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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th August 2016 EPISODE 897 Written Updates "ISHRA Hi ISHRA"


 Episode strts with ishita giving lecture to Singhal and den all d ladies of d house too lecture him and gusse Mein aake he throws a challenge on ishita and den Raman increases d intrest rate and penalty and says ishita to take d decision and he will stand with her and ishita accepts d challenge 
Singhal is very angry with d way ishita and Bhalla family ladies treated him and wants to take revenge Nidhi says challenge accept Karna aur Poora Karna do alag baath hein but Ashok says I knw ishita very well jkr hein kuch bhi kar Legi and den Nidhi says we can twist d challenge and smirks 

Ishita thanks Raman but Raman doesn't listen to her and busy
with his work den Mihir Getz a mail abt singhal's clauses and calls ishita and he asks to keep d mobile on speaker and he tells dat he wants 50% growth in d project and also report shld be ready in next 12 hrs ishita panicks but Raman tells dat itz not impossible and they can do it ishita says agar aap saath hein toh we will but Raman says I am not with u in this I too have too convince pta members for d competition u shld do this u have Mihir Adi and Aliya with u and u can do it and she agrees and Mihir says he will come there and Dey will strt d work 

Raman was worried abt ishita's project and also his speech den toshiji comes and says abt how Raman cried on his frst day of Scul and didn't want to go and how she went leaving him in d Scul for his future and Ruhi listening to all this den she says at d end of d frst day how Raman was all smiles and making everyone smile with his antics and den Ruhi says Mein hu na papa I will help u in ur speech Raman says to toshiji dat Ruhi kitni badi hogayi hein and all den Ruhi says we will add something to ur speech it was such a cute scene loved it totally 

Shaguniya made pasta and thinking how I miss Pihu and all she calls Pihu and tells abt pasta and says no one can seperate her from Pihu and Pihu too saying I want to come to u and all and den on d table Aliya praising Mihir dat how he handles everything and all to mani Shagun listens all this and says to Aliya dat she shld gft something to Mihir as a token of appreciation 

Bhalla house everyone is having dinner Pihu comes and tells yeh kya sabzi hein I Dnt want to eat dat and throws a tantrum and asks for pasta toshiji tells she will make but Raman denies it and tries to convivzce Pihu sweetly but she doesn't listen and Simmi and mihika tries to make it but Raman denies dem and says Pihu to eat wen she tries to go away from there he scolds Pihu and sternly tells her to complete d food on her plate Raman played a wonderful role as mom in this scene everyone left and den Ruhi and Raman watching Pihu secretly and she eats he made Pihu eat dat and disciplined her loved this stern side of Raman too he was bang on as a dad

Ishita Mihir and Adi trying to do dat project work Mihir says he has a plan and shows dat Adi gets a call and goes from there it was Alia and asks abt wat she shld gft to a boy ishita listenes their talk and smiles dat Aliya and Adi and den Raman comes with coffee and spills dat on those papers and Mihir says he did it purposefully even ishita agrees and says dat iska matlab he finds fault in dat and itz not upto d mark and Dey decide to make it again and Raman thinks dat glad ishita understood his hint and doing it again and goes from there 

Precap ishita motivating Raman abt wat he must talk to d pta members and he shld talk from his heart dat how much he loves Pihu and all she is encouraging him it was a cute Ishra scene

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