Starlife Forbidden Love 31st July 2019 Wednesday Written Update " Arnav-Khushi's Romance Shyam's Attempt to Harm Anjali " - Zee World And Star Life Written Updates

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Starlife Forbidden Love 31st July 2019 Wednesday Written Update " Arnav-Khushi's Romance Shyam's Attempt to Harm Anjali "

Starlife Forbidden Love 31st July 2019 Wednesday Written Update " Arnav-Khushi's Romance Shyam's Attempt to Harm Anjali ".

Starlife Forbidden Love 31st July 2019 Wednesday Written Update " Arnav-Khushi's Romance Shyam's Attempt to Harm Anjali ".

The episode starts with Dadi asks Nani to call Shyam and call him back. Dadi says that she is sure that Shyam will come back despite what happened with him in this house.

Arnav comes and says, that guy won’t come here no matter what. Nani requests Arnav not to start a fight as all guests are there and it’s Anjali’s godh Bharayi (Baby Showers)  function today. Arnav says okay but he tells Dadi that he wants to talk with her. Dadi also says that she wants to talk with Arnav. Dadi leaves from there. Arnav follows Dadi. And Nani goes behind him.

On the other side, Garima is also thinking to go to Dadi and talk in alone. She goes to talk with Dadi. Arnav asks Dadi, what are you trying to do? Dadi says, it’s Anjali’s godh bharayi  (Baby Showers) and it’s important for Shyam to be here. Arnav says, how can you even think about bringing that disgusting guy back. Garima is hiding behind a pillar and listening all this.

Nani tries to calm Arnav down. Dadi says to Arnav, you can say whatever you want, you can get angry but you can’t ignore the fact that it’s Shyam’s baby. Arnav says, Shyam is a fraud and I won’t let him be around Anjali or her child. Nani again tries to calm Arnav down. Arnav tells Nani, it’s dadi who starts this topic again and again. Dadi says, because Shyam is Anjali’s husband, he is future of her and I don’t want Anjali’s future in question because of someone’s small mistake. Arnav says, I am sorry but I don’t agree with you.

Nani again asks Arnav to stop fighting. Arnav calms down and says to Dadi, please try to understand.. it took us long time to forget what happened 14 years ago. When we thought everything was good, that time he cheated with Di and all of us. Expression on Garima’s face doesn’t look too good.

Arnav then sees Anjali and says, she is looking so happy today. Arnav tells Dadi, we should forget our past and move forward because we will hurt ourselves by thinking about our past. He says, today everyone is happy and we have got chance to forget everything. Dadi says, no matter what, I will do what is right which is to bring Shyam back here. Nani begs both Dadi and Arnav to stop fighting and says they will talk about all this later on. Dadi leaves from there.

Arnav gets emotional now. Nani says him, if your parents were here then they would want you to do what you think is right as well. She asks him to smile as you don’t get so many happiness together. Arnav smiles and they go back to the function. After listening all this, Garima says, they all want to forget their past, they are happy, and I can’t take away their happiness like this.

Shyam is outside and he sees security checking all the workers. Shyam says, I am sure Arnav did all this. He wonders now how he will go inside. He then sees some people with drums and other instruments waiting for someone. Shyam sees that someone coming and he stops him. Shyam takes him on a side and comes back in his clothes. Shyam says original person got sick so he sent me. Security let them go inside.

Anjali’s function is almost done and they are getting ready for Khushi’s mehendi’s function. Shyam enters Raizada house with other performers. While everyone is busy talking with each other, Shyam quietly goes upstairs. Nani says, this time boys are allowed in mehendi’s rasham. Arnav and his brothers go to attend function. Shyam comes to Anjali’s room and opens box that he had hide before. He takes out gloves and pieces of glasses. He spreads all those pieces around room’s entry door.

Garima sees Dadi and hides herself. Buaji asks Garima where are you going? and takes her back to function.

Mehendi’s function begins now.Anjali is sitting alone and Shyam goes to her. He puts a gift on sofa and starts walking. Anjali stops him But he doesn’t stop and leaves from there. Anjali opens it and sees an expensive gift. Shyam turns back and Anjali figures it out it’s Shyam. She smiles and is very happy.

Lady, who is doing mehendi on Khushi’s hand, asks her what is the first letter of her future husband. Before she says anything, Arnav comes there and says “LG”. Does Khushi ask LG? Arnav says, Laad Governor. Khushi then says, NO don’t listen to him.. write “A”. Arnav then reminds her, she put A in her hand before as well saying A comes in her surname. Khushi smiles and they both say we did this rasam before as well.

