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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Ishra SS : A Simple Wish Part 2

 Recap :

As she opened the door she saw a silhouette of a man standing in front of her. He was holding something in his right hand and took out a lighter from his left pocket and lighted the candle. 
As he lighted the candle the radiance fell on the object and on the man’s face. She was surprised to see Raman who was holding a chocolate cake. 


Ishita was stunned to see Raman there “Sir you” Raman started looking here and there and asked “yaha Sir kaun hai main Raman hu tumhara dost Raman (Who is sir here,Here i am you friend Raman)!!” Ishita smiled at this.  “Ab main bahar he kahara rahu yeh you will call me inside”(Now do i have stand here or you will call me inside) Raman asked mocking Ishita. 

She opened the door fully and invited Raman to come in. He placed the cake on the dining table and indicated Ishita to sit. She obediently followed and sat on the chair next to Raman. 

He pushed the cake towards her “Chalo make a wish and blow the candles cut the cake I am dying to eat.” Ishita was happy to see the child like joy on Raman’s face she quickly closed her eyes, made a wish and cut the cake. She took the piece to feed Raman but he took the cake and fed her first instead. Eating a bit she took and fed Raman he ate the whole in one go. 

While he was still munching the cake Raman indicated ‘wait I have something else for you’. He fished his jacket pocket and took out a box. It was neatly wrapped with red glossy paper with sweet bow and a tag ‘To my friend from a friend’.

Ishita unwrapped the gift slowly and opened the box. She had tears in her eyes seeing the gift and glanced at Raman. “Hope you will like it” Ishita was finding it difficult to say anything with so much joy and happiness Raman brought to her on this very day. 

“I love it Raman it’s the most precious gift of all.” She again looked at the gift it was a harmonica, red in color with silver borders and ‘Happy 25th Birthday’ was engraved on it. She took it out and gave it to Raman “will you play it for me?”  

Raman wiped his face and had with his handkerchief and took the harmonica “Sure why not anything for the birthday girl.” He put the instrument to his mouth and funny noises were coming for the instrument as he blew it. Ishita could not stop laughing at this she buried her face in her palm and kept laughing. 

Only after few seconds she removed her hands amazed listening to the music. She was gazing at Raman his eyes were closed and he was playing birthday tune on the instrument with ease. After playing he opened his eyes to see tears flowing from Ishita’s eyes. “Arrey yaar Ishita kitna rooti ho. Cake lia usme roya, cake khelaya usme roya, Gift dia usme roya aur ab instrument play kia usme rorahi ho itna bura tha kya”(Hey much you cry..On Cake cutting Time,Cake feeding,gift,and now when i am playing instrument you are crying is that bad Am i ???
 “No Raman it was just amazing. 

It just that I am very happy today so many happiness in short span of time is it a dream?” “No Ishita its not a dream u deserve all the happiness of the world now wipe off you tears and give me a nice smile”. She followed what Raman said. 

Raman looked at his Rolex and said it’s getting late I should leave now and Happy Birthday again” “Wait atleast have a cup of coffee.” “May be sometime later” He stood up and walked towards the door, Ishita followed him and thought ‘Raman you filled the void that was there in my life after the faithful mishap.’ They exchanged farewell. 

Raman reached his car and spontaneously looked up and he saw Ishita waiting there she waved at him and he smiled and waved back. He then took the wheels and made his way out of the building compound. While driving flashes of Ishita laughing while he was playing the harmonica came infront of him and his lips turned into a smile.


New year was very fruitful for both of them. Bhalla industries cracked many deals while Ishita was promoted to a new post. Their bonding as friend was getting stronger. Raman was pacing up and down in his cabin talking to his attorney and from the cabin he could clearly se Ishita’s cubicle. 

She was looking for something. She checked her desk, picked up the files, looked under the take. Raman was observing all this and when his call finished she was still looking for the thing. Raman disconnected his call and messaged Ishita “Dear I think what you are looking for is tugged in your hair” 

 Ishita’s cell beeped and she read the message and immediately her hands went up to her hair she found her pen which she as used as pin a few minutes later. As she removed the pen her hair came down as waterfalls, silky and smooth. Raman was about to walk up to his desk but was rooted to the ground looking at the blissful scene. He could not take his eyes off her. 

Ishita smiled thinking how Raman knew what she was looking, she took her cell and replied ‘Thankyou’ to Raman.

Everyone was busy in Bhalla Industries, two days later there was a big meeting and if Bhalla Industries was successful in bagging this it would touch the sky of success. 

Raman did not want any stone to be unturned. He made everybody work around the clock. Day before the presentation everyone left only Raman and Ishita were in the office discussing on the budget plan of the project. It was almost 10:30 at night

 Raman requested Ishita “lets go I will drop you home its quite late” But before Ishita could protest Raman stopped her and mockingly said “ab tum kahogi iski kay zarurat hai (Now you will say I can manage )you will have trouble etc etc” Ishita smiled and playing safe she replied “I was not going to say that I was about to say will you have coffee with me at my home.” Both had a hearty laughter at this.

After arranging all for the big day they both made their way towards the lift. They entered the lift and both at the same time went pressed the ground floor button. Ishita withdrew her hand and allowed Raman to do it. Something struck Raman and he shouted “Ouch” Ishita was taken aback by this “what happen Raman you fine” Raman scowled “actually my arm hurts. Somebody in this very lift once hold my arm so tightly that I could not feel it for a day.” 

Ishita exactly knew what he was talking about started hitting him “How mean of you I was scared then” and stood facing the other side with her arms crossed.  

Raman giggled and turning her towards him gave her a side hug and hold his ears with his other hand “I am sorry but what to do you did hold my arms too tightly that time” While they both came out of the lift Ishita was still hi Raman’s arm. They got into the car and drove to Ishita’s apartment. 

The drive was silent none spoke. As the car stopped Ishita got down told soft bye and started walking. Raman shouted seated in his car “Ishita!!! wont you invite me for Coffee.” He had a naughty grin on his face. Ishita bit her tongue and made a puppy face “oh I forget. And sure why not you are most invited Raman.” Raman was enjoying his prank “gotach. I was just joking will sure have some day later” they both waved bye to each other and Raman drove towards his home.

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