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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 8th July 2019 Monday Update " Shaurya Asks Mehek's Help for Food Contest Mehek is Happy "

Zee World Mehek 8th July 2019 Monday Update " Shaurya Asks Mehek's Help for Food Contest Mehek is Happy "

Episode starts with Mahek checking on Karona while Shaurya is sleeping beside her in the night. Mahek keeps a pillow under Shaurya’s head, while Sheetal calls her.

Sheetal ask Mahek to tell her some way to be with Sonal, Mahek assures her that she will talk to her family members, Shaurya wakes up. Call ends, Shaurya ask her why she is helping others while she can’t even handle her own family. He reminds her that Sheetal had created much drama before and Sharma family will get more angry if she try to patch up Sheetal with her family.

Mahek says that Sheetal have regret on her doings so they should give a chance, Shaurya gets angry telling that Sheetal will not change and she will do something wrong. In the morning Sonal gets happy seeing dolls, toys and balloons for her baby, she calls and thanks Mahek, Sonal makes Mohit talk to Mahek, Mohit invites her to attend puja. Sonal thanks her again for the gifts, Mahek gets surprised as she had not sent anything, Sonal tells that Vicky came and gave, Mahek smiles looking Vicky and ends the call.

Mahek thanks Vicky for showing such sweet gesture to Sonal but he looks surprised and gets engaged in a call. Mahek goes, Shaurya signals Vicky to remain quiet, Mahek sees this and understands that Shaurya had send those gifts, she thankfully nods at him. Sheetal calls Mahek acting that she is sad, Mahek feels for her, Sheetal decides to destroy her family. Mahek gets ready and comes to Karona’s room, Shaurya looks at her through the mirror and asks whether she came here for permission, she doesn’t reply.

Shaurya warns her to stay away from Sheetal but she disagrees with Shaurya’s concern and goes. Sharma family makes preparations for puja, Sheetal comes there with sweets, everyone gets shocked seeing her with Mahek. Sonal tells that Sheetal is not worth to be forgiven, Mahek makes her family understand that Sheetal has the right to be happy on Sonal’s pregnancy, Sonal hugs Sheetal when Kanta nods.

Sheetal asks forgiveness from everyone and they accept her, PD says to forget the past, Sheetal smiles as her plan worked to impress them. Shaurya is seen disturbed, Dolly asks him to call Mahek if he was concerned for her, he tells that he is happy that she is not here. Shaurya starts applying medicine to Karona, Dolly looks and smiles. Everyone is happy at Sharma house, Sheetal gives gift to Mohit and tries to provoke him telling that his family don’t have anything now as everyone was spent for Mahek. Puja is done and everyone prays, Mahek pray for Karona, Shaurya is shocked seeing Karona’s movement.

Mahek receiving call from Shaurya that Karona made a movement, Kanta was giving sweet to Sonal but gets distracted due to this call, Kanta goes to Mahek. Shurya happily says that his mother got well, her pulse rate everything is normal now, Mahek gets happy and shares this news with her family. Everyone hugs Mahek, Mohit gets furious of Kanta’s act, Sheetal provokes Mohit. After a while Jeevan comes there telling Mohit had gone mad, he wants to sell food truck. Mohit ask them that how will he fulfil his dreams and blames that everything is done only for Mahek in this house, he and Nehal has not got any opportunity to fulfil their dreams.

Sonal tries to make Mohit understand but he continues blaming Mahek for snatching every benefit and leaves from there. Kanta ask Mahek not to feel bad about Mohit’s words but Sheetal tells them that something is bothering him but Kanta tells her to stop. Jeevan gets worried, Mahek tells them that Mohit can sell it then also it is okay, Jeevan don’t agree, Mohit comes there in anger hearing these words and goes out of the house. Mahek consoles Sonal and tell her to be happy, she will talk to Mohit, Sheetal gets happy that she succeeded in her plans.

 Shaurya is seen disturbed waiting for Mahek, she comes there, she apologises to him for being late. She expressed her happiness, Shaurya asks her why she came late then, Dolly says Shaurya that Mahek is his wife he acts like them. Karona is awake and Mahek gets happy seeing her and hugs her, Karona nods at Shaurya to come near her and hugs her. He apologies to her for making her suffer, Karona says that her illness have reduced seeing Mahek and Shaurya together, she wishes that they stay with each other with love forever.

Karona gives Mahek’s hand to Shaurya, Vicky brings sweets there, Khanna family gets happy. At night Vicky tells Shaurya about the bad condition of their restaurant, he tells him that investors are asking back the money. Mahek is in kitchen, she calls Sonal and ask how Mohit is, Sonal say that he is sleeping, she tells Sonal that she will help Mohit in his business plans, Mohit hears this. Shaurya ensures Vicky that they will set everything right.

In the morning Sonal tries to talk to Mohit and tells him that Mahek will help him, Sheetal comes there hearing this and tells Mohit to participate in a competition along with Mahek. She tells Mohit that if he wins, he will get 1crore, he thanks Sheetal, Shaurya also plans to participate in this contest. Mahek is helping Karona to walk, Mohit comes there. Shaurya decides to take part in this competition, Mohit asks her help in this competition, she agrees. Shaurya tells to register for this competition thinking that Mahek will help him.

 Shaurya coming to his house seeing Mohit leaving. He asks Mahek he want to talk to her, Mahek asks him what is the matter, he tells that to save his business he should participate in food contest and asks her to lead the team. Mahek gets shocked that this was the competition Mohit told her, she apologises to Shaurya and tells that she promised to participate along with Mohit, he gets furious. He tells her to refuse Mohit, Kanta and Jeevan not happy with Mohit’s decision but he tells that Mahek told that this idea was good. Shaurya tries to convince Mahek, but she refuses him telling that Mohit’s future is in this competition.

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