Zee World Mehek 31st July 2019 Wednesday Written Update Episode " Mehek Saves Shaurya Svetlana Gets Arrested " - Zee World And Star Life Written Updates

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 31st July 2019 Wednesday Written Update Episode " Mehek Saves Shaurya Svetlana Gets Arrested "

Zee World Mehek 31st July 2019 Wednesday Written Update Episode " Mehek Saves Shaurya Svetlana Gets Arrested "

Zee World Mehek 31st July 2019 Wednesday Written Update Episode " Mehek Saves Shaurya Svetlana Gets Arrested "

Mahek and Vicky is waiting outside disguised as reporter and cameraman respectively, Ajay and Nikitha is also waiting outside, Khurrana asks her to follow if she gets doubt about anyone. Svetlana comes there disguised as pregnant lady in burkha, Mahek goes to entry to check, Vicky gets a doubt on the person in burkha as she is wearing fancy sandals in pregnancy, Mahek gets sure that it is Mrs. M Khanna.

 Mahek and Vicky collides with some lawyers, Svetlana throws pillow attached to her belly as it misplaces, and escapes from there seeing Ajay and Nikitha there. Mahek sees her escaping, Vicky and Mahek follows her, Ajay and Nikitha follows her in bike. Svetlana gets into the car, Nikitha and Ajay falls down hit by an auto, Vicky goes near the car but Svetlana throws her burkha over him and escapes. Khurrana comes there asking whether he was able to note the vehicle number, he says no, they look for Mahek. Khurrana gets a call from Mahek telling that she is in that car’s dicky, he wonders and says that it is dangerous, Khurrana tells her to keep GPS on. 

Vicky gets tensed, Nikitha hears them and asks someone to track a phone number. Sharma family gets worried thinking about Mahek, everyone scolds Vicky, Kanta wonders from where this new enemy arised, Vicky says that they have came to know that it is a woman.
Jeevan calling Khurrana telling that they won’t forgive him if anything happens to Mahek and Shaurya, Khurrana assures him that he will bring both back, he tells that they are tracing Mahek’s phone and going behind her. 

Nikitha and Ajay is also following Mahek, Svetlana scolds the driver when he put a sudden brake, Mahek thinks that she have heard this voice before, but fails to recognise. Mahek’s phone falls out when driver puts another sudden brake, Ajay and Nikitha reach the place where Mahek’s phone fall, Khurrana reach near the phone, police gets her phone, Khurrana worries about Mahek’s wellbeing.

 Mahek reach the place where Shaurya is kept, Svetlana goes inside, goons bring Shaurya near the car, Mahek sees him and cries. Goons opens the car, and Svetlana comes from there, she falls down slipping on a banana peel, Mahek sees Svetlana and stuns. Doons help her to get up, police search for Mahek, Kanta, Ravi and Jeevan come there with Vicky, they share their concerns with Khurrana, they get some clue. Goons put Shaurya at the back side of the car, Mahek gets worried seeing Svetlana there, she gets frightened watching goons coming towards dicky to keep package. Svetlana shouts at goons seeing this and tells them that this is very expensive, so keep it in back seat. 

They are planning to take Shaurya to Nepal, gggons stops at a dhabha to have food, Mahek gets out of the dicky and sees Shaurya through window, she cries seeing his condition, Mahek manages to open the car door, she takes Shaurya’s head and kiss his forehead, she cries holding him. Mahek tries to wake up Shaurya by sprinkling water on him, One of the goons come towards car as he forgot to take his phone, he doubts seeing car door open, Mahek try to pull Shaurya out. 

Khurrana and police questioning a man who has seen the goons, he shows them a selfie he took standing there in which two goons was also captured. Goon come towards car side and sees no one, he thinks that Shaurya tried to run away as he gained consciousness, he gives him double dose of injection to remain unconscious for two days. Everyone searching for Mahek and Shaurya, Nikitha and Ajay also following them, Khurrana gets the photo of Mrs. Khanna which is loading, goon put Shaurya in the dicky.

Everyone waiting to see Mrs. Khanna’s face, goon turns to leave after locking the car, Mahek sneezes, he comes back to check who it is and leaves seeing a dog there. Goon again comes back hearing someone’s sound, Khurrana gets a blurred photo, Kanta says that it is a known face to her but couldn’t remember, Nikitha and Ajay tries to watch the photo, they couldn’t understand, police looks at the photo. Mahek asks for help to dancers at the dhabha, they refuse to help, goon comes there, Mahek hides. Dancers mocks at goon and he leaves, Mahek thanks them and explains about what happened to her, she asks them to help. 

Dancers tell her a plan, they give goons alcohol, dancer tell Mahek that the goons will lose their stability within few minutes and they can get car keys easily. A man in the dhabha informs police that goons are at dhabha seeing the picture, everyone goes there. Dance starts, goons dance losing their conscious mind, Mahek comes there disguising herself as a dancer, she tries to get keys by tearing the pocket. She succeeds, and goes from there, she opens dicky and opens Shaurya’s ties, she helps him out. 

She tries to wake Shaurya, he remains unconscious, goons realise that someone teared the pocket to get keys, they goes near car with gun in the hand. Mahek continues to wake Shaurya, she panics knowing goons coming there, she punctures the tyre, Shaurya opens his eyes and calls Mahek. She takes Shaurya from there, ties him to herself and try to escape in scooter. Goons are shocked realising that Shaurya is missing, they gets into trouble knowing that tyre is punctured, Svetlana calls them, they tell her that Shaurya escaped.

Svetlana scolds them, the goons get into tempo searching for Shaurya, police gets call telling that goons left from there, police notes tempo number. The person tells that a woman has stolen his scooter and left with a sick man, police informs this to Ravi, he tells Vicky to fasten up the car. Mahek tries to wake up Shaurya as he is unconscious, goons following them, Mahek tries her best to escape, she prays to god. Tempo crosses her scooter, they threaten to hurt Mahek, she asks her not to touch her, goon try to stab Shaurya, but Shaurya stops him. 

Shaurya beats the goons and warns them not to touch his Mahek, Svetlana comes there with a gun, she threatens to kill them. Svetlana asks Mahek to come with her if she want to save Shaurya, he asks her not to go. Svetlana holds gun on Mahek’s head, Svetlana asks Shaurya to transfer his property to her name if he want to save her life, Mahek tricks Svetlana and throws gun away. They catch Svetlana, police come there, they catch Svetlana, Jeevan gets stunned seeing her. Svetlana warns them that she will come back to take her revenge.

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