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Thursday, 29 August 2019

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 30th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna Hurts Anurag's Feeling Anurag's Drastic Step "

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 30th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna Hurts Anurag's Feeling Anurag's Drastic Step "

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 30th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna Hurts Anurag's Feeling Anurag's Drastic Step ".

The episode begins in the Basu house. Anurag tells Prerna that Bajaj is fortunate as she hugged him in front of everyone in the court. Prerna doesn’t want to talk about this matter.

 She tells Anurag that if she comes back in his life, then he has to stay with someone who doesn’t love him anymore. Anurag asks her not to tell this. Veena and dadi talk to each other about the Basus and the latter suggests Veena organise a puja in their house for everyone’s well being. Suman talks rudely about Bajaj for coming into their lives and ruining it. Veena tells her that she didn’t like Bajaj from earlier and felt that  Prerna and Anurag would be together forever.


 She further tells that she was very rude to Bajaj at the party but is thankful to him for saving her life and proving her innocent in the court. She knows that Bajaj has done many mistakes and is wrong many times but also thinks that he has a good heart somewhere. Bajaj attends his delegates in the company. They inform Bajaj that they have cracked the deal and want a celebration party for that. Bajaj is glad to get the deal as Nivedita was also trying to get the deal. He invites everyone in his home for dinner. He calls Prerna to inform about the dinner party and if she’s okay with it. Prerna has no problem with Bajaj’s party.

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After disconnecting Bajaj’s call, Prerna holds on to the phone and pretends to talk to Bajaj to make Anurag feel that she has moved on. Anurag understands that Prerna is acting and wants to hurt him intentionally. Prerna tells Anurag that she didn’t love anyone but only money and status. She tells him that she was with him until he had money but is with Bajaj as he has much more than him. She asks Anurag to find someone else. Anurag wants only Prerna in his life. Prerna thinks that it’s not possible in this lifetime. Anurag gets hurt recalling his memories with Prerna and her closeness with Bajaj. He decides to commit suicide taking a knife as Prerna isn’t in his life anymore but recalls Bajaj’s face and fails to hurt himself.

Anurag decides not to give up so easily as Prerna and he love each other. He thinks to change everything as Prerna is his. Prerna arranges the party and becomes friendly with the office members of Bajaj. One of the officer’s wife appreciates Prerna and thinks that Bajaj is lucky to have her. Prerna calls Bajaj to ask him where he is as the guests have arrived. Bajaj thinks that Prerna is well known for taking care of others and how to handle them. Prerna asks him to come fast as the guests are waiting. She appreciates Mr. Verma for cracking a big deal for their company.

 She asks everyone to applaud him and offers him a bouquet. She requests everyone to enjoy. Sharda doesn’t like Prerna getting so much importance and attention. Nivi comes to Prerna and tells her that she didn’t get the deal due to Bajaj’s company. She blames Prerna for organizing the party to hurt her as she has failed to crack the deal. She gets angry at Prerna and Bajaj and tells her that she will win very soon and will throw a bigger party than Bajaj. Anurag makes himself realize that he’s not weak and he shouldn’t commit suicide.

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He promises to live and not hurt himself and wants to bring back all the feelings Prerna had for him. Mohini offers water to Nivi who’s devasted to see the party downstairs. She cries and tells Mohini that she has lost the deal and the deal went to Bajaj’s company. She gets angry at herself for losing. She accuses Prerna of humiliating her. She feels bad for losing the deal. Mohini asks her to drink water. She decides to take revenge from Prerna for hurting her children every time. Bajaj comes back to his house and hits Anurag’s car from behind.

 He apologizes to Anurag. Anurag gets angry at him for ruining his favorite things. Bajaj tells him that his car wasn’t in the parking area. He again apologizes to Anurag as he was in a hurry. Anurag asks him if he was really injured or was acting in front of Prerna and her family to trouble her. Bajaj tells him that Prerna and her family are also a part of his family now and asks him to stay away from his family matter. He goes inside the house to attend the party.

Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 1st September MahaEpisode 2019 Episode Written Update :

Prerna and Bajaj dance together. Prerna triples to Anurag. Mohini decides to ruin Prerna along with Sharda. Anurag tells Bajaj that Prerna still loves him.

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