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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd August 2016 Episode 893 Written Updates and Video


Episode begins with Simmi tying Rakhi to romi.
Then to Raman,Ishita and Mihika are giggling and Raman asks what happened.
Afterwards the ladies come and don't want to tie the rakhi bit then Toshiji threatens them of telling their husband and they tie.

Ishita says happy and Raman is sad.
He tells that to see you jealous like this I can make many women tie rakhi Embarrassed

Adi doesn't want to come out of his room if incase Aliya ties rakhi.
Raman tells not to worry and that he will and let it.

Pihu and Ruhi come and then tie rakhi.
Raman has bought cosmetics for ishita and Pihu gives it to Adi and all laugh.
Raman tells about it all being for ishita and Pihu is angry saying you bought gift for ishita aunty and forgot mine.
She goes 

Raman goes behind her and tells i am sorry.
Ru tells why you are sad and tells that gift I told to bring for Ishima and it's from my side not his.
Pihu tells i want one more thing...all tensed.
She tells Raman I want chocolate chip cookies.
Ru pihu and Raman decide to go for a movie

Shagun is waiting for Mihir and notices whenever Aliya talks about him her face lightens up.
She ties Mihir rakhi and tells him to take her along to the Bhalla house as Ru invited her. 
She thinks that Aliya likes Mihir and in future it will be good for her. 

Toshiji is worried and tells Ishita that Pihu should know about you being her real mother 
Ishita tells not to worry as Ru is handling everything so well.

Sanchi comes and tells that she is Ishita's lecturer and cane to give notes as Ishita joined launched.

Romi thinks to meet Sanchi as she is cutting his calls.

Mihika asks to tell if anything is there.
they talk and he then goes for his meeting.

Outside romi sees Sanchi who is shocked and then sees Mihika who says hi.

Precap...Ishra talking to each other.
She tells him that Aliya loves someone  (she doesn't tell the name)

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