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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Star Life Forbidden Love 8th July 2019 Monday Update " Khushi Leaves House Arnav Gives her B'day Gift "

Star Life Forbidden Love 8th July 2019 Monday Update " Khushi Leaves House Arnav Gives her B'day Gift "

Star Life Forbidden Love 8th July 2019 Monday Update " Khushi Leaves House Arnav Gives her B'day Gift "

The show begins with Khushi crying and remembering what Arnav told to her.
Flashbacks of Arnav scolding...
Khushi opens cupboard. Payal is also worried how Khushi is she is about to go to check Khushi suddenly Akash comes and tells her she has more responsibility towards Anajli than her sister Khushi.
Khushi is packing clothes in suitcase. Suddenly Arnav enters room calling Khushi's room. Arnav asks what is she doing ? Khushi says: Arnavji you are right, Its my fault.
Arnav tries to stop Khushi ...Khushi is in no mood to hear Arnav. She saysshe is going to Bua (Aunt) ... tells Arnav she is not going because Arnav scolded her but shereally think everything happened because of her.

Arnav again tries to stop Khushi, but Khushi won’t stop. She tells she wants to go for the
sake of family happiness and Arnav. Arnav gets agitated and brings in CONTRACT MARRIAGE clause. He says, he wont let her leave until the contract expires.

After discussion, Khushi goes down... where Khushi sees Anjali trying to preparing milk in
kitchen , she wants to help her but can't she hides behind pillar. Suddenly Manorama comes in kitchen and helps Anjali. Payal too
is comes behind Khushi. At night, in bedroom...Khushi is thinking what Arnav had said before regarding contract marriage, and if she fails to keep the contract promise how he will destroy Akash-Payal marriage.

Arnav goes to bed... while Khushi is thinking...
Early morning, when Arnav wakes up he can’t find Khushi in the room. He goes down
In kitchen searching for her... but doesn't find her.

At room, Nani is taking care of Anjali. Suddenly Arnav enters room and ask Anajli
did she see Khushi .. Suddenly Arnav realizes ... his mistakes.. he corrects by asking Anjali did she take her meds. He goes out ... Nani follows him...Nani tells Arnav, you dont have to worry
about Anjali I am with her. Nani tells Khushi has gone to Buaji early morning.. Don’t worry.
Arnav is angry...
Suddenly Arnav arrives and enters Madhumati's house sees Khushi praying.. He starts scolding Khushi. Ask her why she came there despite his warning.
Khushi is quiet...

Suddenly Mandhumati and family appears from behind and ask Arnav why is he
Scolding Khushi. I know Khushi came here without informing anyone, but how can she miss JALEBI from Bauji on her birthday...
Arnav is shocked----
Arnav at Khushi’s buaji house and finding out about Khushi’s birthday. He asks Khushi, is it your birthday today? Khushi doesn’t say anything but buaji says, you forgot her birthday? Khushi’s mother says it’s okay but buaji says how it is okay, he forgot her birthday and on top of that he came here and started yelling at her. Arnav has nothing to say to buaji. He asks Khushi why she didn’t tell him. Buaji says, why she would tell you? You should know it. Buaji says look at Khushi, how sad she is and then she says to forget all this and do ‘aarti’. Read full update only at Khushi does aarti and Arnav is looking at her. They both then touch buaji’s leg and take her blessings. Khushi’s mother says to her, doctor said there is a lot of improvement in her father’s health. Arnav tels Khushi, he didn’t know about her birthday and then buaji says she is going to prepare food till then Arnav can find ways how to make Khushi talk with him again. Arnav says he doesn’t want to eat but then says will eat.

Arnav tries to wish her and says ‘Ha.. Haa.. Ha’. Khushi understands it and says thank you but Arnav then says, ‘Happy Singh bahar mile the’ (He met Happy Singh outside) and he was asking for Khushi. He tries to talk with Khushi but Khushi leaves saying she has to help buaji.

