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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 27th July 2019 Saturday Written Update Episode " Mehek-Shaurya's Fake Drama for Mohit "

Zee World Mehek 27th July 2019 Saturday Written Update Episode " Mehek-Shaurya's Fake Drama "

Zee World Mehek 27th July 2019 Saturday Written Update Episode " Mehek-Shaurya's Fake Drama for Mohit "

In the morning everyone preparing for prayer, Dolly asks for aggarbathies, Mahek goes to get it from her room.

Kanta prays to Lord Krishna to bring an end to their difficulties, Mahek is trying to keep back the things fallen from her hand bag, she sees a newspaper bit fallen down, she gets shocked on taking the paper to look, family members praying to God. Mahek rans out and tells family members that says where Mohit is, Shaurya takes newspaper bit from her hand, he sees Mohit in the photograph, he tells that they have to go fast there, everyone thanks God.

Shaurya and Mahek leaving for bringing back Mohit, they take everyone’s blessings, Khuranna comes there with their flight tickets and gives information about the photograph. PD asks Shaurya to take care of himself and Mahek.

Merged Episode with Another  Serial
Nikki and Ajay comes in festival wearing burqa and veils. Mahek sees Nikki in festival, she says oh God she here? She sees Nikki hiding her face in veil and says I cant wait till Tejaswani performance ends.
Tejaswani starts dancing in festival. Mahek joins her. They both dance around for Gopal. Shaurya is looking around festival. Shaurya sees someone running away in veil, he runs behind them. Mohit is there too dressed as Sardar but Shaurya doesnt see him. Tej’s performance ends.

Sharma family are at temple, Sonal prays to lord that help Shaurya and Mahek so that they can bring Mohit back home. Sonal takes Mansi’s blessing, Mansi says your baby will be blessing for us. Kanta says we should. Dolly is with them too. Sonal says I am tired, can I sit here for sometime? Mansi says okay I am going to see cow, Dolly says I am going to bring clothes, they both leave. Sonal sit down, one kid comes to her, she cries and says I lost my parents, Sonal asks her to not cry, we will find your parents. She starts looking for baby’s parents and leaves her spot. Kanta, Mansi and Dolly comes back and doesnt find Sonal in temple,Mansi says where is Sonal? I left her here, they start looking around.

Shaurya says to Mahek that dont know where Ajay and Nikki ranaway. Lets search them.
Ajay and Nikki are wearing burqa, Mohit is in disguise of sardar, he strikes with ajay and Nikki in festival. Ajay says Mohit? where were you running away? Mohit pushes them away and runs. Ajay says he cant runaway much, we will catch him. Shaurya sees Ajay and Nikki from far and says I knew they would be here.

Tej and Prem start their romantic performance on Gerua, Prem dances around her and picks her up, he waltz around with her as they stare lovingly at each other. Prem pulls her closer and dances lovingly.

Mohit hides from Mahek and Shaurya. Mahek is worried and says where will we find him? shaurya says I think he is not here, they go from there. Ajay and Nikki comes there, they find Mohit and grabs him before he can runaway. Nikki says if you runaway again then you wont be able to become father, I have to show you something. Nikki shows him video in which Rohit have kidnapped Sonal, Rohit says Mohit see your wife is with me? do you want me to take her with me to home? Mohit sits in Ajay’s feet and says please dont do anything to Sonal and my baby, I will do anything, Nikki says then do what we want, dont run to your family, runaway from your family and dont ever comeback to them, Mohit nods and leave. Ajay says to Nikki that Mohit is coward, he wont comeback, Nikki says but Shaurya and Mahek are still our problem, Ajay says then we should finish this problem once and for all.

Mahek sees Kanta calling her, she takes call, Kanta says they took away Sonal, they kidnapped her, Mahek is stunned.

Tej and Prem wins competition and Prize money. Prem says I just want to say that Tej pushed me towards his competition, I participated in it because of her perusing and I am just happy to bring smile on her face. Tej blushes hearing his endearing words. Prem lifts Tej in his arms.
Mahek and Shaurya are leaving festival in car, Mahek cries and says we couldnt do anything, we couldnt find Mohit and sonal is kidnapped too. Shaurya says dont worry, we will find Sonal. Kanta is at Sharma house, she calls Mahek and cries saying Sonal is not home. Sonal enters Sharma family house, all are stunned to see her berated state, Kanta says to Mahek that Sonal is home, dont worry about her, she ends call. Mahek is in car with Shaurya, Mahek looks ahead and is shocked, before she knows it, their car strikes with another car and they have an accident.

Sharma family and Khanna family getting worried as they are unable to contact Mahek and Shaurya, everyone prays to God. Police tells reporters to that Shaurya’s vehicle got into accident, Mahek admitted in the hospital with injuries and Shaurya have fallen into some cliff, he is assumed to be dead. Family is worried about Shaurya and Mahek. Independence Day celebration is going on in the street, Ratan calls them there to be a part of celebrations, they sing national anthem, Khuarrana comes there with police.

 Khurrana apologises to family members, Mahek is insisting that she should go to visit Shaurya, Kanta comes there with Jeevan and Khurrana. Kanta can’t hold her tears, Khurrana tries to console Mahek, she tells that she want to know where Shaurya is, Jeevan tells her that Shaurya has not been yet found. Mahek is not ready to believe that Shaurya is dead, police come there with a shirt and wallet asking whether it belongs to Shaurya, Mahek goes and locks herself. Everyone in the family is weeping on Shaurya’s demise, Rajesh tells that Nikitha and her partners took his son from him, he vows to destroy them.

Nikitha, Pammi, Ajay and Rohit are celebrating on Shaurya’s death. Ravi, Rajesh and Khurrana comes there with police to get them arrested, they get shocked knowing that Khurrana have evidence against them, police arrests them. Whole family is worried about Mahek, Kanta says that she hasn’t even come out of the room once. Ajay, Rohit and Nikitha are beaten up by police, Ajay says that he didn’t commit this crime, constable beats him saying that the person who did accident is caught and he has given statement that he took money from them to do this accident.

Family is crying on their fate, Mahek gets a call from Shaurya telling that he is fine, she tells him that she was waiting for his call for a long time, Mahek is worried that family is crying due to them, Shaurya asks her to not destroy their plan. Flashback is shown where Shaurya gets a call from Khurrana where he explains his plan to him, Mahek is not convinced with their plan, but they act according to it. Mahek tells Shaurya how difficult it is to see family worrying, Shaurya convinces her to do this for their family.

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