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Sunday, 28 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 30th July 2019 Tuesday Written Update Episode " Svetlana Planned Shaurya's Kidnap Mehek Gets Shaurya's Call for Help "

Zee World Mehek 30th July 2019 Tuesday Written Update Episode " Svetlana Planned Shaurya's Kidnap Mehek Gets Shaurya's Call for Help ".

Zee World Mehek 30th July 2019 Tuesday Written Update Episode " Svetlana Planned Shaurya's Kidnap Mehek Gets Shaurya's Call for Help ".

Episode starts with Karona telling that Mahek and Khurrana is responsible for Shaurya’s condition, she blames Mahek for not stopping him, Mahek is heartbroken at her words. Kanta consoles Mahek and makes her drink milk, Khurrana calls her telling that they have traced the car in which Shaurya was kidnapped, she goes in her scooter to that place with Kanta. 

They gets shocked seeing the car in fire, Mahek asks for Shaurya to Khurrana, he tells car was blasted, Mahek tells that Shaurya will be alive. Police comes there and tells that they have blasted the car to destroy evidence of kidnapping, Mahek is relieved, Khurrana tells that some professional have done this job, Mahek thinks that who is Shaurya’s new enemy. Shaurya is tied up in a chair, he shouts to open him, goons are getting drunk outside.

 Shaurya tries his maximum to get out of the chair, but falls down, he gets wounded at the forehead. Shaurya gets out of his ties, goons are drinking and talking with each other, Shaurya shouts to open the door, he faints. Goons comes there and ties him back to the chair, Shaurya asks them to leave, Svetlana comes there and it is shown that she had hired goons to kidnap Shaurya. Svetlana threatens goons that she will destroy them if Shaurya escapes, they assure that nothing will go wrong, Shaurya recognises her. 

Mahek gets up seeing a bad dream, she gets worried thinking that why Khurrana haven’t called yet, Mahek asks Nehal and Sonal to go with her. Shaurya tries to gets out of the clutches, Svetlana tells him to agree that he is not going out, she tells that this was decided when she was thrown out of the house, she tells how she planned this. Svetlana tells that she will get her empire easily now, flashback is shown that she knowing about fake death, and also kidnapping Shaurya. Mahek goes to Gurudwara with Sonal and Nehal to pray to God.

Svetlana tells Shaurya that he is kept alive until she gets her empire, when she reaches her goal, she will set him free forever and also send Mahek for his company. Nikitha asks lawyer to do registration of property and not to worry about payment, he gets a call from his assistant telling that some one named Mrs. Khanna has also claimed for the property. 

Ajay gets furious thinking that it is Mahek, he decides destroy them. This was a plan by Svetlana, she is happy that Ajay misunderstood Mahek, Svetlana asks goons to change Shaurya’s location. Mahek is praying in Gurudwara praying for well being of Shaurya, meanwhile goons are shifting Shaurya’s location. Mahek recalls Shaurya, Sonal asks her to go home with her, she goes. Shaurya tries to contact Mahek, she picks up the call, she gets overjoyed hearing Shaurya’s voice, he sends location to Mahek. 

Nikitha comes to Sharma house calling Mahek, she furiously speaks about Mahek and goes from there knowing that Mahek is not there. Kanta tries to console Karona, but Karona says that for Mahek money is first, Jeevan gets angry hearing this and tells she is not like that, Karona goes in anger, Dolly asks them not to Karona’s words to their mind. Mahek goes to Khurrana and gets location details, they goes to the place. Goons stop their vehicle to have tea, Svetlana calls them and asks them to leave right now.

 Mahek and Khurrana are on the way tracing Shaurya’s call, they stops vehicle to ask for location details, Shaurya sees her and tries to call but goes in vain. Mahek gets a feeling that Shaurya called her, goons takes him away. Nikitha gets angry with lawyer when he tells that he can’t help about another one claiming over property. Mahek comes to the place where Shaurya was kept. Pammi creates a drama, Nikitha gets an idea to know who is Mrs. Khanna, Ajay praises her. Mahek is sure that Shaurya was there, she sees ‘s’ written in chair, she shows that to police, she finds his shirt piece there. She thinks about the hidden enemy of them.

Mahek finds clues about Shaurya’s presence there, Khurrana appreciates her, Mahek gets sad that she came late there. Khurrana consoles her telling that now at least they have got the way to reach Shaurya, Mahek gets doubt about the writing ‘S’ on the chair, she thinks whether Shaurya wrote this to indicate his presence or to tell something else. Rajesh trying to make Karona have medicine, but she is not ready to have it, she tells him to go and bring Shaurya back, Sonal hears this and tells Kanta that if Shaurya doesn’t come back Karona will be in bad condition.

 Mahek comes there, Sonal tells her that Nikitha came there and she asks her whether she filed any case for property, Mahek wonders. Sonal tells her that Karona is angry since she came to know this, Mahek tells her that she has no intention to get property, her full focus is on Shaurya now, Kanta asks who is this then. They discuss about this, Mahek tells that she will talk to Khurrana now. Khurrana tells that it is difficult to find that person, but they can find her now as Nikitha and Ajay filed counter case against that person. Svetlana threatens to kill goons for not handling Shaurya, lawyer calls her to tell about counter case by Nikitha and Ajay, Svetlana tells that her real name is Monica and she registered this case in that name. 

Svetlana tells goons to take Shaurya from there, and tells them not to come back until she settles with Ajay and Nikitha, she tells that her every problem will be solved tomorrow.

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