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Friday, 16 September 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th September 2016 Episode 916 Video and Written updates


Short Review 

Ruhi Made Adi understand that He ddnt Attacked Aliya and she try to realize him that How much he cared for Her 
Ishita console him and Said Its not matter How much u drunked You
cant do anything Like this 
He hugged her 

Ishita and raman in thier room

Scene Shifted where Pihu is going to Thier room and Adi saw her and Stopped her so wont see both together and He try to distract her by asking her to eat ice cream but he count find find ice cream So he pure Juice and gave her glass But She throw glass and And Said Please DOnt attcak on me Hera this Adi shocked and run to his room Ishita saw this and then Raman too came he Aked what happen 

Ishita said You go to pihu Room and She runs to adi's room

Scene Shifted Where Ruhi try to Console pihu

Here Shagun comes and said She came here For pihu's custody So many argument and Raman shouted on Shagun Pihu saw this and Shouted on raman and said Dont talk to My mom like this and She said Shw dnt wanna live here 

Ruhi took her to room forcly she throw things and try to mess up room ruhi promised her that she will take her to meet Shagun tommrow And she agrreed 

Next Day pihu made a huge Fuss over this and try to run away from home Raman made her stop and in anger He About to slap her just then Sahgun comes with judge and She said to judge thats Why i want pihu's custody you saw yourself and Judge scold Raman 


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