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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 10th December 2019 Episode Written Update " Komolika Apologies to Prerna and Family "

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 10th December 2019 Episode Written Update " Komolika Apologies to Prerna and Family "

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 10th December 2019 Episode Written Update " Komolika Apologies to Prerna and Family ".

 The episode begins when the driver tells Moloy that his phone is ringing many times and he thinks that Anupam called him as he is late for the party. Anurag holds Prerna and Sonalika gets angry seeing this.

Anurag asks what was happening there and says why police are here. Anurag asks police whether he should tell them that they can’t arrest a female at night and Sonalika tells that they took special permission so why he is overreacting. Anurag tells that he knows Prerna so she will not any theft and Mohini tells him that Sonalika checked and money is not there. Anurag tells that money is not there doesn’t mean that Prerna or Veena took the money and takes good care of Veena.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 10th December 2019 Episode Full Written Update

Anurag thanks Shivani for informing him and he tells that he will guarantee that Prerna will not take the money. Sonalika gets furious asking how can he be this sure that Prerna is innocent and he tells that he trusts her. Sonalika tries to boost up the problem and Anurag asks her to stop this issue right here. Sonalika tells that if Prerna is not wrong then they will go and check at her house as she thinks that Prerna took the money out of here with the help of Shivani.

 Anurag and Prerna tell Sonalika that it’s enough when she blames Veena for helping in the theft and she insists to search at the house. Anurag says no to search at the house but Prerna tells that she agrees for the raid. Prerna thanks Anurag telling nobody was willing to believe her and he apologizes for leaving from there. Anurag remembers convincing the policeman whose car he hit in a hurry to come to this place. Mohini tells that she will not even step into that house but Sonalika tells that she will come as she wants to prove that she is right.

Anurag tells that she will be proven wrong and Shivani thinks that seeing Komolika’s confident she might have hidden the money at their house. Veena tells Mohini that she can’t have any good person in her life that’s why her new daughter in law is worst than Komolika. Flashback is shown when Sonalika took the money when Prerna was busy with Mohini and the money she reached to Prerna’s cupboard.

Sonalika keeps money in the drawer as she sees Anurag at Prerna’s house and she thinks that Anurag will not be able to forgive Prerna this time. Sonalika is at Prerna’s house for the raid with police and Veena tells the police about the rooms. Police go to check for the money and Suman asks Anurag whether he thinks that they took his money. Sonalika asks her not to pressurize Anurag and police is busy checking the rooms.

Anurag asks the police to look slowly when they start to throw the things and check. Anurag tells Sonalika that she is not doing right and Anurag stops Rajesh’s picture from falling down when Sonalika tried to do that. Veena thanks him for that and Prerna takes rest there. Anurag looks angrily at Sonalika and she tells that it was by mistake. Sonalika tells that she will apologize if they didn’t get money there and Anurag is still furious. Sonalika asks the police to check at Prerna’s room and Anurag looks at Prerna when she takes her personal diary.

 Anurag remembers him breaking one of the locks and police checks inside that cupboard telling that it is left open. Sonalika understands that Anurag came here to check the album and Anurag tries to hide the album he put under the bed. Anurag takes the album and puts it out. Sonalika takes out Anurag’s picture with Prerna from that and keeps in her purse. Shivani asks what she is doing here and she tells that she came out to get fresh air.

Anurag asks them to stop checking when police tell that one drawer is not opening. Sonalika tries to open the drawer and the police take out one bag. Sonalika tells that it is their bag and blames Anurag for trusting them. Police open the bag and find a dress in it. Sonalika gets shocked and tells that it was having money. Police apologizes and leaves the place.

Anurag asks her to stop telling how much she will embarrass him and he apologizes to Veena. Anurag asks Sonalika to apologize to them and she refuses to do that. Anurag asks why she will not do and finally she apologizes when he insists. Prerna tells Anurag to ask the police for checking at the study room once.

Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 11th December 2019 Episode Written Update :

Prerna tells Sonalika that sooner her face will come out. Anurag sees photos on the floor. Sonalika thinks that the baby should die and Anurag gets shocked seeing Prerna hit by a vehicle.

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