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Monday, 9 January 2017

"Raman-ishita Doctor ke Pass" Saas Bahu aur betiya 9th January Video+Wu

WrittenBy  Rarukaru

here they showed raman and ishita were sitting outside the doctor's cabin and seeing pihu

In other scene Ishita was in the cabin and pihu was drawing something she drew painting of a man and colour him with red colour counsellor said aapko is colour se kya pata chalta h 
Pihu got scared and ran towards ishita and 

hugged her Ishita was consoling her but pihu was crying and ishra were so worried 

In other scene 
Adi aliya were trying to bring mani and shagun close
They both book a resort for shagmani and aliya was trying to send mani with shagun but mani denied then aliya blackmails mani emotionally mani said ok i will go but on one condition u both will come with us but adi and aliya mana kar dete h
Shagun was seeing all this she got angry jab mani waha se jata h shagun bahar aakar adi aliya ko dhamkati h
Shesaid ok tum mat chalo main tum dono ke break up ki baat bhallas aur mani ko bata deti hu phir tum apne aap situation sambhalte rehna

Basically now shagun knows about adi aliya break up and she is using it to save her relationship with mani 

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