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Sunday, 28 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 28th July 2019 Sunday Written Update Episode " Shaurya comes to Meet Mehek Mehek's Fake Drama "

 Zee World Mehek 28th July 2019 Saturday Written Update Episode " Mehek's Fake Drama Shaurya Reaches Locker ".

Zee World Mehek 28th July 2019 Sunday Written Update Episode " Shaurya comes to Meet Mehek Mehek's Fake Drama "

Episode starts with Shaurya convincing Mahek to act according to the plan, Kanta comes there, she questions her, she thinks that Mahek is imagining Shaurya called her, she tells her to open her eyes and watch the reality, Mahek tells her that she want to be alone. Kanta goes.

 Mahek worries thinking that she is hurting her family. Mahek thinks about Shaurya overnight, she gets happy seeing his message, Kanta wakes up and comes to check Mahek, she gets shocked seeing that Mahek is not there, she asks Nehal and Sonal where Mahek is, they start searching for her. 

Mahek comes out of the house, Shaurya came to meet her, she hugs him, he tells that everything will be okay after Ajay and Nikitha confess their crimes. Shaurya tells that he took risk to come here, Mahek asks him to got then, he tells that he needs rewards for this, he gets romantic with her. Jeevan and Ravi starts searching for Mahek outside the house, Mahek and Shaurya gets alerted by Mansi’s sound, Shaurya leaves, they find Mahek standing there, they gets worried seeing her.

 Everyone takes her inside the house, Shaurya leaves from there, but gets dobt thinking that someone saw him, a shadow is shown. In the morning, everyone worried about Mahek, Jeevan says that she is not in her senses, Dolly worries about Karona, they decide to keep puja and doesn’t inform this to Mahek. Shaurya is restless, Khurrana asks him to keep patience. Ajay is crying for help to his mother, Pammi scolds lawyer for not getting bail, Pammi plans to do something. Pammi comes to Sharma house, goons throw their things out, Mahek asks her what she is doing, Pammi says her to withdraw the case otherwise to suffer. Kanta tells that they won’t withdraw the case even if they don’t have house to live, Mahek is confused what to do, Karona comes there and asks them to go out, she tells that they will withdraw the case, Rajesh asks her what she is doing, she tells that her son won’t come back with this case, Karona begs Mahek to withdraw the case.

Karona telling Mahek to withdraw the case, she warns Pammi not to disturb them anymore and tells her that they will not give rent of 1 lakh, they will give as other people does. Mahek insist on asking Khurrana’s opinion but Karona is stubborn with her decision, Karona signs on case withdrawal form, Mahek is devastated knowing that Shaurya’s plan will fail, Karona asks Pammi for rent agreement. Pammi goes from there, Karona consoles Mahek thinking that she will be sad, Mahek shouts at Karona but comes into senses soon and apologises to her.

 Kanta gets worried seeing her actions, Jeevan tells that she is behaving like this because she lost her husband. Pammi welcomes Nikitha, Ajay and Rohit doing aarti, Pammi gives food to them, lawyer comes there telling that there is some problem. Pammi gets angry with lawyer for disturbing them, Nikitha asks her to listen what he has to say, Pammi disagrees, both gets into fight. Ajay interferes and tries to make them calm, lawyer asks them to listen to him, he tells they haven’t yet registered property in their name. He tells that he has submitted for registration, now at least it will take 2 weeks to get procedures done, Rohit tells that they should stay away from Sharma family till that. Shaurya gets furious about knowing about Karona’s actions, he tells that Mahek should have stopped her. Mahek tells him that she was helpless, Shaurya gets phone from Khurrana so he cuts Mahek’s phone.

 Ravi tells Kanta that he have get date for puja, Kanta is worried about Mahek, Dolly comes there with widow’s dress to make Mahek wear tomorrow, everyone gets sad seeing this. Shuarya discuss his plan with Khurrana, he tells Shaurya to be vigilant and tells that he will talk to Mahek. Khurrana comes with Shaurya to Mahek’s street, Kanta comes seeing Khurrana, but didn’t notice Shaurya who was in the car, Shaurya manages to get out. Kanta goes from there as Khurrana says that he has some urgent work to do. Mahek disagrees with plan, Khurrana convinces her to do according to the plan. Ajay, Rohit and Pammi are discussing abut issues, Mahek comes there and threatens to kill Ajay with spade. Shaurya gets inside the house by this time and he smiles hearing Mahek’s sound. Kanta asks for Mahek to Sonal, Vicky gets call from butler telling about Mahek’s actions. Kanta, Jeevan and Vicky come there and tries to stop Mahek but fails, Shaurya is searching for the documents.

 Shaurya searches for property papers, he couldn’t find it, he removes the painting and sees lock, he thinks about code. Pammi tells Mahek that she will call police seeing her actions attacking her sons, Mahek worries when Pammi runs into the home, Shaurya trying his best to find the password. Mahek goes inside home hearing Pammi’s voice, Ajay and Rohit starts running seeing Mahek with spade. Pammi finds that someone has come to her room, but didn’t find anyone when she looked, Mahek is trying to help Shaurya, police come there, Ajay asks him to arrest Mahek. 

Shaurya is hiding in the room, Pammi checks the locker, Kanta asks Mahek to come to her senses. Mahek acts like she didn’t do this intentionally, Jeevan tells police that she is not in her senses, Ajay says that Sharma family is doing drama. Mahek apologises to Ajay, police takes Sharma family from there, Pammi checks finds document safe and keeps it back like before, Shaurya sees this. Khurrana comes there for rescue of Mahek and he threatens police.

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