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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Wednesday 31st July 2019 Written Update " Kulfi Exposed David Try to Run Away Sinkander Gets Clue "

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Tuesday 31st July 2019 Written Update " Kulfi Exposed David Try to Run Away Sinkander Gets Clue ".

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Wednesday 31st July 2019 Written Update " Kulfi Exposed David Try to Run Away Sinkander Gets Clue ".

Sikander is now seen telling the police lady that Kulfi is with some unknown man and she must be in distress but the lady police tells him to wait for the ransom call. Sikander wonders why this man is not calling them. The scene changes to David telling Susan who is his wife that it’s a beautiful day that they should go out. David shows cloths to Susan telling her he will make Kulfi wear them. Susan does not respond to this. 

Mohinder tells his mother that he cannot bear to see Sikander like this and tells Dadi that they will have to tell Sikander the truth. Dadi tells Mohinder that they cannot do that as Sikander will go crazy in anger.

David is now seen giving cloths to Kulfi, Kulfi says that she’ll only take clothes if he sings, David tells her that he doesn’t sing in the morning. Kulfi tells David that Sikader used to sing every day in the morning, Kulfi tells David that she will sing and he should sing along with her and they both start to sing but David's voice is horrid. Sikander is now seen wondering why Kulfi didn’t tell him before going. Sikander recalls his last conversation with Kulfi, he realizes that Kulfi did mention that the Person who took her had spoken to someone in the house and tells Mohinder. 

Mohinder wonders who in their house has spoken to the man and not told any of them. Amayra hears the conversation and is seen tensed up now.

Meanwhile back at Davids place, Kulfi asks David why he sings so badly. David tells her that his voice is bad, Kulfi corrects him saying that your notes are bad. Kulfi tells David that her mother had told her that her father had a very good voice and was a very big promise in the industry. Kulfi asks David weather he’s sure that David is her father. David gets angry and scolds Kulfi telling her that he is her father. 

David then tells Kulfi that he is going out and Kulfi asks him to take her with himas she wants to meet Sikander. David scolds Kulfi on wanting to meet Sikander. Kulfi tells him that she wants to bring back her mother’s belongings and asks David to make a call to Sikander. David says that he will make her talk with the person who he talked to. The scene changes back to Sikander's house where he’s still wondering about who the person is that talked to the Person who took Kulfi and suddenly realizes that it can be Amayra.

At that moment, David calls Amayra and Amayra wonders why David is calling her. Sikander heads towards Amayras room and Lovely tries to stop Sikander. Sikander enters Amayras room but she's in the washroom. Lovely comes into the room too and Sikander tells her that he knows that Amayra has talked to the person and Amayra comes out then. Amayra and Sikander get into an argument. Lovely asks Sikander not get so hyper and Sikander tells her that Kulfi must be waiting for him. Sikander takes everyone's phones and leaves.

Meanwhile, David tells Kulfi that the number is not going through, Kulfi tells David that she doesn't know any other numbers. Kulfi asks David to educate her when suddenly David scolds her. Kulfi thinks that Sikander never behaved like this. Tevar calls on Lovely’s number and Sikander picks it up and Tevar hearing Sikander voice says that he called by mistake. Sikander asks a shopkeeper about David’s car but that does not help. Back at Davids house Kulfi wears the new cloths and thinks that she does not feel that David is his father and he’s hiding something.

Kulfi thinks that David is hiding something and meanwhile David is prying and tells the viewers that ever since the death of their son Susan has gone numb and is very upset, He knows that he did a bad thing by bringing that child with him but he had no other option and asks for forgiveness as this is to cure Susan. Kulfi thinks that its time to tell Dad that she is not a boy. Meanwhile Lovely asks Tevar what is he doing in her house. 

Tevar tells her that he was worried as Sikander was yelling yesterday at her and today has her mobile. Lovely hears Mohinder going downstairs to check the CCTV and tells Tevar that that can't is good as they will see that she went to meet Tevar. Tevar replies so? And Lovely tells him that this will cause a big fight and Sikander will doubt her and then looks at Tevar and says that’s exactly what you won't don’t you? Mohinder comes in and Tevar says hello. Lovely tells Tevar that Sikander is home and Tevar looks at Mohinder and asks if him if he can accompany him downstairs to the CCTV and they both leave.

Sikander is watching the CCTV with Tevar and Mohinder. The CCTV shows Kulfi running to a person and hugging him and Tevar sees wires and disconnects them and puts water over them so that they can not see Lovely in the CCTV, Sikander gets angry and calls the security to check what happened. Meanwhile, Kulfi sees a room and thinks to herself that Dad told me to not go into this room but what could be in it so she proceeds to go in it. Kulfi sees Susan who in returns sees Kulfi and they both scream. Kulfi runs away and David runs and hugs Susan. Meanwhile back where Sikander is the Security tells him that the CPU is burnt and it will take 2 to 3 days to fix it. Sikander angrily leaves and dashes past a laundryman. Mohinder apologizes to the laundry man explaining to him that they're looking for a child who’s missing.

 The Laundryman catches on and asks if its Kulfi. Sikander comes back and says yes what do you know. The laundryman tells them that a man with a cross necklace took her away. Sikander asks if he remembers the person and can help draw a sketch. He agrees and they leave.

The scene changes to Kulfi sitting scared in her room when David comes looking for her and asks what she was doing. She tells him that she was looking for him and David tells her that she never ever has to come into that room. Kulfi asks who that woman are and David explains to her that she is Susan and she is blind, she heard your voice and got scared, She is her new mother, After Nimrat he married her as he was lonely.

 Kulfi says no that her mother is Nimrat and Nimrat only and to test David Kulfi asks him if they took vows on their marriage? David says yes and Kulfi catches this and says you are lying my parents got married in secret and that he is not her father as he was a singer. David says whatever he is her father now and Kulfi says no I have only one parent and its Sikander sir. David gets angry and closes the room with Kulfi in it and locks it. Kulfi bangs on it and asks God for help to escape.

Now we see Sikander with the laundry at the police station but the police station says that they have to follow procedure and it has not been 24 hours so they cant put it down as kidnapping still. Sikander gets angry and leaves. Meanwhile Tevar is talking to Lovely telling her that he cares for her so he destroyed the CPU for her safety and  then proceeds to show Lovely posters that Amayra put up of Kulfi and tells her that he wont tell anyone and he’s taking them down as shes her daughter too not by blood but by heart and leaves. 

Meanwhile Sikander is leaving in anger. Mohinder tries to stop him but he doesn’t and leaves. Kulfi has hiccups and thinks that Siknader sir might be trying to find me and asks God for help as David isn’t her real father.

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