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Friday, 2 September 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd September 2016 Episode 903 Written Updates

CREDIT -Traveller_girl
Ishra at the clinic and Ishita while tending his wound scene Embarrassed words...seriously...

Ep begins with Ishita taking shagun 
Shagun denying.
Pihu tells to relax 
Puttar is all happy and smiling while jkr is in action

When shagun leaves ishita tells raman that she won't be able to speak for a while.
He tells can't it be permanent.

Romi is in the room.
Mihika confronts him but he goes off.

Shagun notices Adi and Aliya to and then talks with them.
While leaving she wonders as Adi loves Aliya but she loves Mihir. 

She talks to nidhi and they start planning.

Raman cooking in the kitchen as Ishita guides him but then he tells her to go.
She looks over and talks to toshiji as he ruins the dish LOL
(Most of their dialogues muted with bg music playing Confused)

Mihir calls adi and tells about a client meeting outside Delhi 
Adi tells about Raman's cooking competition and Mihir says to stay there for his support.
Aliya and Mihir go.

Aliya tells the same to shagun.

The competition begins and RaPi cooking.
Raman hurts himself and the family goes to him but Ishita stops herself. 

Pihu says to find some doctor and then goes to ishita and tells her to come and pulls her along.
Raman is in pain but smiles this.
Ishita goes there.

Ishita is applying ointment and Raman is smiling.
Ishita asks why you are smiling.
Both are happy that Pihu came and took Ishita. 

Ishita is happy and Raman also smiles.
The way he was looking at her Day Dreaming

Precap...Some goons stab Mihir and Aliya hits one of them with a stone. 
Shagun smiles and thinks that Raman's work in all this was of no use and how pihu will make him understand that her mumma should have participated.

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