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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd September 2016 Episode 904 Written Updates


ishra scenes and their ishaaro mein baat Embarrassed
Ru in mini jkr form LOL

Ishra are happy and talking. 

Shagun talking to pihu.
Ru band bajoies Shagun LOL as she tells to stop troubling Ishra and and saying wrong things to pihu.

Ishita motivating Raman and gives confidence to him.
He tells her not to leave his side.

Mihika is thinking and Sanchi calls and Mihika shouts at her.
Romi comes and snatches the phone. 
Sanchi blames herself.

Pihu makes Raman wear gloves as they continue cooking.

Shagun says Raman can never win this competition.

A lady injures her hand and tells Ishita to take part instead.
Ishita goes and Raman is happy seeing her.
Shagun wonders what's happening.

Sanchi calls romi.
Mihika and Romi are talking as she is about to leave with her bags.
Mr.Bhalla comes and asks what happened.
Mihika tells she is going to iyers for some time.

Ishita and Raman talking through gestures.
The family is happy while Shagun looks on irritatedly.

Ru purposely says something loudly to taunt shagun.

Mihir and Aliya are in the car.
The car's tyre gets punctured.

The judge is tasting the dishes. 

Some goons attack Mihir and one of them tries to harass Aliya as Mihir tries to save her,he gets stabbed.
Aliya beats them.

The results are announced and Raman's name is not announced.
Pihu is sad.
Shagun is smiling at this.

The principal then comes and announced a special award for a mom who didn't give up...Raman
The family is overjoyed and so is Ishita. 
Pihu is very happy. 
Shagun is shocked LOL
Raman gets the trophy and then gives it to pihu.

Precap...Aliya calls Ishita and tells mihir has been attacked.

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