Arnav is looking at mirror and says, ‘Arnav Singh Raizada’ what did you do. On the other side, buaji is ‘nazar-utaring’ of Khushi and Arnav sees that and smiles. Khushi picks up her bag and asks why buaji why she had to put so much food in there. Buaji says Khushi blames her ‘laddus’ in end and says why don’t you buy new bag? Arnav heards that and he calls someone (most probably to order a new bag). Buaji sees him and asks Khushi if he wished her. Khushi says no, Arnav is just like this, he never wishes anyone. Buaji asks her, really? Khushi says yes.

At Arnav’s house, Payal is making food. Manorama comes there and asks why so many dishes? Is there anything special today? Payal says nothing. Manorama keeps her busy and food gets burned. Manorama leaves.
Arnav is trying to talk with buaji but she also doesn’t talk with him now. Arnav then helps her in making table ready. Arnav says her if she doesn’t listen to him then how she will know what Arnav is trying to do. He tells her that for real he didn’t know anything and Khushi didn’t even tell him that she is coming here. Buaji says to him, instead of trying to talk with her go and patch up with Khushi. Arnav says that he will do but why are you ignoring me? Buaji then asks him, you don’t want me to ignore you? Arnav says of course.

Now they’re eating and Buaji gives him too many puris and other stuff and asks him to eat. Arnav has no other option but to eat. Arnav asks for water to Khushi. She gives him. Buaji gives him more puris. Arnav drops a spoon and both him and Khushi get down to pick it up. Arnav holds her hand and says, ‘Haa.. Haa’ Khushi says what, you want half puri more? She then says buaji to give him more puris. Arnav now says ‘Happy… Happy singh is in garage?’ More puris for him. Khushi is shocked. Buaji asks him for more puris, Arnav says ok but then buaji says leave now. She bothered him a lot already and he didn’t say a word. She says he won her heart and now how about Khushi.

At Arnav’s house, Manorama is yelling at Payal and asks her if she sees anything beside Khushi. She says jalebi and all that for Khushi and what about her son, ‘burned puris’?. Payal says she will make again but Manorama says you won’t be able to do and she calls Hariprasad. Payal says she is making all this because it’s Khushi’s.. But Manorama don’t let her talk and says learn to do your duties for this house as well now instead of thinking about Khushi only all the time. Aakash comes there and asks for his lunch. Manorama says him, you will have to adjust your lunch in dinner today. Payal says give her 5 minutes. Manorama says, when she finishes making jalebi and rabri for khushi then she will make. Aakash leaves from there. Payal goes behind him.

Back to Buaji’s house. Someone comes there and gives a gift box to Arnav. Arnav gives that to Khushi and says for you. He again tries to wish her but can’t wish her. Khushi opens the box and there is a new hand bag.

Gift box has Arnav’s manager’s name as he went to pick it up. Khushi says he cares about her so much. Arnav has expression like what the.. She calls his manager and thanks him and says she loved it. Arnav tries to tell her. Khushi tells manager but you bought it right and then she hangs up. She shows gift to buaji and her mother. Buaji says wah arnav bitiya but Khushi says manager gave her. Arnav takes Khushi on side and says he gave her this gift. Khushi asks you chose that? Arnav says no, he didn’t select it. Khushi says then you must have gone to buy it. Arnav says no. Khushi says then you must have told him from where to buy it. Arnav again says no. Khushi says then you must packed it. Arnav again says no. Khushi says then you gave me this gift?

Payal is asking Aakash to give her few minutes and she will make but Aakash says do you see anything beside Khushi? He says it’s not about lunch but it’s much more than that. Payal says she wanted to make something special for Khushi so when she comes back.. Aakash says exactly Khushi all the time. And he says if you stop being a sister for some time then you will be able to become bahu of this house and says her to at least give her same importance as Khushi. He then says he will order lunch from office and leaves..

Arnav says to buaji, he should leave now. He asks Khushi .. you?.. Khushi says you’re going to office right then she will stay here for while and then goes back to home. He says he’s going home. Khushi is making different reasons not to go with Arnav. She asks him to go and she will come herself. Arnav asks Khushi she will come home right? Khushi says does she have any other option? and she closes door.

Arnav tells Nani about Khushi’s birthday. Nani asks him why she didn’t tell anyone. She says after all that happened, may be Khushi didn’t want us to celebrate her birthday and says she is very understanding person. She tells to Arnav, good you stayed at buaji’s place to eat with them and then she asks him about gift and wish. But Arnav doesn’t say anything. She says she never saw him wishing anyone but will it be same for Khushi? Arnav doesn’t answer and leaves.

