. Prerna tells that this time she will not allow evil to win and Shivani tells that she got fun when Anurag made Sonalika apologize. Prerna tells that Sonalika would have understood today that the relation between her and Anurag is deep and made with love. Sonalika comes to Ronit’s house and he tries to calm her.

She tells that again she got insulted in Basu mansion and she slaps Ronit when he tells that he will not one minute to stop them. Sonalika points the gun at Ronit and tells that she want to kill her by making her suffer every second. Sonalika vents out her anger and tells that she should kill the baby in Prerna’s womb as it is the symbol of their love. Komolika tells that Prerna will have to cry for making her cry today and her life should get shattered.

 Ronit tells Sonalika that tomorrow will be the last morning for Prerna. Suman asks Prerna to be careful while coming downstairs and she tells that everyone cares for her baby. Suman tells that everyone loves her but cares her now more due to baby. Suman goes to get rasgula for Prerna. Mohini hopes that Anurag will forgive her after eating this rasgula and he comes there asking for Moloy. Mohini tells that she will feed him as she made this on her own and Anurag tells that he knows why she is doing this.

Anurag goes from there telling that what she did yesterday to Prerna is not done. Anurag calls Prerna telling that she can take leave today and Sonalika gets tensed thinking Ronit will be waiting to make Prerna’s accident. Anurag gets an official call and goes to check some files. Komolika informs Ronit that Prerna may not be coming today and he tells her to manage. She decides to do something today.

Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 12th December 2019 Episode Written Update :

 Ronit shows Prerna to lorry driver and Anurag sees her hit by the vehicle. Sonalika witness this accident.

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