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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 29th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna Takes Care of Bajaj Anurag Gets Upset "

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 29th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna Takes Care of Bajaj Anurag Gets Upset ".

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 29th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna Takes Care of Bajaj Anurag Gets Upset ".

The episode begins in the road where Nivi gets stuck in the traffic. She gets down from her car and finds Anurag sitting in the middle of the road.

She asks him what happened to him. Anurag cries and tells him that he saw Prerna hugging Bajaj. Nivi tries console a devastating Anurag. People come to help Anurag to get up and take him to the car. On the other side, Bajaj is taken to home and Prerna accompanies him to the hospital. Sharda regrets as her plan failed. Meanwhile Anupam keeps searching for Anurag and calls him.

Nivi picks up his call and tells him to meet her at home. At the night, Prerna finds Bajaj having a headache and blood is coming out from there. She decides to change Bajaj’s bandage. Bajaj asks her if she has done in course of nursing. Prerna assures him that she can put the bandages in spite of not doing a nursing course. She tells Bajaj that she feels guilty for accusing him when he was just trying to help Veena. She is thankful to Bajaj for trying to help Veena. She asks him why he didn’t stop her when she was accusing him again and again.

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 Bajaj tells her that he doesn’t like to explain those people who keep blaming him. Prerna apologizes to him. She changes Bajaj’s bandage and puts on a new bandage. Anurag gets hurt sitting on a corner of a room. He gets up and finds Prerna taking care of Bajaj. Prerna gives medicine to Bajaj. Sharda gets angry at Bajaj for coming to court and ruining her plan. She blames Tanvi how she couldn’t know that Bajaj has come back to his senses.

She wanted to separate Prerna and Bajaj but they have united again as Bajaj helped Veena to get out of the fake charges. She gets upset with Tanvi. Tanvi doubts whether Bajaj really loves Prerna. Sharda doesn’t think so but feels that love can arise between Bajaj and Prerna in the future days. She decides to clean her image in front of Bajaj.

Mohini comes in the kitchen and taunts Sharda for her failed plan. She tells Sharda that Prerna’s magic has worked over their plan and Rishabh did the thing which he shouldn’t have done. Sharda tries to ignore her. But Mohini keeps taunting her plans and asks her to come to her room if she needs help. Bajaj decides to sleep on the sofa though Prerna tells him to sleep on the bed. He gets hurt while trying to sleep on the sofa. Prerna tries to help him but Bajaj asks her not to do anything out of gratitude.

 He tells her that he knows Veena is innocent and so wouldn’t want to see her in jail. He lays on the sofa. Prerna understands that no one knows how Bajaj is as a person and everyone keeps misunderstanding him. In the morning, Bajaj does his breakfast. He sees Anurag and tells him that he did a good job by not dealing with the London investors. Anurag recalls how Prerna hugged Bajaj and took care of him last night. He tells Bajaj that he felt good seeing him in injured condition.

 He further tells Bajaj that he will go to London soon to close the deal with the London investors. Bajaj warns him not to deal with the investors as he may get ruined himself. He leaves. Prerna asks Anurag not to talk to Bajaj rudely as he’s not well. Anurag asks her to see his love for her. He tells Prerna that he left the meetings in London just to be with her and even kept another lawyer to fight Veena’s case. Prerna asks him to put Veena aside from this matter.

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Anurag tells her that Veena likes him the way she used to and wants Prerna to be with him but blames Bajaj for coming between them. Prerna tells him that she respects Bajaj. Anurag asks her not to love Bajaj. She asks Anurag not to trouble her with his words. Nivi blames Prerna for changing her attitude within a few months after seeing Bajaj’s money and status. She shouts at Prerna for ruining Anurag’s life.

Tanvi tells Sharda that she noticed a love triangle among Prerna, Bajaj, and Anurag. She tells Sharda that Prerna has feelings for Anurag and they should utilize this twist to separate Bajaj and Prerna. Sharda thinks that it’s difficult for them to separate Bajaj and Prerna. Tanvi decides to reunite Prerna and Bajaj. Anurag comes to know from Prerna that she called him while the case was out of their hand but his phone was busy. Anurag tells her that he saw how she hugged Bajaj in front of all the people in the court.

Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 30th August 2019 Episode Written Update :

 Prerna tells Anurag that she’s with Bajaj as he has money, status, and power. She tells him that he will get someone else in his life. Nivi tells Prerna that Bajaj and she will lose very soon. Anurag decides to attempt suicide.

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