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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Zee World Kindred Hearts 31st July 2019 Wednesday Written Update " Aditya-Jhanvi Got Married Nisha Gets Conscious "

Zee World Kindred Hearts 31st July 2019 Wednesday Written Update " Aditya-Jhanvi Got Married Nisha Gets Conscious ".

Zee World Kindred Hearts 31st July 2019 Wednesday Written Update " Aditya-Jhanvi Got Married Nisha Gets Conscious ".

The scene starts with Aditya coming to the wedding venue dressed as a groom and besides him are Chinni and Binni and they’re holding his hand.

The go down the aisle to the priest and the priest calls for the bride. Maa and Survi bring Jhanvi to the priest. Jhanvi is wearing a nice red lehenga. Aditya smiles at her and Kaka has this evil glare on them. Jhanvi and Aditya are lost in each other's eye. Jhanvi sits in the mandap. Aditya offers his hand to Jhanvi and promises to protect her and see her as a life partner.

Jhanvi says the same. Emotions are running high and Aditya says that Jhanvi has to cook food for him and he will give everything. Jhanvi says she doesn’t know how to cook and Aditya replies that he will help her. She smiles and says okay. The priest starts the ceremony and Aditya leans in on Jhanvi and tells her that the kids will call her mother from now on and Jhanvi smiles.

Now the scene changes to a doctor checking on Nisha's condition. The scene changes back to Aditya and Jhanvi and they start taking pheras. Afterward, Aditya puts sindoor on her forehead and puts the mangal sutra on Jhanvi. Both of them take the elder blessing.

  Chinni comes to Jhanvi and calls her Auntie, Aditya tells her to not call her auntie anymore but Jhanvi intervenes and says they can call her whatever they want as she wants to be their friend. Raj takes a selfie with them and Jhanvi meets Maa and survi and starts crying. Jhanvi then proceeds to leave with Aditya, throws rice behind her, and leaves with Aditya.

Aditya and Jhanvi reach Aditya's house and Kaki stops them at the door and asks Jhanvi to kick the rice bowl before entering the house. Jhanvi smiles and does so and imprints her footsteps into the house. Both of them go the mandir and take blessing from God. Meanwhile, at the hospital, the doctor looks at Nisha’s monitoring machine and looks worriedly towards the nurse. Now Aditya is seen standing in the lounge all alone and looks tensed like something is not right. Raj comes upto him and asks him what's wrong and he tells him that its nothing.

 Kaki brings Jhanvi still dressed as a bride there and Jhanvi looks at Aditya and blushes. Raj tells them that now they are bride and groom and don’t have to be so shy with each other. Kaki and Raj leave both of them there, Aditya raises Jhanvis veil and smiles. Suddenly someone calls Aditya name and both of them look back and are shocked to see Nisha standing there in a hospital dress. Nisha is confused to see Jhanvi and Aditya in a bridal and groom dress. She starts walking towards them and suddenly faints. Jhanvi runs to her, tries to wake her up, and asks Aditya to help her, which he does; he picks her up and picks her up.

Now we see Nisha and everyone at the hospital and Aditya standing beside her. Nisha regains consciousness, sees Aditya, and tells him that she had a bad dream where she saw him with another girl who was wearing a bridal dress and that Aditya married someone else but she’s grateful that it was just a dream and asks Aditya to not leave her. Everyone is confused and Nisha smiles at Aditya. Nisha tells Aditya that they just recently celebrated their first year anniversary and when she thought about it she calmed down. During all this Jhanvi is standing beside the door still in a bridal dress. Nisha continues to say that she can't remember what happened and she’s in pain she wants to go home and moans in pain.

The doctor tells everyone to leave the room and let Nisha rest. The doctor comes out of Nisha room and Aditya asks why was she saying that its only been one year and the doctor explains to them that Nisha has suffered a blow to the head which has caused her to have partial memory loss and now she only remembers the first year of marriage so it would be better if they create that environment in the household or else it could prove dangerous for her. The doctor tells them that they can take Nisha home but they have to be careful and put in the environment that its been only one year to their marriage. Aditya goes to Nisha’s room to see Jhanvi sitting beside Nisha.

Aditya comes towards Jhanvi who’s lost in her thoughts about the fight she had with Nisha and Jhanvi sees Aditya and leaves with him. Jhanvi tells Aditya that they should take Nisha home with them as she’s in bad condition because of her and she feels guilty so they should take care of her now. Aditya tells her that Nisha is doing drama right now he knows her well. Jhanvi protests but Jhanvi mother tells her to go home and Kaki agrees as they have to go to Mandir tomorrow and Jhanvi must take some rest. Jhanvi looks at Aditya with sadness and leaves.

Everyone comes back to the house and now we see Aditya calling the doctor and telling him that they will bring Nisha back home. Aditya comes out and tells everyone that he will send Nisha to the US for treatment. Baba tells him that Nisha should not come back to this house and Aditya tells him that she won’t. Kaka is now tensed because of the situation. Jhanvi is in her room and Aditya comes there and tries to console her. Jhanvi tells him that it's not right that they should help her right now as she needs us.

Aditya tells her that he is sending her to the US for treatment and Jhanvi tells him that he can't do that as she is still his wife according to Hindu customs their marriage doesn’t stand until he divorces her. Aditya tells her that to stop blaming herself for the incident and that Nisha wants to see them unhappy and that he will prove Nisha is doing a drama right now, Aditya turns to leave but Jhanvi stops him and tells him that she loves him and she doesn’t want anyone pointing fingers at them that they did this to Nisha. Aditya tells her that he will not let anyone come in between and he will prove she is doing a drama right and leaves.

Jhanvi now enters her own room which is Aditya's room too and is shocked to see Nisha standing there in a bridal dress. She tells Jhanvi that she knows she shot Nisha and she wanted to finish her so that she can have Aditya but she failed and her problem didn’t solve. Nisha comes upto to Jhanvi and begs her help in taking care of her and bringing her memory back and suddenly Jhanvi wakes up and it was just a nightmare.
Now we see it’s the next day and Aditya has gone to see the doctor. Aditya asks the doctor for a second opinion and if Nisha is doing a drama.

The doctor tells him no that she does have partial memory loss and that it’s a miracle she even came out of the coma. Aditya now is seen coming back to his house and calls for Jhanvi but she doesn’t answer. He asks Kaki if shes saw Jhanvi anywhere and she tells him no she hasn’t. He calls her mother and she says that she hasn’t come this way too. Suddenly he turns around and is shocked to see Jhanvi with Nisha and they are both coming in the house. Jhanvi comes and brings Nisha to Aditya who hugs Aditya.

Aditya looks at Jhanvi and she looks away, Nisha meets everyone and takes everyone blessing until she comes to Asha and doesn’t recognize her so she asks who are you. Asha is tensed so Jhanvi tells her that she is Aditya's mother and Nisha greets her and takes her blessing. Raj and Neha come out too and Nisha comes and hugs Raj and asks who Neha is? Jhanvi tells her that she is Raj’s wife they got married when she was in the hospital and Nisha tells her that she has come to a good house. Nisha looks around and see’s people frowning and asks why people are not happy to see her, nobody came to take her from the hospital as well.

Jhanvi replies that everyone was worried about you and wanted to welcome you here. Nisha tells Kaki to not worry as she will take care for herself no one has to worry about her. Jhanvi then takes Nisha to her room and Aditya is seen tensed.

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