Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Tuesday 30th July 2019 Written Update " Sikander Cries For Kulfi Not Found Her Anywhere " - Zee World And Star Life Written Updates

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Tuesday 30th July 2019 Written Update " Sikander Cries For Kulfi Not Found Her Anywhere "

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Tuesday 30th July 2019 Written Update " Sikander Cries For Kulfi Not Found Her Anywhere ".

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Tuesday 30th July 2019 Written Update " Sikander Cries For Kulfi Not Found Her Anywhere ".

The scene changes to Sikander asking her watchmen about Kulfi and he tells him that he did see her with a person but she seemed so happy so he didn’t stop them. Amayra tells them that that person was Kulfis father that’s why she was happy.

Lovely asks why they were not informed and Dadi hears about the whole ordeal and faints. Meanwhile Kulfi tells the person that she was told by her mother that her father sang well but youre just bad. The person tells her that he has a cold. Kulfi then asks the person what song he sang to Ma and the person replies that he has forgotten and kulfi says that she remembers all of her song.  

Sikander calls Jagira and asks why didn’t he tell them that Kulfi father was coming. Jigara tells him that no one is going to come, Sikander then tells him to call her father at this instant, Jigara gets scared and tells the truth that the person was some guy he found on the station and was innocent. Gunjan when hearing this scolds Jagira for lying and says they were going to Kulfi, and asks where he found the person. Mohinder tells her that they have to find the person fast.

Sikander thinks to himself where they mustve gone, Watchman tells him that they went this way. Lovely gets a message from Tevar that hes waiting. The scene changes and Kulfi asks the person if he is going to educate her, the person says that he will. Kulfi asks for water and the person stops the car infront of a shop and tells him that he is going to get some water and leaves. Kulfi thinks that she will show this car to Mami and she will go crazy. 

Lovely is now seen going to Tevar and sees a table arranged. Tevar looks at her and tells her that he knew she was going to come. Lovely tells him to quickly speak as shes tensed up and in a hurry. Tevar walks up to her and touches her and makes her sit and goes and sits infront of her. The scene now changes to Sikander and Mohinder asking around and trying to find Kulfi. 

The scene again comes to Tevar and he tells Lovely to have some sweets to help her calm down. Lovely tells him that she’s really sorry, she had no guts to face him and starts crying. Tevar asks her to stop crying at that he could give her nothing but now that hes capable he can. Lovely tells him that this cant happen it’s all a dream, She has a husband and a daughter. Tevar tells her to come back and I will love Amayra more.

Sikander can now be seen reaching the place where Kulfi is and starts looking for her, Sikander sees the person and dashes towards him. The person leaves and gets in the car and drives away. Mahinder calls and tells him that he couldn’t find Kulfi. Sikander tells Mahinder that he saw the person and he knows that that person is not Kulfis father. Sikander then calls Lovely to see whats happening there.

 Tevar tells Lovely that he knows she isn’t happy, He continues to tell her that Minti told him everything and asks Lovely to take the decision from her heart. Sikander keeps calling Lovely but Tevar tells her to answer it he wont mind. Sikander on call asks where Lovely is and why she wanst answering his calls. He tells her that he is coming home. Tevar tells Lovely to go but do think about what Sikander is actually to you and then Lovely leaves. 

We now get to know that the person who picked up Kulfi is called David. Kulfi and David are now seen at a church where David is prying. Kulfi asks him why he prayed to which David tells Kulfi that he is a Christian. Kulfi thinks that her mother did not tell a lot of things about her father and is impressed with David. David and Kulfi reach a house and Kulfi is very happy to see the house. Sikander now returns home.

Dadi is heartbroken when she sees Sikander comes home without Kulfi. The scene come backs to Kulfi and David. Kulfi sees that David’s house door has 4 locks. Kulfi enters the house and sees darkness all around her. Sikander is now seen screaming at Lovely and they both get into an argument. Mohinder asks them to not get into a fight and inform the police instead. Dadi is seen crying a lot. Mohinder asks Sikander to contact his police friend.

David tells Kulfi that now her name will be Joshua. Kulfi agrees ant tells David that she will decorate the house. Kulfi tries to enter a room but David forbids her to enter that room. The scene changes to Amayra telling Lovely the truth about what she’s done. Lovely tells Amayra that what she has done is wrong and Kulfi can be in trouble and tells her to not tell anyone else.

David is now seen making a paratha for Kulfi and feeds her. Kulfi remembers her mother and insists to David that he sing a song but he refuses. Police is now seen interrogating Amayra and her friends about how Kulfi went missing while playing with them. The Police inspector asks Amayra why she didn’t go see the person who Kulif went with. Lovely and Sikander tensed up ask why she is taking so much time interrogating the kids. Inspector scolds Sikander and asks Dadi why she looks so upset. Sikander explains to the inspector how they were planning to adopt Kulfi and the inspector tells them that they can not file the case of kidnapping till they get a call of kidnapping. Lovely then proceeds to show a Picture of Kulfi.

The scene changes to Kulfi asking God to not make her dream of Sikander as her father in her dream meanwhile David gets his wife on a wheelchair to see Kulfi. Kulfi thinks that she could not meet anyone before leaving, Sikander is now seen crying and Lovely asks him whats wrong to which Sikander says that he treated Kulfi like his own child and now he feels like a piece of his heart is snatched away.

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