Arnav and Khushi looking at each other and smiling.
NK coming to Khushi and Arnav. He tells Khushi that she should be thankful to him because he brought Arnav to mehendi. Khushi tells NK, I will thank you that time when you make Arnav dance and make him agree to do mehendi on his hand, just a small dot of mehendi. Arnav tells Khushi, are you crazy? I am not going to dance and I am definitely not going to put mehendi in my hand. Khushi turns away her face. Arnav gets up and goes somewhere. NK follows him. Khushi then says to herself, “He’s just a Laad Governor”. Lady who is putting mehendi in her hand laughs. Khushi says you put “A” only.

Buaji brings Garima back into the function. Garima is tensed. Buaji then sees NK and calls him to come to her. NK doesn’t want to go but still goes. Buaji tells him, you’re very shy and then she is about to put mehendi on his hand. But NK leaves from there saying he has some work. Manorama goes to Dadi and tells her to put mehendi in her hand. Dadi is angry. Manorama asks her why are you angry now? Khushi’s mother is here now. But while Manorama is saying all that to her, there is the noise of a loud drum so Dadi can’t hear anything.

Manorama goes to call Garima but in the meantime, Dadi has disappeared. Manorama asks Garima to go with her somewhere. Manorama and Garima leave Shyam are playing drums and others are playing other instruments. Everyone is dancing. NK asks Khushi, where is Arnav. Khushi says, don’t know. he must have run somewhere.
NK says, don’t worry just dance. Arnav comes there and sees Khushi dancing. Khushi requests Arnav to dance as well but Arnav says no and then tells her to come on aside. Khushi quietly leaves from there and goes to Arnav who is standing alone far from the place where everyone is dancing. Arnav tries to hold Khushi’s hand but she shows him mehendi.
They both laugh and then Arnav holds Khushi with her back and pulls to him. Khushi says to him, what are you doing? Leave me. Arnav says, really? Rabba ve plays in the background and they both stare each other. Arnav then turns Khushi and tightens her blouse’s lace. Khushi gets shy and runs away from there. She turns back and looks at Arnav. Arnav then shows mehendi on his hand and She runs to him and hugs him. Khushi again gets shy and leaves.

Khushi again joins everyone and starts dancing. Arnav comes there and looks at her. NK sees Arnav and goes to him. He then sees mehendi on his hand and says, you put mehendi so why not dance now? He takes Arnav with him. NK and Aakash take Arnav on the stage and makes him dance. Shyam is very close to them, playing drums. Anjali gets worried.

Manorama brings Garima to Dadi and asks her don’t you think you forgot an important work? Garima asks what? Manorama then shows her Dadi. But dadi is busy talking with someone.

Arnav is finally dancing. While he’s dancing, he sees drum guy (Shyam) and finds something fishy. But when Arnav comes close to drum guy (Shyam), lights go off all of a sudden. And on the other side, Dadi also turns back to see Garima and lights go off.

No one can see anything. Manorama says I will still introduce you two. and she introduces Dadi and Garima to each other. Manorama leaves. It’s very dark and Garima and Dadi are talking now. Garima apologizes to Dadi for not being there in all functions. Dadi says it’s okay, you at least came in mehendi.

It’s Anjali who turned off the lights.

Drum guy quietly goes away from there. Aakash goes to check lights. Arnav starts searching for Anjali and Khushi and both are there.

Shyam then takes away someone’s shoes (prolly Ajali’s) and leaves.

Lights come back and Dadi searches for Garima but she has disappeared.

the NK says light has come back now so let’s continue the party. Everyone resumes dancing again. Arnav is standing on aside. Khushi asks him to join everyone. Arnav is dancing with Khushi and others. Anjali calls Shyam and asks where did he go. Shyam asks her to come to him.

Shyam comes to Anjali’s room and smiling thinking about how he spread pieces of glasses there. He says, just a couple of mins and we will be there.
Anjali is searching for Shyam. She then calls Shyam but he doesn’t pick up. She is then searching for her shoes but can’t find them.

Shyam says, somehow I have to bring you to this room. He sees Anjali coming closer to him and says, you made my work easier. Now I just have to get your attention to me. He then purposely stands the way so Anjali sees his shadow. Anjali sees his shadow and says maybe he is in my room and she decides to go to her room. Shyam cannot believe his luck and says, wow I didn’t have to do anything.. she is coming to me herself. Episode ends.

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