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Monday, 19 August 2019

Zee World Kindred Hearts 19th August 2019 Monday Written Update " Aditya-Jhanvi's Romance On Peak Samar Joins Hands with Nisha "

Zee World Kindred Hearts 19th August 2019 Monday Written Update " Aditya-Jhanvi's Romance On Peak Samar Joins Hands with Nisha ".

Zee World Kindred Hearts 19th August 2019 Monday Written Update " Aditya-Jhanvi's Romance On Peak Samar Joins Hands with Nisha ".

Jhanvi comes to Adi with lunchbox, she says you will make me hold up entire day, Adi says you are acting like run of the mill spouse. Adi destroys her to his arms, Jhanvi says anybody can see. Adi says you are my better half, I am so glad.

 Jhanvi says I am terrified that somebody may look long and hard at stink eye on us. Samar takes a gander at Jhanvi in Adi's arms from his window. Adi says to Jhanvi that nobody will look long and hard at stink eye on us, we will be as one generally, he kisses her cheek all finished and leaves. Samar sees this from window and vapor in annoyance.

Zee World Kindred Hearts 19th August 2019 Monday Written Update

Jhanvi gets wearing saree for Adi, she wears adornments and sits tight for Adi. Her saree stalls out in stool. Samar comes there and pulls it away. She says sorry I didn’t see it. Samar says I couldn’t see it as well, its alright you didn’t let me know or not by any means family. Jhanvi says I.. he says its alright. Samar takes a gander at blooms and says they are truly similar to you.

Jhanvi says Adi.. he says ofcourse Adi brought them, same spouse who left you with your children? I am upbeat that your better half is back, I am cheerful for you and Adi, I recognize satisfaction clearly yet shouldn't something be said about my heart that is in agony? since I am not purpose behind your satisfaction, I wish you were grinning for me, murmuring contemplating me. She is stunned and says what are you saying? Samar says when I met you, I didn’t realize I would go gaga for you, I was dazzled with your disposition and resolution and lost my heart, I adore you Jhanvi.

 Jhanvi is stunned to hear it. Samar says I attempted to intrigue you for my affection yet I couldn’t and now I know the reason. Jhanvi says what are you saying? I never indicated this to you, how might you think that way? Samar says love isn't determined, it simply happens like it transpired for you and I am not embarrassed about you, I began longing for life with you, on the off chance that this was not avoided me, at that point I wouldn’t have been this harmed.

Jhanvi says leave love, I was not in any case your companion, we had an expert connection just, you are only Adi's companion for me. Samar says that is the reason, I thought one day our connection will proceed onward from polished skill yet I didn’t realize you thoroughly took care of Adi, you could have let me know everything except for you hurt me a ton. 

Jhanvi says I am heartbroken, I didn’t acknowledge it. Samar says you still don’t figure it out.


 Samar attempts to hold her hand yet she twitches it away and says what's happening with you? Samar smiles at her creepily. Samar says deal with yourself Jhanvi, he takes a gander at rose and says blooms may be pretty yet they need to stale one day, we don’t see thistles in them however when they prick you then it harms a great deal, he crushes ascended in his grasp and frowns at Jhanvi. Jhanvi is strained. Samar leaves.

Nisha is taking a gander at Adi's image with fixation, her mom brings tea. Entryway ringer rings, her mother opens, goon comes there and says call Nisha madam. Nisha says come inside. He does. Goon says work will be done, my cash? Nisha gives him cash, he says name and photograph? She demonstrates to him Adi's image and says I will send you data, you will get full installment after work is finished. Nisha's mother looks on. Goon leaves.

Jhanvi is strained in her room and reviews Samar's words and how he admitted his affection. Jhanvi says this thing can go further, I need to tell Adi and he will deal with it. Nisha's  mother call Jhanvi and says I need to disclose to you something, it would be ideal if you hear me, Nisha is intending to accomplish something terrible with Adi, she is smoldering to render retribution, Jhanvi says what? yet, call closes. Jhanvi is strained.

Adi comes to office and gets Jhanvi's call. Jhanvi asks where are you? for what reason would you say you were not picking my call? Adi says I was in washroom. Jhanvi says Nisha's mother called and said Nisha is attempting to hurt, I am coming to get you from office. Adi says unwind, I am fine. Jhanvi says I need to see you at the present time. Adi says go to my office and see your better half is in one piece, Jhanvi says I am coming.

Jhanvi begins going out. she hits with Adi's photograph on divider, its going to fall however Jhanvi fixes it.
Samar is in vehicle and drinking wine, he reviews his minutes with Jhanvi in anger, he reviews how he spared her, attempted to dazzle her. Samar leaves vehicle and reviews how Nisha powered his affections for Jhanvi, encouraged him to dazzle Jhanvi, he discards wine jug and calls Nisha, he says you have crushed my life, you knew it all that Jhanvi is hitched still you made me long for her for your thought process, all are correct you are liar and phony.

Nisha says stop it and quiet down, your resentment shouldn’t squander on me, you have your heart harmed and nobody realizes its torment superior to anything me, meet me, converse with me and there is no reason to worry. She finishes call and grins.

