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Sunday, 28 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 1st August 2019 Thursday Written Update Episode " Mehek-Shaurya's Fake Fight But Real Romance "

Zee World Mehek 1st August 2019 Thursday Written Update Episode " Mehek-Shaurya's Fake Fight But Real Romance ".

Zee World Mehek 1st August 2019 Thursday Written Update Episode " Mehek-Shaurya's Fake Fight But Real Romance ".

Episode starts with everyone rushing to Shaurya and Mahek, police arrests Svetlana, she vows revenge on them, Nikitha and Ajay also recognise her. Rajesh is worried thinking about Shaurya and Mahek, Balwant consoles him, Dolly and Karona is praying. Sonal gets a call from Shaurya, everyone gets happy, Karona is also happy but goes from there. 

Nikitha and Ajay informs Pammi about Svetlana’s hand in Shauya’s kidnapping. Dolly welcomes Mahek and Shaurya home doing aarti, Balwant asks him not to do this kind of mischief in future, Rajesh hugs Shaurya and tells that he realised how much he loved him when he thought that he was lost. Mahek asks for Karona, Shaurya sees his mother going inside, he calls out, she refuses to talk with him, he apologises and tells that he won’t leave her anymore. Shaurya admits that he did wrong for the sake of property, he says that Mahek also tried to stop him, Karona tells them that first family and love comes, not money and revenge. 

Karona asks him not to do such things even if they didn’t get property back, Shuarya refuses to do that, Mahek asks him to promise, Shaurya tells that he will teach Nikitha and Ajay a lesson. Karona gets angry, Kanta also tells him to do as Karona says, Shaurya goes from there telling that he won’t let go of his principles. Next day morning, Khurrana is explaining them a new plan, Mahek tells Shaurya that Karona doesn’t wants them to do this, Shaurya asks her not to think emotionally like his mother. Karona asks Rajesh to stop Shaurya, he tells that Shaurya won’t obey him, Kanta tells that she will talk to Mahek. Rajesh says that there is no point in talking, whatever Shaurya is doing is correct, Mahek hears this, Jeevan also supports Rajesh. 

Karona sees Mahek there, she asks her to talk to Shaurya, Rajesh asks her to support Shaurya, Mahek goes from there. Nikitha and Ajay going to court, they get date after 10 days for final verdict of property case, Khurrana comes there with Mahek and Shaurya telling that this property case won’t be resolved within 10 days. 

Khurrana claims that Mahek has already registered case in the name of Mrs. Khanna, Nikitha says that it was Svetlana who filed the case, Khurrana proves his words, Ajay and Nikitha gets furious. Mahek tells that Nikitha and Ajay is telling the truth, they get stunned, she says that she didn’t file any case. Nikitha tells that Mahek solved their big problem, Ajay sees Shaurya scolding Mahek for doing this, both gets into fight, Shaurya says that she should have married Ajay, he says that he won’t step back from his revenge, he pushes Mahek down in angry. Ajay gets furious seeing Mahek crying, Nikitha gets happy, both goes from there. Mahek calls Shaurya and asks whether their plan will work, he tells that her acting skills will help them.

Mahek asks Shaurya whether their plan will work, he tells that her acting skills will succeed them, he explains next step to her. Shaurya and Mahek comes to the street, Mahek is worried about hiding their plan from family, Shaurya makes her understand that they should execute this plan. Mahek tells that she doesn’t feel good about Ajay, Shaurya ensures that if he cross any limits, then he will kill him. Shaurya says that Ajay is a fool but not Nikitha, he tells her that she can easily stole property from Ajay’s hands. Mahek asks him whether it is necessary to fight with him, she tells that she don’t like to fight with him. 

Rohit, Pammi and Nikitha are enjoying their success, Shaurya apologise because they had to fight, he tells that he can’t sit defeated by Ajay and Nikitha whole life, they see Sonal there. Women in the street starts telling that nobody cares for Sonal and everybody only listens to Shaurya, Sonal goes from there. 

Shaurya tells Mahek that instead of giving reply to these stupid people they should take revenge on Nikitha and Ajay for trapping Mohit, he asks her to support him to bring back their family’s happiness, he promises her that they will bring Mohit back. Mahek tells that Shaurya’s real wealth is his words, because it always convinces Mahek in doing things, Shaurya smiles and goes to hug her, she stops him by seeing Sheetal. Everyone enjoying at Khanna house, but Ajay is concerned about Mahek, Pammi doubts seeing Ajay’s condition. 

Shaurya and Mahek gets into fight, Sheetal tries to stop them, Shaurya blames Mahek for his lose. Sheetal calls out for Kanta, Mansi and Sonal to stop them from fighting, Kanta asks them to stop. Kanta asks them not to fight in the street and what happened, Shaurya tells that his idiot wife told in court that they didn’t file any case against Nikki and Ajay, Jeevan asks Mahek why she did this. Karona asks Shaurya not to forget that he is speaking to his wife, but Shaurya continues to act, he goes from there, Karona consoles Mahek. In the night, women of the family are fighting with men supporting Mahek and Shaurya respectively, they both enjoy their fights, PD asks Sonal why these stupids are fighting, she tells everyone to stop fighting.

 Mahek and Shaurya gets into fight again, family also gets into fight supporting them, PD gets furious. Everyone sleeping, Shaurya calls Mahek and asks her to meet him, she says no. Mahek gets up from bed hearing Sonal coughing, she goes to get water from kitchen, Shaurya comes there, Mahek scolds him. Shaurya flirts with Mahek, but moves from there seeing Jeevan, Mahek doesn’t see this. Shaurya hides behind fridge and irritates Mahek, Jeevan is worried thinking that Mahek have started to walk in sleep, she tries to manage the situation, she goes hitting Shaurya.

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