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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 14th July 2019 Sunday Written Update Episode

Zee World Mehek 14th July 2019 Sunday Written Update Episode

Zee World Mehek 14th July 2019 Sunday Written Update Episode.

Episode starts with Sharma family shocked learning that Mohit sold food truck, Jeevan gets angry and shouts.

Shaurya is seen in confusion, Nikitha advises him to solve all the problems by apologising to Mahek, Shaurya says that he doesn’t want mahek in his life. Nikitha tries to convince but Shaurya is stubborn in his decision, he decides not to apologise to Mahek.

Jeevan is shouting Mohit’s name, family members gets worried seeing his behaviour, Ravi supports Jeevan. Mohit comes there, Jeevan beats him with wood piece, Mahek tries to stop him, Sheetal comes there and tells Sonal to stop Jeevan, Kanta begs him to leave Mohit. Mahek stops Jeevan, Sheetal tells Mahek to stop acting, she starts to create problems. Sheetal provokes everyone and justifies Mohit’s decision.

 Sheetal supports Mohit, Jeevan tells that he sold our food truck, Mohit says that it is his food truck no one else have right over it. Mahek tries to speak to Mohit but he is not ready for that, he blames his family and tells them that he doesn’t want to suffer any more. Mahek tells him to shut up, Mohit tells Mahek that she is a good actor, she have tricked and lied to him from childhood.

 He tell that sometimes he feels like he is an orphan and Mahek is Kanta’s daughter, he blames her for stealing his parents. Kanta raises her hand to beat Mohit but Sheetal stops her, Jeevan pushes Mohit and Sheetal out of the house. Sonal closes the door in front of them leaving Mohit in shock, Sheetal acts good. Shaurya gets mad learning that he is drowned because of debts and he will not get loans.

He learns that the only solution to this problem is investors helping him, Shaurya gets angry angry and vows to destroy Mahek, Nikitha decides to solve the problem. Sharma family is sad, Mahek prepares food for them, she compels everyone to eat food. Jeevan apologises to Mahek for Mohit’s words, Sheetal and Mohit comes there with a group of lawyers, everyone is shocked.

Mahek ask him why he is doing this, Sheetal gets angry with her, Jeevan gets angry with Mohit, Sheetal blames Mahek for destroying Sharma family. Kanta tries to convince Mohit, Sonal also makes him understand, Sheetal pushes Kanta. Mahek tells that Mohit have made them feel strangers, Sheetal asks lawyers to file case on Mahek for trying to loot Mohit’s shares, everyone gets shocked.

Episode starts with Sheetal telling lawyers to file case on Mahek for trying to loot Mohit’s family shares, everyone gets shocked, Mahek asks him whether he is going to fight against his own family, Sonal tells that let him do what he wants.

Sheetal tells her to support her husband and tells that she will make sure that Mohit gets all his rights. Jeevan furiously goes in and comes back with a rope, he separated house into two by the rope, he tells Mohit to take his share, now he is dead for them, Sheetal ensures Mohit that everyone’s anger will slow down after the baby is born, Sonal supports family members leaving Mohit.

Mahek tells Mohit that with time he will understand the importance of family more than this wealth. Kanta tells Mahek to go home, she leaves. In the night Nikitha talks to Mahek, she tries to convince her to come back to white chilies, Nikitha tells Mahek that she should do this for her love. Mahek asks her to give her some time, she sees Shaurya tensed talking over phone. At the morning Shaurya is surprised to his staff working more energetically, Nikitha says that everything will be fine today but he is not sure about that.

Nikitha makes Shaurya taste  food, he says that it is superb and asks what is it, Mahek turns and tells that it white chilies new breakfast menu. Seeing Mahek there Shaurya gets furious and shouts at her. Shaurya tells that it is his restaurant but Mahek tells him to go as it is his restaurant. Mahek talks to Kanta, she tells that Mohit will get into senses soon, Kanta ask her to focus on Shaurya now. Mahek says that she won’t let Shaurya’s business to drown, she ends the call.

Mahek instructs staff members, everyone praises her work, Shaurya asks Nikitha why Mahek is ruling over kitchen when she is the head chef, she says that she has no problem, she goes to help Mahek. Mohit is looking at Sharma family having breakfast, Kanta asks sonal to have a cup of milk after food, Sheetal fills poison in his mind. Mahek is washing her face, water falls on Shaurya, Mahek couldn’t stop the pipe, Shaurya comes there and pushes her to his side telling that she is such a stupid, they share a eyelock moment.

Shaurya wipes Mahek’s tears and both comes closer, they are disturbed by a staff, Shaurya scolds staff. Shaurya comes to argue with Mahek, Nikitha interferes, Shaurya asks staff member where is the new menu list that he told to prepare. Staff tells that Mahek decided the menu, Mahek gives Shaurya the list.

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