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Monday, 19 September 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2016 Episode 920 Video and Written update

Written Update Credit Sri101 All thanx to her

Itz such a heart wrenching episode divan Abhishek Aditi jst nailed it with their acting today 
So episode strts with ishita crying and remescing d court judgment mani was trying to hide from ishita and wants to avoid d confrontation but ishita stopped him and asked Tum mere dost
Ho na ya Phir tha and asked how could he do dat and mani ki Asli rang bahar agaye he did it jst to take revenge from ishita as she took adi'/ side in acid attack and even now aalia is with Aadi and he clearly said he did this for his so called wife letz see kab tak aisa hi rahega and as he said yes ishita has learnt a lesson for life today because of him and I really wish ishita never forgives mani for this betrayal he have seen her pain through out. It atlast kya kiya vusne?? Bhagvan Kare aisi dost kisiko a mile 

Ruhi was trying hard to tell Pihu d truth but shagun stopped her and den took Ruhi away from there and den Ishraru huh it was sooo emotional everyone is broken and den Ruhi went to convince her to once come home and Shagun ka diologue Pihu ko purane cheese aur rishton ki jaroorat Nahi hein hail this women agar aisi seekh deke achi banegi Shagun toh Shagun jaisi maa kisiko naa mile and she was behaving arrogant lekin mani ke aate hi rang Badal di apni and agreed to go home 

Everyone was broken loved neelu today she was always behind Pihu saying Pihu baby yeh voh even she was broken today shows how d bonds are and Wat Shagun is and Pihu ko aisa Lagta hein jaise voh koi picnic pe jaa Rahi hein and everything is gng to be normal like before Sirf yeh change hein ki she is gng to stay at a diff place with her mother but she will meet everyone she doesn't knw d truth at and d way she was talking today is so diff she isn't afraid of Aadi today y?? Ek din Mein aisa kya change hogaya?? Ya Phir pechle din ka sab natak tha joh vuski Shagun mumma ne kaha aur isne kiya??? Datz really bad and Shagun again ignited fire saying Raman can't leave ishita even for Pihu bloody b***** aur koi kaam aata Nahi 

Ishrarudi scene Raman was soo broken he was like 7 saal Mein ne Sirf Vuske lite kiya tha. Arms Mein mar jaata Tum Mujhe chod ke chali gayi thi and he broke down saying how much Pihu matters to her and was cursing himself for loosing Pihu and ishita supported him dat he did everything he could do and consoled him and he told he wanted to give her d happiness their kid but kya hogaya and den ishita'/ pain dat she couldn't even hug Pihu to her heart's content not wen she was a baby and not even now sooo much pain and Adi thinking how much Raman loves Pihu and knows everything abt her itz sooo heart breaking to see them like dat and everyone nailed it kp was soo red in dat intense scene reminded me of post leap breakdown wen Ruhi told she will leave he was d same today and now they are determined to win Pihu back 

Shagun ko shopping ke alava kuch soojtha hi Nahi vusne 3 baar bola Aaj ke episode Mein Pihu ham shopping chelte hein Vuske alava vuse Kuch bhi soojta hein ya Phir Vuske zindagi Mein shopping ke alava koi kaam hi Nahi hein??? And she was saying Pihu to call mani as papa I jst wanted to slap her hard but Thnk God Pihu Mein itni Akal Toh hein ki vusne kaha ki mere papa hein Mein mani uncle ko papa Nahi bolungi and Thnk God mani Mein itni Akal hein ki he didn't want Pihu to call him papa and yes mani deserves Shagun dono Ek saath ache hein back stabbers

Precap Shagun strted playing her dirty games and creating drama infront of Pihu dat sab log vuse bhool Gaye and all hope Pihu doesn't fall in her trap and am glad Raman went to scul to meet her and she saw how Shagun behaved with her own eyes hope Dey doesn't drag this disgusting drama more 

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