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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September Episode 917 Video and Written update



Raman is talking to the lawyer
This creature is not even bothered when the lawyer says...that she can keep Pihu in courts custody...Pihu is staying back for now.

Shagun following ashok's foot steps...calls the media
Ishu advises Raman to seek the help of the law...Raman says..that Shagun has her family now...Ishu is confident that mani will never side wrong doings...when Raman asks if she can confirm..she's hesitant a she's unsure herself..but decides to talk to him..she asks Raman to stay back and adi and Pihu need him...and mani is her friend..
Aaliya is back home...asks her to take care of herself...both miss each other..
Mani is not happy seeing Ishu there...he's not interested to talk about adi...and she starts talking about Pihu...mani is unaware of pihu's custody...Shagun interrupts ...she does not allow her to even proceed...shagu starts off and Ishu is tired of her talk and shuts her off...and is confident that Pihu will come to her. Shagun mocks her confidence and her relationship with mani...Shagun diverts the topic seeing mani...Shagun manipulation starts.
As the cop comes in Shagun starts again ..mani sides with his wifey...
"Mein such ke saath dena  chathi hoon" ROFL...roflmao...and blah blah blah...
There are constant interruptions...
Aadi calls aaliya...mani listens to their convo..on speaker phone...everybody listens to it..adi hurt as Aali disconnects the call...Mani blows his steam...loved the face off...And Ishu gives him a earful and leaves...
She's in a fix...she's now worried about Raman, as to what to tell him...

Ishra scene

Raman is pacing back and forth and as soon as Ishita enters he enquirers about Aalia and is relieved for her.
Ishu says mani is not listening to her ..he's panicking ..Ishu says...Shagun needs mani's support to gain custody...she says maybe mani will not side...they show fb

Actually Ishu is in the car and mani follows her to talk to her...
She thanks him for giving her a chance...she tells him about pihu's custody...she's worried about Pihu and Shagun and feels Shagun is not right for Pihu...she says her biggest mistake was getting him married to Shagun..."she's your wife, i know that, but Shagun is a bad influence on Pihu"...she tells him that shes confident that he won't side with her..also understand maybe after living with him Shagun might change...( is this why mani decides to side with Shagun?...if yes..he's aware of Shagun being black or grey?)... At that time I felt he was unsure but at the same time cannot brush it off either, asks him not to confuse adi and Pihu. But if he has changed his mind overnight..definitely something has happened.
Ishu tells Raman..that mani is very disturbed with Aliya, he's level headed. She's confident...oh boy she's in for  a rude awakening.

Court scene

Raman is tensed...Ishu tells him..he's seen me in its worst,..when I was unable to conceive, he's  seen every phase of me I'm confident ...
Enter toshiji, bhallaji  with ruhi and Pihu..
"She hates me...she really hates me"... She has no hopes that kid will ever love her...the reality...she's very much hurt...Raman says " it's nothing like that"... Ruhi consoles her Ishu's answer " yes but my daughter loved me back then..not hate me"... Ruhi says " Pihu doesn't see what I see in you...she will soon see you for who you are, she will know how you tried tom save her".. To this Ishu says " no I don't want her to know that..what will she feel that her mom .. Shagun is behind all this...she will be devastated..."... I liked that line...and the duo console her as this is the beauty she's blessed with.

Raman is shocked and angry to see Shagun ...
And Shagun debued another it a bib or a poncho ...can we say ...biibcho.?WinkLOLROFL
She's over confident...Raman feels she's upto something..Ishu says .her tricks will not work here, mani is not there...she reminds  him  of ruhis case.

Raman says Ruhi was kidnapped 7 years back and Ishu felt guilty that it was Coz of her and left...and tells the judge that Shagun is just a surrogate mother...Shagun says that she can prove ages legally pihu's mom..Raman is wondering what it could be..Ishu is confused...

Ishra scene was good
Both were amazing in their expressions..
Raman will never realize...his venomous words was the reason why Ishu left.
I feel it's better if Pihu lives with Shagun..she has more of shaguns traits than Ishra put together. In fact let her be her daughter happiness matters...if she's happy being with her Shagun be it.
It is clear...she's not attached to her family..even her dad for that matter.
People can't with Pihu as is...then we see pihu's unacceptable behavior, dialogues.
In spite of people being fed up of negative tracks, yhm still shows them.
In spite of people rejecting tracks and voicing what they really want to's have  no intention of showing any positive tracks and any improvement in story line.
Yes we need
drama...but it can be shown in other ways too..looks like  cv's have their own formula and will follow that no matter what.
Overall ok


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