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Monday, 26 August 2019

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 27th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag-Prerna's Nok-Jhok "

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 27th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag-Prerna's Nok-Jhok ".

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 27th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag-Prerna's Nok-Jhok ".

The episode begins in the Basu house. Prerna doesn’t want to take Anurag’s help. Anurag tells her that he has a backup lawyer in case they need.

 He tells her that he cares for her and her family. He wants Prerna to come to him for help. Prerna gets angry at Anurag for judging her. She makes tea for Anurag when he was making it in the wrong way. She makes it clear to Anurag that her family matters to her and she won’t prove it to him. Anurag tells her that he wants her back in his life.

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Prerna gets irritated at Anurag for trying to win her like a game. Tanvi calls Sharda to ask if she should tell the doctor to give the injection to make him well soon. Sharda rethinks about her decision and wants to talk to the doctor.

 She tells the doctor that they should let Bajaj get consciousness naturally and not by a special injection. Prerna tells Anurag that she will choose Bajaj for marriage if her life starts again. Anurag asks her if she is in love with Bajaj or may have a strong reason to marry him.

Prerna tells him that she has choices as Bajaj has given her the proposal to marry her. Anurag wants her to make him feel like he’s necessary for her. Prerna tells him that she doesn’t need her support. She asks him to forget her and not wait for her. Anurag gets hurt by touching the hot pan. Prerna waters his burnt fingers. She tells him that she would have cared for anyone who got hurt. Anurag feels that Prerna still have feelings for him. Prerna asks him not to be desperate to prove that there’s something between them. Anurag asks her to go to the court.


 Prerna hopes Veena to be proved innocent. Tanvi asks Sharda why she didn’t want Rishabh to get well soon. Sharda fears if Bajaj melts for Prerna and her mother after coming into consciousness. Tanvi appreciates her mother’s smartness. Nivi confronts to Anurag and asks him why he wants to help Veena. Anurag tells her that Prerna loves him and he’s not so changed to help Veena who’s innocent.

Nivi asks Anurag how she can be so sure that Veena is innocent. Anurag tells her that he knows Veena and her mentality. He wants to be ready with a backup lawyer to help Veena. The Sharmas wait for the court hearing. Prerna arrives and asks her family not to get worried as she had hired a good lawyer. Suman asks her why she didn’t tell Mausi to drop the case. Prerna tells them that Mausi had a reason to complain against Veena. Shivi talks rudely to Prerna. Nivi thinks that Anurag’s crazy. Anurag tells her that he’s crazy in love. 

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Nivi tells him that Prerna is with Bajaj in her own will. Anurag tells her that he wants Prerna back in his life. Nivi tells him that Bajaj has replaced him in Prerna’s life. Anurag knows that Prerna only loves him. He knows that Prerna and he are soulmates. Veena is bought in the court. Sharda tells her lawyer not let Veena out of jail. Nivi gets angry at Anurag’s craziness. She calls Prerna to be a cheater.

Anurag can’t move on as his feelings for Prerna can’t disappear. He leaves the room after the hearing argument with Nivi. The court hearing starts. The opposition lawyer blames Veena for trying to kill Bajaj. Veena’s lawyer speaks in favor of Veena. He tells the judge that Veena was trying to fix the hanging which accidentally fell on Bajaj. The opposition lawyer calls the incident to be intentional. Prerna wonders why the lawyers are fighting among themselves as Mausi has told her that the lawyers are their own and will prove Veena innocent.

Sharda acts to be innocent in front of Prerna. Mr Vyas is called in the witness box. He tells the court that he doesn’t know the relation between Bajaj and Veena. The opposition lawyer claims that Veena didn’t have a good relation with Bajaj. Sharda is called on the witness box. Prerna hopes that Mausi can handle the case to prove Veena to be innocent.

Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 28th August 2019 Episode Written Update :

 Sharda tells in the court that Veena doesn’t like Bajaj at all. The judge announces his judgment as Veena is proved to be the criminal. Meanwhile Bajaj takes entry in the court.

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