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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st September 2016 Episode 902 Written Update Must Watch This Episode

Must watch episode 

Ishra Date Embarrassed
Beech beech mein Raman ke oneliners LOL

Ep begins with Ishita standing and the door opens.
She goes out to check and then enters Dr.Batra's clinic.
Rose petals shower on her...

Raman closes her eyes and surprises her.
She gets scared and sees Raman and then playfully hits him.
She hugs him.

Mihika and Vandu talk over coffee.
Mihika tells her problems in the name of her friend's problems.
Vandu tells to keep a check on him and see a divorce lawyer.

Ishra sit and they talk.
Raman tells about Adi falling in love with aliya.
Ishita is all lost.

Some men come over at Sanchi's house and tell her to leave the house saying they are getting complaints from the neighbors.

Ishita is lost and the juice spills.
They clean the place. 

Romi comes and defends Sanchi and tells that I am her fiance.

Ishita takes another packet to eat.
They feed each other. 

Shagun gifts a doll to Pihu.
She asks where raman is and comes to know he is in a clinging
She calls the clinic and Raman picks the phone.
She gets angry and thinks to go there with Pihu. 

Aliya overhears and tells to adi who is happy that Ishra are on a date but worries why shagun is going there.
He calls them and Raman decides to hide but then they get shocked to her about shagun coming.

The men are talking about romi and the fiance thing and Mihika overhears and is shocked.

Ishra clearing things and shagun comes. 
Raman hides and Ishita goes out putting her coat.
Raman hopes that Ishita teaches her a good lesson.
She pushes open the door and shagun is there.
Shagun wants to go inside but Ishita pulls her along to her cabin.

Precap...Ishita says I have to give you this injection.
Pihu tells shagun to be strong. 

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