Jhanvi goes to Adi's office. Assistant carries blooms to her, she says thank you and leaves. Jhanvi says bizarre. Another man brings blooms, more individuals begin giving her blossoms, she is befuddled. She goes to Adi's lodge and sees Adi holding note to say thanks. His lodge finished. Adi says its for you. She says why all are expressing gratitude toward me? Adi says in light of the fact that you merit it, when I became more acquainted with you are coming so I emitted to everybody and they all left. Adi says we met here for first time so we ought to have date here as well.

Adi says I am ravenous. Jhanvi says we can arrange, Adi says no I need to cook something for you, he demonstrates her electric pot and inquires as to whether she remembers something? Jhanvi reviews how once she stalled out in office with Adi and he had made noodles in that pot and they shared it that night, she grins reviewing it. Adi says continue grinning that way, he kisses her brow. Jhanvi says don’t neglect to spoil me, make nourishment for me. Adi goes to make noodles in electric pot. Adi affectionately takes a gander at Jhanvi and kisses her hand, he says I cherish you. Jhanvi says I adore you as well.. they grin at one another.

Samar meets Nisha and says you have harmed me more by misleading me, you occupied me. Nisha says you needed Jhanvi and I needed Adi so I did it, we get things done in adoration that we don’t need. Samar says stop it.. this family did this with my dad as well, they tossed him out on streets and did same for me, you knew it all yet at the same time pulled in me to Jhanvi. Nisha says you were at that point pulled in to her, you were continually searching for Jhanvi, I simply seen it, presently you know Jhanvi is hitched to Adi, is your affection less for her now? no on the grounds that affection is this way, we cannot control it. Samar says how to assuage Jhanvi now?

 Nisha says you cherish her that much? He says I cherish her a great deal, Nisha says what amount? Samar says I cherish her genuinely, I can slaughter myself for her. Nisha says would you be able to murder another person for her? Samar looks on. Nisha says slaughter Adi and your way will be cleared, Jhanvi will be yours. Samar says have you gone frantic? Nisha says I can see insanity in your eyes, I am simply wording it. Samar says you need me to forfeit my companion? Nisha says he isn't that extraordinary, he finished his marriage with me like nothing, tossed me out of house and children from me, in the event that adoration is return for affection, companionship for fellowship then double-crossing consequently of disloyalty is great as well. Samar looks on.

Adi and Jhanvi shares noodles, they feed each other affectionately. Adi is entranced by her. Adi says one moment, he goes.

Samar inquires as to whether it will be okay to do? Nisha says what Jindal family did with your dad, was that right? this tricking and hurt what you are feeling at this moment, is that right? presently reveal to me will you go through entire time on earth imagining that Jindals never did appropriate with you or will you make a move against is? will you make an arrangement with me? Samar looks on yet shakes hand with her.

Adi brings guitar and begins playing it for Jhanvi. She grins at him. Adi begins singing Ae dil hai mushkil,she is lost in him. Adi goes to her and they begin moving. They share eyelock and grin. Jhanvi embraces him firmly yet reviews Nisha's mother's words that Nisha will accomplish something awful with Adi, she gets strained. Nisha goes to Adi's office and sees Jhanvi embracing Adi. She scowls at them. Jhanvi sees her remaining there. Nisha comes in office. Adi is embracing Jhanvi and has back towards Nisha. Nisha hauls out firearm and focuses at Adi's back. Jhanvi gets strained. Jhanvi yells Adi no.. what's more, stands infront of Adi, she goes to look that there is nobody outside lodge. Adi says there is nobody here, what was the deal? Jhanvi says that Nisha..

Adi says we are fine here. Jhanvi says I am alright, you are with me. Adi says you are not alright, let me make it OK. Adi calls Nisha and says how could you attempt to contact me through others? Nisha says aww would you say you are missing me? atleast I got the opportunity to converse with you, appears as though you are exhausted with Jhanvi soon, should I rebound dear spouse. Adi says shut up, I am cautioning you to avoid my family, you will go to imprison, your mom called Jhanvi and said my life is in threat? I have marked legal documents, you sign them else you will go to imprison and nobody will spare you, avoid my family, he closures call. Nisha is stunned to find out about her mom enlightening Jhanvi concerning her arrangement.

Nisha goes to her mom with lamp fuel and begins pouring it once again her, mother says have you gone distraught? I am your mom. Nisha says you need to bite the dust? what you believe that I am a trick? you are agreeing with Adi's stance, you are giving him data about my arrangement? how could you, I would overlook you are my folks, I was in emergency clinic however you never came to see me, you disregarded me, I don’t care about you both at all so don’t meddle in my life generally what I will do will never at any point enter your thoughts, she leaves.

Jhanvi says to Adi that I feel Nisha's stink eye is on us. Adi says she will leave and nothing will occur, he embraces her to comfort her yet she is as yet stressed.
Adi and Jhanvi gets back home. Kaki says I petition God for you both. Baba says we are fortunate to discover little girl in law like Jhanvi, Adi says child is overlooked at this point. Kaki says you handle her Jhanvi. Jhanvi says I wouldn’t discover mental fortitude without family's help. Kaki says you are best little girl in law. Adi grins. Samar sees this from gallery. Adi gazes upward and sees Samar there yet Samar leaves.

