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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 15th July 2019 Monday Written Update Episode

Zee World Mehek 15th July 2019 Monday Written Update Episode

Episode starts with Shaurya coming to argue with Mahek, Nikitha interferes, Shaurya asks staff member where is the new menu list that he told to prepare.

 Staff tells that Mahek decided the menu, Mahek gives Shaurya the list. Shaurya is furious that everyone is listening to Mahek, Sharma family is tensed thinking about their work, Sonal tells them that she will get back job at her former office, Kanta tells that she should rest not do the job. Sharma family opposes her decision, PD supports Sonal, Nehal tells that she will also join with Sonal and take care of her. Mohit doesn’t like this and questions her where she was going, he gets into an argument with Sonal, she leaves, Sheetal shouts at Kanta and Jeevan.

PD tells her to stop and tells to support that spoiled Mohit, she tells that in their house girls are considered more valuable than boys. Shaurya hits accidently with Nikitha and apologise to her, Mahek comes and fights with Shaurya for changing arrangements. Mahek asks staff whose order will they obey, everyone points towards Mahek, Shaurya tells her that cooking is her department, he will handle management. He tells her that she has no style and mocks at her. Mahek orders him to talk with her in respect as she is the boss of this restaurant.

Nikitha gets a call and goes out, she is telling about Shaurya and Mahek to the person calling her. Shaurya comes there and asks why she brought Mahek here, he  enquires her who called her, she replies Vicky called her due to tension. Nikitha tells Shaurya that he is so disturbed and he fights with Mahek whenever both come together. Shaurya tells her to stop this nonsense and goes inside, Nikitha deletes the last called number. Shaurya holds Nikitha as she is about to fall, Mahek looks angrily at their talk continues. Shaurya mocks that Mahek does not know anything about fashion, Mahek gets conscious about her face being mess due to work in the kitchen. Shaurya tries to make her jealous and smiles at seeing her actions, Nikitha asks him to thank Mahek for helping them, Shaurya thanks her and tells to clean clothes before investors come.

 Investors are impressed for the food prepared, Mahek apologises to them and Shaurya for her reaction that day, Investors asks them to prepare for a party tomorrow for new branding and victory. Mahek nods at Shaurya and he agrees. Sheetal is overwhelmed seeing so much money with Mohit, he says that he won’t let Sonal to go for work in this situation, Mohit goes out hearing sound. Nehal is making everyone eat sweet because Sonal and Nehal  have got job. Mahek while working standing on a stool falls down, Shaurya comes to hold her, both share a romantic moment. Mahek moves away from him, Shaurya tries to speak to her, Mahek shows no interest in talking.

Shaurya asks her why she is doing for him then, she tells that she is doing this for Karona. Mahek tells him that she became more sad when she came to know that Shaurya was behind all this, she says that she will listen to him when he stops doing these type of things. Mahek goes, Shaurya looks at her sadly.

Episode starts with Sharma family getting happy that Sonal and Nehal got job, Sonal gives her first salary to PD, Mahek also comes there giving profit share of the restaurant today. Mahek says that Jeevan and Ravi can start working soon with this money. Jeevan gets proud telling his daughters, Sheetal provokes Mohit, he looks angrily and goes. Sheetal tricks Mohit, she tells him to destroy Mahek if he wants his family and Sonal back.

 At the night, staff comes and asks Shaurya to decide menu, he tells her to ask Mahek. Shaurya tells her that tomorrow everything should be perfect, both leaves, some masked man comes and opens the lock of white chilies. In the morning, Mahek starts with praying to God in the restaurant, Sonal and Nehal comes there giving surprise to her. Nehal tells that they came to help her, after this they will go for job. Mahek apologises to Sonal for letting her do job in this condition, Sonal says that she can do atleast this when Mahek is facing a lot of problems.

Sonal and Nehal along with hotel staffs get into work, Mahek goes to get some ingredients, mice are shown roaming in the kitchen. Mahek didn’t see mice, Nehal and Sonal goes after completing work. Shaurya comes there with Nikitha and sees them. Jeevan and Ravi are in search of a job and comes to Mohit’s company unknowingly, Mohit comes there with Sheetal, they didn’t see them. Mahek and Nikitha discuss about serving dish, Nikitha goes to show list to Shaurya, he is tensed about restaurant. Mahek comes there in search of Nikitha and gets angry seeing Shaurya and Nikitha mingling closer, they see this.

Mahek starts showing her angriness in kitchen, Nikitha and Shaurya laughs. Jeevan and Ravi iare waiting there for a long time, Mohit goes from there, Sheetal see them there. She hides and calls someone to come inside. Shaurya is provoking Mahek by flirting with Nikitha, Mahek gets angry, Shaurya enjoys this. Nikitha is calling someone and tells to be ready, she looks at Mahek and Shaurya. Sheetal understands that Jeevan and Ravi came there for job, she decides to play a trick, tells the manager to give both the job of peon.

Ravi argues with the manager but Jeevan agrees to do that job. Shaurya is giving investors lunch, everyone is impressed by the food, Nikitha praises Mahek. Suddenly a mouse is seen in one of the closed food, Shaurya and others remain shocked.

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