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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Saturday 27th July 2019 Written Update " Sikander Teaches Kulfi How to Write Tevar Confronts Lovely "

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Saturday 27th July 2019 Written Update " Sikander Teaches Kulfi How to Write Tevar Confronts Lovely ".

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Saturday 27th July 2019 Written Update " Sikander Teaches Kulfi How to Write Tevar Confronts Lovely ".

Sikander is now seen with Lovelys Parents, hes about to drink but sees Kulfi and stops, Tony asks him whats wrong but he says that hes trying to quit drinking. 

Tony says that Sikander is upset that hes promoting Tevar but Sikander denies that and says its good to have competition. Tevar hears the conversations and walks up to Sikander and says that there is no competition, All of your songs were a hit, I’ve only got one. RK walks in and says to Tevar that he will reach great height one day but right now lets take a selfie.

Lovely can now be seen asking Minti on call when she met Tevar, Minti denies giving her that details saying I don’t wanna share it with you, why do you have interest In him, Lovely asks her if she knows where her Boyfriend is to which Minti gets angry and says that she is coming right away. Sikander is seen with Dadi when he sees Tevar alone and walks to him asks him if he needs anything, Tevar says nope he just wants to see Sikanders daughter, Sikander introduces Tevar to Amyra saying heres my princess. Tevar is seen meeting with Amayra, Sikander starts to see Kulfis face when looking at Amayra. Sikander now introduces Kulfi who Sikander mistakes for a sardar saying he took him as a girl, Sikander says Kulfi is a very sweet boy who has a great voice.

 Tevar says he was surprised full on desi not like todays kid. Tevar asks Amayra if she did all the preparations herself to which she replies yes even the diamond set to which Tevars says that hes impressed only a pirncess would know the worth of diamonds. Amayra asks if Tevar needs anything to eat to which he says no and kisses Amayras hand and Amayra goes off the.
Kulfi sees Amayra with herfriends playing, Sikander asks Kulfi why isn’t she playing with them, Kulfi says that its no reason but why aren’t you with everyone else, Sikander says no reason just have to do something. Kulfi says shes doesn’t feel like playing and Sikander agrees with her and both start looking for Lovely.

RK is seen talking to Tony telling him that Tevar is great and he’ll rock it in the industry, Tony aks Sikander to learn rap too. Lovely aks Tony if he wants mustard and he says yes, She pours a lot of it and Tony says this is too much, Lovely replies exactly that is the difference, Sikander is Fab but Tevar is like this sauce no one can get too much of this. Tevar agrees with her and Sikander starts to tear up, Tevar says no one can steal the magic it yours Sikander, I agree with your wife every word of it is right, your next album will be super hit and then  drops drink on his own jacket. 

He ask for a tissue and Tevar asks lovely where the washroom is, Sikander asks Lovely to escort him there.
Amayra is seen teaching friends how to mimic Tevar, Kulfi is seen with them, She tries to but Amayra insults her. Lovely shows Tevar the washroom but Tevar doesn’t let her leave. Lovely asks what are you trying to do Guddu, Tevar asks whos that and closes the door right after and says Guddu was the person whose love left him, Lovely says that this is her home and whoever you are my family and my daughter are out of bounds, Tevar says I saw her, Lovely asks if he wants to shout at her and get angry at her but Tevar says no that hes only here for her. 

Lovely Syas that his love is not here, She is Sikanders now and has a daughter and that he should forgot their past. Tevar says that he’ll love her more than Sikander would and that Amayra is his. Lovely Says that she has moved on he should too, Tevars tells her to shut up I haven’t and wont leave without you.

Lovely confronting Tevar on their past, now this episode starts by lovely Saying to Tevar that she has moved on but Tevar replies by saying he has not and will get everything back tha belonged to him, Lovely leaves after hearing this and Tevar is seen in tears now. Sikander and Mahinder are now singing in the party, Tevar joins them and starts dancing. Mahinder tells Sikander to sing for Lovely and Sikander agrees. Tevar keeps drinking while Sikander is singing and Lovely is seen hugging Sikander after he finishes. 

Tevar suddenly starts singing, The scene now changes towards Kulfi who is trying to get into the party but Amayra and her friends stop her and ask her where she is going? Kulfi tells them that she is going to sing for Lovely ma’am but Amayra says that other singers are singing and if she makes a mistake Sikander will be very angry. Kulfi tells them that she wont make a mistake and Amayra tries convincing her that she’s sick that they have to find her father as well so it will be better if she was fit, Kulfi agrees to this.

Amayra is now seen going to Lovely and sitting near her, Mahinder asks Sikander to sing on more song and Sikander denies and tells Mahinder to sing to which he agrees. After Mahinder, Tevar starts singing and Sikander praises him. Lovely holds Sikander’s hand and expresses her love through a song, Tevar is seen feeling bad. Sikander asks Tevar to sing again, Tevar denies by telling him that its your turn to express your love, Sikander replies that he and lovely keep doing that come on sing. Tevar agrees and starts singing to which Sikander and Tevar both dance.

Minti is now seen coming to the party and asks Tevar that how he can come here without her as she’s his girlfriend, Tevar plays it cool by saying that she ruined the surprise. Minti asks what surprise and Tevar replies that he wanted to come here and surprise Minti but she was nowhere to be seen and hes just happy that she’s safe and hugs her. 

Tevar continues to tell Minti that theres another surprise for her, Minti is seen confused, Tevar then tells her that he bought a house for her here so that she can be close to her friend, Minti is seen filled with joy and tells Tevar that hes the best. Sikander says that both of them look great together and that they should keep coming. Tevar then says that they need to go home and says his farewell to Ma and wishes Happy Birthday to Lovely and goes off.

Now the Camera focuses on Lovely who is seen thining about Tevars words that Amayra is his daughter too, Kulfi then comes up to Lovely and tells her that she has nothing to gift her but she still has something and asks Lovely to close her eyes. Everyone gather to see what it is and then Kulfi shows a slate written Ma on it to which Lovely gets emotional.

Now the party has ended and Sikander thanks Kulfi for helping in the making of the song and asks Kulfi what she wants? Kulfi says that she doesn’t want anything except to learn and educate herself. Kulfi begins to explain how her mom always wanted to but her mami didn’t allow it, If only she could read and write she could read her mothers book, Sikander agrees and Kulfi asks him to teach her how to write ma, Sikander is teaching her and is in tears.

 Kulfi is seen excited and thinks of her own mother, Nimrat. Lovely is seen in tears, Kulfi says that she couldn’t write much but only this and its for you and may God give you a long life. Lovely hugs Kulfi and Amayra doesn’t like this sight and thinks that Kulfi has taken her Mom too now she has to find her dad.

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