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Monday, 19 August 2019

Sanjivani 2 Written Update 20th August 2019 " Dr. Juhi Saves Dr. Shashank Team Sanjivani On Mission "

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Sanjivani 2 Written Update 20th August 2019 " Dr. Juhi Saves Dr. Shashank Team Sanjivani On Mission ".

The episode begins in the hospital's operation room where everyone was standing out of OT Room to get updated of Dr. Shashank operation.

Dr. Juhi founds to be doing the operation of Dr. Shashank. Dr. Asha suggests that this is sensitive and can be done. Sid comes and says to Dr. Ishani that the lecture which she gave to Dr. Vardhaan was kind of cool. Dr. Anjali being worried about her father surgery starts reacting aggressively and shouts that Dr. Juhi will either kill her dad or make him blind. Anjali was asked to leave OT by Dr. Juhi as she was disturbing and interfering in the operation.

Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Written Update 20th August 2019

Anjali leaves the room and comes out where Sid calms Dr. Anjali and brings her into the confidence that Dr. Shahshank is in best hands and Dr. Juhi is the best surgeon. Dr. Vardhaan calls Sid and Sid becomes upset and says that Dr. Vardhaan is reacting like a psycho girlfriend to him. After he leaves Dr. Ishani tells her friend that the recording was still saved in cloud storage and the poof wasn't deleted and hence she had mailed to Dr. Vardhaan and Dr. Juhi but Dr. Juhi was busy in operation, so she might have not seen the recording. Dr. Vardhaan shows recording to Sid and says that he was upset with Dr. Ishani but now he is not at all upset from her.

 Dr. Vardhaan says that he has given chance to others but Sid should not even get a chance, he immediately suspends Sid and calls a security guard to throw him out of the hospital. Sid calls his friend to update him with every information about Dr. Shashank. Sid walks out of the hospital and finds a temple where he prays to god that sometimes he misses his dad but Dr. Shashank is like a father to him, and he doesn't want him to die.

He prays God to save Dr. Shashank to live. On the other hand, Dr. Shashank impulse starts getting down and his BP goes to the low level he comes in a critical condition where Dr. Anjali starts banging on the OT room after looking at his fathers in a critical position. Dr. Juhi shouts that Dr. Shashank has to live and breath. Everyone in staff gets nervous.he was in a constant state. Dr. Juhi asks to give 360 shocks Dr. Asha says that it is too much he can get cardiac attack where Dr. Juhi says that they can lose Dr. Shashank if they didn't give him 360 shocks. After giving shock Dr. Shashank starts breathing and his impulse becomes normal. The operation becomes successful.

On the other hand, Dr. Ishani and her friend talk about the successful operation and Dr. Vardhaan hears it and calls his friend to tell him that he can find CEO job somewhere as the operation becomes successful. Dr. Sid gets a call from his friend about Dr. Shashank successful operation. Sid becomes so happy to hear good news about Dr. Shashank that he starts gathering a village children's and starts celebrating with them.

Sanjivani Written Update 20th August 2019

 Dr. Asha asks Ishani why did she complain about Sid as he was clever and smart. On the other hand, Asha introduces her old friend Aman and Neil. Aman says that he is suffering from stomach pain but Dr. Ishani says that he is drunk as his dark circles and eyes look like he is drunk. Dr. Ishani throws water on his face and Aman become aggressive. Asha stops him to react on the other hand senior Dr. Rishab comes and inform that there is an emergency and the whole staff is required in the field. In an ambulance, Dr. Rishab gives everyone their duties.

PRECAP For Sanjivani 2 Written Update 21st August 2019

 The whole staff was busy in helping the victims where Sid also come to save a life but Dr. Rishab asks him to leaves as he was suspended. An argument starts between them, and they start fighting, Dr. Ishani falls while handling patient Sid saves her.

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