Arnav sees NK. NK sees Arnav searching for birthday surprises in his laptop and NK asks whose birthday it is? He checks his phone and says Khushi’s birthday and how can he forget. He then asks him really are you planning any surprise party for her? Arnav asks NK to leave him alone and says Khushi is upset with Arnav. NK says now he understands, Arnav forgot her birthday and that’s why Khushi is upset with him. He says not to worry and he will give Arnav ideas and Khushi won’t be angry anymore.

At buaji’s house, Khushi is saying she doesn’t this bag. Her mother says what are you saying? Arnav brought this with so much ‘pyaar’. Khushi says now with ‘pyaar’ but with ‘money’. Her mother says Arnav will get very happy if she goes back with this bag and says to her it’s getting late now and you should go back to your home.

Arnva says to NK so I should call Salman Khan and asks him to come and meet Khushi? NK says this is a great idea. Salman Khan is Khushi’s favorite actor. Arnav says him to keep his ideas to himself. NK then says him to buy a gift, cut cake, and wish Khushi happy birthday. Arnav says do we look kids to you? cut cake, sing a song and done? NK says pyaar always works on ladies. Some romance, some magic, and their anger will get cool just like that. Arnav says he has bought gift already.

Khushi is walking on road and complaining about bag and says only a simple wish would be enough but he couldn’t even do that much.

NK says to Arnav they should go on vacation. Arnav says he wants for today not a week later and says he will find out something himself. NK says if he wasn’t there then both brothers would still be unmarried. He says because him, Arnav met to khushi and now he is spending his whole life with her. Arnav says, ‘I know what to do’. NK asks what is it but Arnav doesn’t say him saying he’ll manage.

Khushi is buying more vegetables and puts everything in her bag and now she says good bag is big that all vegetables came in it.

Khushi back at Raizada house, Arnav opens the door and says, ‘Khushi mein mein’. Khushi says what. Arvan sees the bag and asks her what did she do. Arnav asks you put tomatoes in it? Khushi says, she used to put everything in her old bag and nothing happened to it for years and this bag it’s not even one day. Arnav asks for price of old bag. Khushi says 200 rupees. Arnav says OHH. Khushi says, you also found it expensive right? and then she asks him for price and Arnav says 2 lakhs. Khushi gets shocked and says bag is to keep stuff not entire home so why buy so expensive bag?

Arnav says you don’t like expensive things. Nani, NK, Payal come there. Nani has pooja’s thal in her hands. Khushi tells Payal, I told you not to tell right. Nani says she didn’t say anything, Arnav told her. She says she will just do her Aarti and wants to give her blessings so not to worry. She asks Arnav to take her bag. Nani does her Aarti then. Khushi takes out laddus from her bag and gives to everyone except Arnav.

Khushi asks for Anjali. Nani says she is in her room. Nani asks Arnav to wish Khushi and everyone else leaves keeping Khushi and Arnav alone. Arnav again stops at ‘Happyy’. He leaves from there. Khushi is disappointed and says he doesn’t know how to wish and gave this expensive bag and ‘me too, what did i do to this bag’.

Arnav stops her and says she can’t go inside. Khushi asks why. Arnav says you can’t go inside now. Khushi says she is going to buaji’s house then. Arnav stops and says he didn’t meant that. Khushi says him everytime you mean something else, do you even know what do you mean? Khushi leaves. NK comes and tells Arnav everything is done.

Someone rings the door and brings flowers. Anjali opens the door and takes it. She gets happy and reads the note which says, ‘I want to see smile back on your face’. She thinks about Shyam. Arnav comes there. She tells him look what Shyam sent to her. How pretty flowers are. Arnav says he ordered those. He says, ‘today it is..’ But before he finishes Anjali says, ‘for me’ and she gives hime a bug. Khushi is watching this.

Tomorrow On Forbidden Love :

 Precap: Anjali is telling Arnav that she likes red roses. Arnav looking at Khushi and saying he knows whose favorite those roses are.

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