Samar goes to his room and takes a gander at Adi and Jhanvi's wedding photograph, he reviews his minutes with Jhanvi. He consumes Adi's picture from their wedding photograph and punches glass table in fury, his hand drain. Adi comes there and says what happened man? you are harmed. Samar says hand slipped and hurt, its odd that when things slip from hand, it harms. Adi says let me call specialist, Samar says its little twisted and blood ceased as well. Adi says I am heartbroken, I concealed numerous things from you, I realize you had great fellowship with Nisha however you don’t recognize what she did with this family, you are my family and individual from this house, I am upset for what I did. Samar takes glass piece and shrouds it behind him, he says its alright.

Adi says I realize you more likely than not felt terrible, I am extremely grieved.. Samar takes out glass piece and cuts Adi all of a sudden, Adi is stunned and looks down. Samar says you and Jhanvi hurt me a great deal, he takes out glass piece. Adi looks down his stomach dying… everything ends up being Samar's fantasy. Samar says to Adi that its alright, I would have done same. Adi says I will gauze your hand. He brings emergency treatment box, Samar frowns at him while Adi wipes his injury and swathes it.
During the evening, Adi lights his stay with candles. Jhanvi comes there and grins. She comes to him and reddens. Jhanvi passes over flame, Adi lights it once more, Jhanvi blows another, Adi lights it once more, she grins and takes a gander at him, he fiendishly takes a gander at her, Jhanvi goes to leave however Adi holds her hand. rainstorm makes clamor, Jhanvi gets frightened and embraces Adi. Ang lagade re plays as they begin embracing firmly. Jhanvi moves away and becomes flushed. Adi touches her face, her arms, he opens her night robe tie and takes it off. She is wearing sleeveless shirt underneath.

Adi embraces her from behind. She grins at him. Adi lifts her in his arms and lies Jhanvi in bed. He inclines in and is going to kiss her yet.. children leave Adi's room and says open entryway. Adi is disappointed, he offers robe to Jhanvi, she wears it. Adi opens entryway. Children come inside and embraces Jhanvi, Chinni says its helping. Adi says you both are courageous, gives up to your room. Chinni says no we will rest here, why lights are off? Jhanvi says we were going to rest. Adi switches on lights. Binni asks Jhanvi to recount story. Adi mumbles just my story keep stucking. He makes miserable face.

In morning, isha calls Samar and requests that he take Adi to inn, he says alright and finishes call. Nisha calls her goon and says Samar is bringing him there.
Adi and Jhanvi are in mandir. Adi says would we be able to drop kids at your mother's home today around evening time? she says atleast don’t state this in mandir. Samar comes there, Jhanvi supposes I neglected to advise about Samar to Adi. Samar comes to Adi and says I have a gathering with some new customer, they need proposition however I don't know about them, on the off chance that you would accompany me so we can know whether I can confide in them or not, Adi says I have a gathering. Samar says then I will go out on a limb.

Adi says no I will go with you, I am coming, he goes to his room. Samar says to Jhanvi that I am heartbroken, I said excessively, pardon my misstep. He supposes soon she should acknowledge me. Samar says I realize I have harmed you however give me one shot and I wont give you opportunity to gripe once more. Adi comes there and says gives up, Samar leaves with him. Jhanvi appeals to God to keep Adi making grin.
Samar and Adi are in vehicle. Samar messages Nisha that he is going to goal with Adi. Nisha its time for my better half to leave this world.

Samar brings Adi to lodging and says you head inside, I will leave vehicle. Adi gestures and gets down from vehicle, Samar grins. Nisha's expert sharpshooter is stowing away in brambles and focuses at Adi.
Nisha calls Jhanvi. Jhanvi says how could you call me? Nisha says you should appreciate evenings subsequent to getting my better half and children? Jhanvi says simply shut up, you are as yet not embarrassed. Nisha says my one thing is with you, that sindoor box, don’t stress, you can apply it today in light of the fact that after today you wont require sindoor(vermilion) and its container. Jhanvi says what waste would you say you are stating? Nisha says you need to think about what I am stating, your opportunity to theory have begun, she finishes call. Kaki comes there. Jhanvi freezes and says Nisha called and compromised me about Adi.
Jhanvi calls Adi yet he isn't getting. Jhanvi reviews Samar taking Adi to an inn, she leaves. Kaki petitions God for their security.
Jhanvi is in vehicle and attempting to call Adi however he isn't grabbing. Jhanvi requests that driver move quicker.

Adi is in parlor of lodging. Samar is there. Jhanvi is calling Adi however Samar puts his telephone on quiet and puts tissue on his screen so he cannot see. Adi says customers haven’t come till now? Samar says don’t stress, presently you are with me so the entirety of my work will be done on schedule. Adi grins. Adi is sitting in parlor of inn. Expert rifleman is taking cover behind him on tree and pointing at his head. Samar leaves for washroom. Expert rifleman puts hand on firearm and focuses at Adi's head.

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