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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Ishra SS : Suppressed Desire Part 2


Raman hastily finished his remaining work by ten just to go to his private
suit and fulfill his needs from the very girl who was ogling at him in
the board meeting. Finishing off his work, he reached at his private
suit taking out his black colored coat, carelessly threw it on the
couch. He was tired, he goes to bar-tended area to pour a drink for
himself. He sat on the chair opposite to bar-tended area, thinking about
his college days where he used to force by the guys to drink a glass or
two of alcohol, they bully him that time he was not capable to protect
himself as he was a simple guy,not into fighting much. This suit where
he often use to come when he wanted one night stands. Yes the true
reason of his doing one night stands is Ishita. She made him like this,
in fact he was never interested in having sex like things but after
Ishita came into his life he diction that he's missing out something
Pleasurable that can only be fulfil by Ishita, no one can ever fulfil
it. Ishita! That girl why she can fulfil his needs as there are many
beautiful girls who are willing to do anything for me, thought Raman.
Somewhere in the corner of his heart he knew the answer of his question,
but he refrained from acknowledging it. Meanwhile he was thinking about
Ishita, he heard a knock on his private suit's door, he knew it was the
lady from meeting. He stood up walked to his room opened the door, where
he sees that girl wearing a seductive halter neck dress, much to his
surprised she  failed to awoke a desire in him in fact from the time he
started all this everyone was miserably failed. He sighed, welcoming her
in. She confidently let herself in, looking towards the cozy interior
made shiver run down to her spine. Opposite to her there was a huge
window which were showing the marine drive. Coming out from her
astonishment, she looked backwards where Raman was standing holding up a
drink in his hand, she moved towards him. She sensuously touched his
torso, she could see that his shirt was clinging to him making an
outline to his chest, she slowly kissed his collar bone kissing the
hairs on his chest which was visible due to undone of first three
buttons of his shirt, as she gently took his arm around her waist making
him hold her tight. Throughout time Raman was having blank expressions.
The lady was watching from a while, ignoring it for some reasons, but
now she was pissing off due to his blank behavior towards her, Jerking
him a little bit, she spoke in a bitchy voice "Are you insane, here I'm
seducing you and you having no effects" Raman was shaking his head with
apologetic face "I'm sorry, my mind was somewhere else" came a gentle
reply from him. The lady bring him closer to him ask him "are you
thinking about someone else rather than me" Raman didn't bother to reply
her, she continued "I think you had a heart break. Who is she? What she
did? Did you were not worthy for her? Did she..." Before she could say
more Raman kissed her angrily making her shut her mouth, he immediately
opens the zipper of her dress falling the satin material to the ground,
and he angrily pushed her towards the bed, making her fall on the bouncy
bed. He in no time ripped apart his shirt, unbuckling his belt, as going
to punish her for what she said, he furiously attacked her body to make
her regret her words.

Next morning was drastic for him as his head was spinning like a ball.
Raman turn towards the other side to see the lady from last night in his
bed, the satin sheet barely covering her upper body. He gets up only to
order a lemon juice for him, that was best for his last night hangover.
He looked outside from the window, viewing a sunny day as he heard a
moaning sound from the lady.
She looked towards Raman, staring him like a hawk as she sees him only in
his boxers, his torso was tanned along with the dark jet black hair on
his chest, making him look like a Greek God. He gently approached her
"Eh, I'm sorry for the last night, I was not gentle with you" She smile
at him, making him feel better, replied to his apology "it's okay, in
fact that was the only way to do a 'make-out session' with you" He
laughed at her cunning thoughts asking her in hearty tone "what would
you like to have in breakfast?" She warmly told him that she isn't going
to do the breakfast with him as she is running late to somewhere, He
knowingly nodded making her heart flatter.

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