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Thursday, 25 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 26th July 2019 Friday Written Update Episode " Shaurya's Surprise For Mehek Romance and Dance "

Zee World Mehek 26th July 2019 Friday Written Update Episode " Shaurya's Surprise For Mehek Romance and Dance ".

Episode starts with Mahek and Shaurya going to meet Khurrana at hospital, Shaurya is confused why he wants to meet them. Seeing Khurrana working and correcting his employee Mahek mocks that he is tough like Shaurya. Khurrana asks his PA about the people standing outside the room, he introduces Shaurya and Mahek to him, he tells them to come inside. 

Khurrana tells that he don’t know how to thank them, he tells that doctor told him how they fought with hospital staffs to get hi treated, Mahek says that they are happy seeing him happily talking. Khurrana says that he is grateful to both of them, his life is a debt, he introduces himself as Digvijay Khurrana, a lawyer and shakes hands with Mahek, he sees Shaurya in deep thoughts, Mahek alerts Shaurya. Shaurya tells that he is  a famous lawyer, Khurrana says that he searched about them in internet and get to know about them.

 Nikitha is furious about thinking of Khurrana, she doubts whether he is a famous person, she decides to learn about him. Khurrana asks them whether it is true that they lost their wealth and business, Mahek says him that it is due to her mistake, Shaurya supports her telling that it was not her mistake. Khurrana tells that he feels happy seeing their true love, he says that he and his wife was also like this but she died, he says that he is alone and tries to make himself busy with cases. Shaurya thinks that Mahek makes relations where ever she goes, Mahek invites Khurrana for food to their house when he gets well, Shaurya tells him that they are leaving and asks him to rest. 

Mahek asks Shaurya whether Khurrana can help them to get through the case, he mocks at her telling that they don’t even have money to go home in auto then how are they going to pay lakhs as fees that too consulting him in hospital, Khurrana hears them and smiles. Nikitha, Ajay, Rohit and Pammi comes to hospital, Nikki bribes receptionist to know about Khurrana’s room number, she goes there and tries to look at him through door but she panics when Khurrana’s PA recognises her. Nikitha goes from there, she looks at the photo of Khurrana she captured and decides to find about him. At the night, Mahek and Shaurya are awake, they are looking at moon, Mahek calls Shaurya and tells that they should have talked to Khurrana, he tells that he wants to see Mahek, she tells that she won’t come as someone will see them. Shaurya gets into the room where Mahek was sleeping, but mistakes Kanta as Mahek, Shaurya runs from there, Kanta shouts that there is a thief at house, everyone wakes up. Shaurya comes there acting that he didn’t know anything, Mahek looks at him, he signs her to be quiet, Kanta sees them, comes to Shaurya and gets hold of his ear. 

Kanta tells him that next time before getting into the room he should be clear where Mahek is sleeping, otherwise he will get beatings from family members, everyone mocks at Shaurya. In the morning, milkman asks whether Kanta is not tying him rakhi this year, she goes inside and ties rakhi to him. Mahek is sad about not being able to tie Mohit rakhi, Sonal consoles her. Shaurya asks Sonal to tie rakhi to him, Vicky asks Mahek to tie rakhi to him, Mahek prays to God to protect Mohit where ever he is.

Sonal performing rakhi to Shaurya and Mahek tying rakhi to Vicky, everyone gets happy, Khurrana comes there. Shaurya invites him inside, Mahek starts preparing food for him. Khurrana tells family members that Shaurya and Mahek came to his life in the form of God, Mahek prepares the kheer, Khurrana praise Mahek’s cooking skills while having the kheer. Khurrana says that when he has to start their case, everyone gets shocked. Khurranna tells them that they have paid his fees by saving his life and have bribed him with good food, Shaurya asks him what he is telling.

 Khurrana tells that he will fight their case but Shaurya is unsure about this, but he takes responsibility of winning the case, he tells that he fought his whole life for wrong people to get money, now he is going to do something good. Shaurya and Mahek thanks him for this help, he asks them to come and meet him by evening. Mahek and Shaurya meets Khurrana at his office, he learns about the whole incident, about trapping Mohit and everything about Nikki’s planning. Khurrana tells them that they have to find Mohit quickly to make their position strong for this case, Mahek tells that they will and also pray for Mohit’s return. 

Shaurya mocks at Mahek’s scooter on the way back to home as it stopped working, he tells her to leave it there, she tells that she can’t as someone will stole her scooter. They both walk till workshop, Shaurya is impatient of waiting for scooter to get repaired, Mahek makes fun of Shaurya’s actions telling that he does this when he gets hungry, both fights with each other while Mahek eats snacks. Shaurya and Mahek leaves as soon as scooter got repaired, Shaurya calls Khurrana to talk about the case. Ajay and Rohit is enjoying watching TV, Nikitha is collecting information about Khurrana , she comes and tells about this to Ajay. She warns them that they should stop Khurrana otherwise Mahek and Shaurya will win over them, butler informs Vicky about this. Shaurya and Mahek comes to know that goons who were behind Mohit is escaping , Shaurya and Vicky stops them. They gets into fight, goons escapes pushing Shaurya to road.

Kanta scolding Sonal for not taking care of her health, everyone is concerned for her, PD says about Kanta’s pregnancy time, she tells how Jeevan cared for Kanta, Sonal gets sad thinking about Mohit. Sonal goes saying that she will rest now, PD feels guilty for reminding Sonal about Mohit, Kanta says that only Mohit is responsible for this condition. Mansi tells Kanta that Mohit will come back, but she says that with days her hope is also dying. In the night, Mahek treating Shaurya’s wounds, she scolds him for not taking care of himself, Khurrana says that police is searching for goons. 

Shaurya asks him that even after knowing that Nikki and Ajay was present at the spot why police is not taking any actions against them, Khurana says that police have no evidence against them, they won’t consider Mahek’s and Shaurya’s words because it can be proved as personal rivalry, he says that only Mohit can help them. Kanta worries, Dolly consoles her, Mahek cleans Shaurya’s wounds. After some time Mahek is seen busy in the kitchen, Shaurya comes holding her from back, he starts flirting with her, she says him that she has many works to do.

 Shaurya covers her eyes and takes her to place where he decorated, she asks him what he was doing, he tells that he is romancing. He says that they are not getting time to romance in between these problems, Mahek says that she has to go now, but he stops her and gets romantic, both dances. Shaurya says Mahek that truly he loves her, she doesn’t reply and tries to go, Shaurya asks her to say I love you.

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