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Sunday, 28 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 29th July 2019 Monday Written Update Episode " Karona Blames and Slaps Mehek For Losing Shaurya

Zee World Mehek 29th July 2019 Monday Written Update Episode " Karona Blames and Slaps Mehek For Losing Shaurya.

Zee World Mehek 29th July 2019 Monday Written Update Episode " Karona Blames and Slaps Mehek For Losing Shaurya.

In the night, Pammi tells about the safe to Nikitha, she tells about the misplacement of painting near it. Nikitha tells Ajay that they should change documents place, Pammi disagrees, they start fighting, Ajay and Rohit mocks at Nikitha.

Mahek scolds Shaurya for roaming like this, because he is dead in the eyes of others. Khurrana asks him whether the work is done, he replies that work is done and not done, he tells that he got the code of locker where the documents are kept, he will get them today night. Shaurya explains his plan, he asks Mahek not to get tensed, Khurrana agrees. Shaurya goes to Khanna house at night to get papers, he uses medicine to faint Pammi, he gets file from locker but gets worried seeing that there is no paper inside that, he hears Rohit’s sound. 

Nikitha is having the paper, she tells Ajay that she thinks that Mahek did this drama today to get this paper, she goes. Shaurya is trying to escape, Rohit comes drunk with is friends, Mahek is worried as Shaurya is not picking her calls, Kanta consoles her thinking that she is missing Shaurya. Kanta tells Mahek that tomorrow they are performing last rites of Shaurya, she goes. Mahek calls Khurrana to ask about Shaurya, she gets worried, Khurrana consoles her, he tells that they will check on Shaurya in the hotel. Mahek comes to Shaurya’s room and panics knowing that Shaurya is not back yet. Mahek cries thinking about Shaurya and worries whether he is caught.

Pammi scolds Rohit for drinking alcohol so much and couldn’t handle it, Nikitha asks where Ajay is, Pammi says that he went out for doing some job. Sharma family is mourning on Shaurya’s death, Kanta worries that Mahek is not present, Dolly tells that without Mahek this prayer won’t get complete. Vicky comes there telling that he searched for Mahek full street but didn’t see her, Sheetal comes there crying on Shaurya’s death, she asks for Mahek and Kanta tells that she is coming, Sheetal asks her whether Mahek is not at home. Khurrana brings Mahek to her street, she is broken as Shaurya is missing, Khurrana consoles her and tells her to trust him. Mahek goes to pray to God, while she was praying diya goes off, she gets worried. People in the street blames her for Shaurya’s death, Mahek enters house and gets shocked seeing that her family praying for Shaurya’s soul to get peace, she enters and throws everything away. 

Kanta scolds her, Mahek shouts at everyone, she tells that Shaurya is alive he will come back. Kanta tries to take her bangles away, Mahek shouts and try to make everyone understand that Shaurya is alive, but all thinks that she has lost her mind. Nikitha hears Ajay talking to someone, she questions him, Pammi comes there telling that documents are lost. Pammi gets into fight with Nikitha, Ajay asks Nikki whether she took papers, she tells that papers are safe with her. Ajay warns Nikitha for her doings and goes, she is determined to find what is Ajay doing secretly. Sheetal tells Kanta that she should have taken care of Mahek to be like a widow and not to roam through streets.

 Karona asks everyone to go from there, Dolly tells them that Mahek should realise that Shaurya is no more. Mahek is recalling her moments with Shaurya crying, she is lost in thoughts, she gets a call from Khurrana, she runs out of house to meet him, but gets stopped by Kanta. Everyone scolds her, Khurrana comes to the house. Ajay is going out of the house hiding, Nikitha follows him, he opens shed, she tries to look inside it and hides seeing Ajay. Khurrana tells family about the whole incident, Karona slaps Mahek, she blames Mahek for losing Shaurya.

Karona gets angry with Mahek knowing truth, she warns her that if something happens to Shaurya, she won’t leave Mahek. Karona goes inside telling that she don’t want to see her, Mahek asks apology from her, everyone in the family goes inside getting angry with Mahek. Vicky tells Mahek that he will help her to find Shaurya, Khurrana tells her that this time is to act accordingly. Khurrana tells that they got Shaurya’s phone from Khanna house, Nikitha is trying to get pool house open. 

Mahek and Vicky comes to Khanna house with police, they tell Ajay that they have to search the house. Ajay tries to stop them but police asks him not to interfere as they have search warrant, Nikitha asks Ajay what they are searching for, Mahek threatens them asking for Shaurya. Ajay tells that Shaurya is dead, Mahek says that Shaurya is alive and he is here, everyone gets shocked, police didn’t find any clue. Khurrana asks Mahek to be quiet as their plan will come out, Niktha laughs at Mahek, Rohit asks what happened to her, Nikitha tells that now she realised a big secret. 

Rohit is confused, Nikitha tells that Shaurya never died, the case was false, Khurrana says that case was not false, tells them that they think that Ajay and Nikitha have kidnapped Shaurya. Nikitha threatens Khurrana that she will take action against him, he tells her that if she take any action that will result in reaction. Mahek asks inspector to arrest Nikitha and Ajay, she tells police to check in the pool house also.

 Kanta restless thinking about Mahek, Jeevan there, Kanta is worried about Karona’s reactions, Jeevan consoles her. Ajay gets tensed, Nikitha asks him what happened and asks whether Shaurya is there, Ajay pushes her down. Ajay blocks the way of police, Vicky opens the door pushing him. Sonal calls Vicky to know what is happening there, he tells that he will call back. Sheetal comes there with an ayurvedic oil for Mahek, she gets confused at Sharma family’s behaviour. Police finds porn movie CD’s from pool house, Nikitha insults Ajay, police leaves. Vicky asks Mahek to go with him to home, but she refuses telling that Shaurya is there, Khurrana takes her from there.

 Mahek sees someone suspicious in front of Khanna mansion in a car, Vicky asks her to control, Mahek gets phone from there and gets shocked seeing car tyre marks on it. Mahek gets CCTV footage of the house from gate watchman, they gets stunned seeing Shaurya being taken away, Mahek vows to bring him back. Vicky and Mahek comes to police station asking to help them to find Shaurya. 

Police refuses to help, Khurrana threatens, inspector gets fightened and tells him that he will investigate on kidnapping case. Pammi beats Ajay for watching porn movies, Nikitha mocks at them, she tells that this is a big opportunity, because everyone is busy searching for Shaurya so that they can register the property in their name. Pammi asks them who would have kidnapped Shaurya, goons call a stranger and tells that they have hidden Shaurya, Karona wakes up seeing bad dreams. Everyone comes there, Rajesh consoles her, Karona says that due to Mahek and Khurrana, Shaurya got into trouble. Mahek looks on.

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