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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th August Episode 900 Written updates

Written Update Credit Traveller_girl

Ishra scenes Embarrassed
Ep begins with Aliya being sad.
She calls adi who is very happy getting her call and they decide to meet and have dinner.

RaPi at restaurant and Ishita comes.

Ishra smile at each other and share a cheers from afar.

Adi and Aliya and then Mihir come. 

Mihir has the headphones which Aliya gave and she smiles.

Ishita is little worried when she sees this and takes their leave. 

At home Raman apologises for the failed date and Ishita says it's ok.

BPB Embarrassed
So small it was Sleepy

Pihu doesn't want to go to school and tells raman to sign the papers so she can work in ads and earn and stay independantly.

Shagun and nidhi scene.

Pihu says today you have to choose between me and Ishita aunty.

Shagun comes and tells she will sign the papers but Ishita snatches them away and tells i will leave the house.

Raman gets angry but toshiji and Ru try to calm himself down.

Ishita is packing her stuff and Raman says why it happens with us only.
Emotional scene Embarrassed
They hug.

Precap...Ishita is leaving the house.
Adi wants to go to ishita but Pihu stops him.

Shagun...absolutely no words...she disgusts me.
Pihu...Why can't the cvs tone it down...
Feel really bad for RD.

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