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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 7th July 2019 Sunday Update " Mehek-Shurya Emotional Ride During Sharma House "

Zee World Mehek 7th July 2019 Sunday Update " Mehek-Shurya Emotional Ride During Sharma House "

The episode starts with Mahek and Shaurya caring Karona. He asks her to tell if she needs any help to make medicine, he will tell Vicky. Sharma family trying to set food truck, Kanta comes there and says that she had talked to Mahek now, she tells them what happened in Khanna house.

 Sonal ask why his grandma and aunt is destroying his life, Ravi asks them whether they are living happily. Ravi blames that others are  supporting Mahek’s even when she is wrong, Jeevan warns him not to speak like that but he tells that if something happens to Mahek because of their decision they won’t be able to forgive themselves. Mahek comes to Karona’s room with medicine, Shaurya helps her, she starts applying medicine.

 Mahek tries to make Shaurya comfortable by talking to him but he tells that he had never listened to his mother from his childhood onwards and says that he is now only concerned about her health. Vicky comes there and tells Shaurya about deciding menu in white chilies but he gets angry that he is now concerned only for Karona and nothing else, Mahek hears this. A customer tells Jeevan that don’t know what happened but white chilies is remain closed recently,

 Kanta looks worried. Mahek tells Shaurya that if he want he can work, she will take care of Karona, but he confronts her telling she can go and work in white chilies if she want otherwise she should focus on the work she is doing now. Mahek tells him that Vicky is concerned because white chilies is Shaurya’s dream, but Shaurya tells her that even if his dream get destroyed, he won’t give a damn the only concern for him now is his mother. In the morning Shaurya is woken by a servant, sees medicines and the slip regarding the medicines written by Mahek.

He asks where Mahek went, Mahek comes there, Shaurya ask her what is this new drama. Shaurya gets furious when Mahek doesn’t reply,asks her what is more important than his mother, she tells him that she is going to manage white chilies and she had prepared all medicines in advance. Mahek tells him that she is not leaving Karona alone, she is leaving Shaurya to look after mother and says that she is going to complete her responsibility as Shaurya is not willing to do. Both argues and Mahek leaves. Mahek comes to restaurant and give instruction to staffs, she waves hands to her family members but Ravi goes from there.

Shuarya gets into trouble reading Mahek’s handwriting and calls her. She attends the phone but get busy in her kitchen work, Shaurya request her to tell first about medicines and then to do other works, Mahek gets distracted with kitchen work and confuses Shaurya while telling how to mix medicines. Mahek cuts his call after giving certain instructions, Shaurya gets angry and shouts at servant for mixing medicine bottles from where he kept. Guests arrives at white chilies, Mahek decides to go to home as soon as the food gets ready.

Episode starts with delegates coming to restaurant, Mahek goes to them. Shaurya calls her but Vicky attends it and tells that she had gone to welcome delegates. Shaurya shouts at him telling to ask Mahek to speak to him right now. Delegates ask Mahek to present all the dishes they prepared, she gets worried knowing that she should present dishes of various countries, Vicky tells Mahek that Shaurya is calling. She attends the call,

Shaurya worriedly says that Karona has high fever, Mahek gets concerned. She asks whether he gave medicine to mother, he says that he is not understanding how to give this medicine, Mahek says that she will come now. Shaurya is worried and calls Mahek, she is on her way to home, Karona’s health worsens. Mahek reaches home by the time Shaurya takes his mother to hospital. Shaurya shouts seeing Mahek at hospital, asks her why did she give up her responsibility of taking care of Karona, he tells her to go and manage the restaurant now.

She apologises, Shaurya continues expressing his anger towards her. Mahek comes out, calls Kanta saying that she has failed in completing her responsibilities, Kanta ask her to balance her family and work. Mahek says that she will do work from home now, meanwhile Sonal faints in kitchen. Everyone rushes to her, Mahek hears their sound through phone, she gets worried about Sonal. Mahek tells Dolly that something happened to Sonal, Dolly tells her to go and check about Sonal, Shaurya hears this. He asks her to go to her home and tells that otherwise Sharma family will blame him, Mahek argues.

Shaurya tell that he will drop Mahek as he is going there for some work. Sonal’s mother sees Mohit bringing doctor and gets worried. Everyone is happy knowing that Sonal is pregnant, they start celebrating their happiness. Sonal sees her mother but turns away, Shaurya and Mahek comes there. Mahek enters the home, everyone gets happy and tells her the good news. Shaurya enters the house to congratulate Mohit for this happiness but he turns away, Sonal thanks Shaurya. Mohit takes Sonal inside the house telling that climate is bad, Balwant and Ravi goes inside.

Mahek gets sad but asks Kanta to celebrate this with whole family, not to worry about her, she asks her to take care of Sonal. Mahek and Shaurya leaves but stops near the board where Meera’s name is written. Sonal’s mother vows to take revenge on Mahek for separating her from her daughter.

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