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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Star Life Forbidden Love 15th July 2019 Monday Update " Khushi Asks Arnav's Help "

Star Life Forbidden Love 15th July 2019 Monday Update " Khushi Asks Arnav's Help ".

Star Life Forbidden Love 15th July 2019 Monday Update " Khushi Asks Arnav's Help ".

Episode starts with Arnav asking Khushi why she lied to him. Khushi tells him to leave all that and asks him how he dare to pay rent for her buaji’s house. She says what do you think, I can’t pay rent? Arnav says all this don’t matter. Khushi says it does matter and says she doesn’t want anything from Arnav. Arnav says her, you’re my wife, Buaji and this house also matter to me. Arnav then asks how you can lie to me. Khushi says she doesn’t need to tell him the reason and she starts walking. Arnav holds her hand and pulls her back and says you need to tell reason why you lied to everyone. Khushi says she had to lie otherwise Arnav wouldn’t let her come here. She apologizes for lying but she say that she needed some change. Arnav tells her that she could ask her once. Khushi then reminds him about what happened on her birthday when Arnav said her how dare she coming to Buaji’s house. Khushi asks him to go to home and says everything will be fine in 13 days.

Arnav asks 13 days? and tells her what is it that you’re still afraid of telling me? You know you can tell me. But Khushi says she should go now. Buaji must be worrying. They come outside of room and Arnav tells Buaji he’s going now. Buaji asks him if everything is fine. Arnav says ‘may be’ and leaves. Khushi goes to close door but Arnav is still there and tells her he is with her and asks her again what happened. Khushi says nothing and Arnav leaves.

At Raizada house, Anjali is saying, ‘Why don’t you understand? You think I can say anything wrong about you? No right?’ Manorama listens that. Anjali leaves from there then. Manorama looks around but she doesn’t see anyone. Manorama wonders with whom Anjali was talking and says she will have to find out. She says something is definitely wrong, Anjali behaving like this, miss calls but then she says she has just has detective habit and says everything is fine and goes to sleep.

Manorama can’t sleep and is scared and goes to Payal’s room. She says she thought Payal is alone and she might have got scared and takes her to her rom.

Payal is with Nani now. Nani says her Manorama is just like that, she always scares. Arnav comes there and ask them.. haven’t you slept yet? Nani asks him to sit with them. Nani says time goes so fast. Payal says yes and says in few days it will be 6 months after she got married. Arnav suddenly gets up and says he’s sleepy and leaves.

Arnav comes to his room and he remembers about his marriage contract with Khushi and realizes that’s why Khushi left.

At Buaji’s house, Khushi says 1 more day passed now just 12 days more then she won’t be Arnav’s wife anymore, just 12 days.

Arnav says he has 12 days to win Khushi’s heart again and then she will be Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada forever. He smiles and says ‘you think you’re smart right? but I am Arnav Singh Raizada and everything will be done the way I want’.

Khushi is dreaming that she has a ‘thaal’ on her head and Arnav putting money in it. Khushi says she will pay him everything back. Arnav says someone said same thing before. She suddenly wakes up and says morning’s dream, what if it becomes true. Khushi’s mother and dad are back.. she goes to them and give them a hug. She says Bauji seems happy and his health is also better. Her mother asks her why are you here and is Arnav here as well? Buaji comes there and says she still hasn’t answered her. Someone rings the door and Khushi goes to open the door.

It’s Shukla ji but Khushi lies to her family. She takes him outside and he asks her when are you paying rent? Khushi says what.. and says my husband already gave you money. Shukla ji says he gave but took it back. He gives 24 hours else they will have to leave their house. He leaves..

At Raizada house, someone calls. Manorama picks up but no one says anything. They get call again and again no one says anything. Manorama says she will have to start her detective-giri. Nani asks her who was it? Manorama says may be it was for you and they didn’t say anything as I picked up. Nani tells her to be careful what she says .. Manorama then changes the topic and tells her about Anjali. Nani says she will talk with her right away but Anjali has gone to hospital. Nani wonders how come she went alone and she calls her. She asks Anjali how did she go without her. Anjali says her appointent was in early morning and she didn’t want to disturb anyone. Nani says she’s coming there but Anjali says no need to come.

Khushi goes to Arnav’s office and asks him how he can do like this. She asks what has happened to him and why is he doing like this? Arnav ignores her and keeps talking on phone. Khushi snatches phone and tells him to listen to her now. She asks him why he stopped cheque. Arnav tells her, you had problem when I gave money and now when I took money back, you still have problem. You amaze me.

Khushi says she got mad because she didn’t want any favor from him and says she was going to return money anyhow. She says Shukla ji just gave her 24 hours and if she doesn’t pay then they will have to leave their house. Arnav says, ‘Oh really, so now you want help from me?’ Khushi says no thanks, I will manage myself and she starts walking. Arnav says he heard this line before as well and Khushi stops. He says why does he feel Khushi will come back to him for help. Khushi says NEVER and leaves. Arnav says in his mind, do anything but in end you will have to come to me only and that too before contract ends.

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