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Saturday, 2 January 2016

ISHRA SS : Dilwale Part 1


"Ohh God "

 She slips and falls on ground

"Are you blind ????" Raman too falls on ground when he collides with Ishita.....both falls on ground...

He gets up from ground and dusting his hands and clothes without looking at her he says to Ishita " Andhi ho kya Dekh ke chala karo, mere Sab kapde kharab kar diya Mujhe ab ese Class attend Karni padegi "
(Are you blind please see and walk you have screwed  my clothes Now i have to attend class like this )

Still on ground She hesitantly replies him " Haa Andhi hoon aur mujhe maaf kar dena meri wajah se Apke Kapde Kharab ho gaye " ( yes i am blind and i am sorry because of  me your clothes screwed )

Raman with open mouth looks at her Still on ground she is searching Something his eyes falls on the Stick behind her...ohh God She is actually  BLIND  and what fool i am...he walks to her to help her but before he reaches She somehow find her stick and gets up on her feet her face still behind her hair...She is struggling with them tugging them (her face still invisible to Raman because of hair )

Cold wind strikes her face her hairs blow in Air She turns her face in other direction

Raman looks at her with open mouth  A divine beauty with with her dark black hair that looked like night’s sky her innocent face showing the lil disappointment her White lagging and Blue Kurti fitted to her perfect with White stall around her neck flowing in Air with her hairs how can God be so cruel He gave an angelic face to this woman but she dont have eyes to see own beauty he thinks

khuda ne jab tujhe banaya hoga,
to ek nasha sa chaya hoga,
jannat mein tujhe dalne se pehle,
mera khayal to aaya hoga

he thinks and in his thoughts he automatically find himself in front of her saying "may i " and next he finds himself tugging her hairs behind her eyes and her reply "thanks"

Next he finds himself apologising on his behaviour...She is saying "its ok"

Next  he is escorting her upto library....

"Library"  "But you" He blurts and bite his tongue

There is language invented Called "Brail" She replies innocently

"Ohh Yes And i am sorry Again" he says

"No its okay no need to apologies Its not your fault " She says he feels sadness in her voice

"it is actually i have ruined your mood what can i do for you " he says and before She reply He adds " Please don't say No at least this will reduce my guilt please "

"okay .....hmmmm Today is Auto strike So can you please Drop me near Zaveri Bazar ???? She replies

"Anytime Ma'am" he replies back

and both laughs

They reach Library

Here we are at the Library  He says And She bid bye to him...okay will meet you here after 1 hour says he turns and walk ...suddenly he turns and calls her

and walks back to her

Excuse me ....

She turns "yes"

He extends his hand My name is Raman Bhalla

She extends her hand upto his and shakes with his "Mine is Ishita " this amaze him and he blurts again "how do you know that i offered my hand "

"i can sense Mr. Raman we blind people have God gift of Sense" "just like right Now you have sweat drops on your forehead " She replies and turns back and enters in Library

Still his hand in Air stuns with her replies he watch himself and laugh looking his hand in Air he takes back his hand and automatically his hands reach his forehead he wipes sweat and leave 


1 hour later

She is coming outside with walking stick in hand

He reaches her " hi Miss Ishita" allow me he extend his hand this time She doesn't give her hand to him....

He again " miss Ishita i am Raman remember ???

She smiles and give her hand to him " Call me Ishita only "

"Only if you call me Raman " he replies takes her hand and walks with her upto his car open the door for her and help her to sit in the Car

He starts the car and  conversation

"So we were not introduced properly let me start again

I am Raman Bhalla Studying  Part time MBA from our College which i dont want because Business is in my Blood But My father Vishvanath Bhalla wants me to complete My degree before inherit Bhalla Industries He says in one breath

She looks (wish she could ) with open mouth

"Are you the Same Raman Bhalla : from Bhalla Industries and would be CEO  and most eligible bachelor of india  She replies and bites her tongue 

He laughs and replies "yes i am the same "

She put her hands on her mouth " i am sorry Mr.Bhalla i wasted your time  and"

before she says anything more He stops the Car "Look 1st Ishita dont call me Mr.Bhalla And 2nd What waste of time I am not CEO or Any businessman Right now i am a Student and enjoying company of  his beautiful friend he says and starts car again

seeing silence from her side he says " what happen Ishita look i am sorry if you dont want to be My friend"

"No No thats not the thing " she replies

"Then" he demands

" Kaha main Kaha Aap Hamara status kahi match nahi hota "(look the difference our status dont match)

His grips goes tighter on staring wheels " Ishita where the hell status comes in between Friendship ???? and is there any rule that i cant be friend with you or someone else ???

She searches word " hmmmmm i think you are right "

He looks at her "you think ???? No i am always right he says and extend his hand "so friends???

She turns her head in his direction and extends her hand but this time her hand is lil far from his hand He smiles and reach her hand and shakes

And they reach Zaveri Bazar....

Here we are He says and comes out to opens door for her

She comes out and says thanks to him

He asks "where do you live ???"

" Behind this Market " she replies

"May i drop you at home" He asks bit hesitate tone

"Err....woh My father dont like She replies with same tone

"Oh Yes i can understand  so will meet you tomorrow here at 10 " he replies

"here why ???"

To pick you for college He replies in cool manner

"you dont need to bother please i can manage " she says

"If you consider me as you friend then i am picking you up tomorrow and if you dont then dont  choice is your says this he  jumps in his car and starts Car roar engine two times"

"Okay tomorrow @ 10"  she replies

"Bye" and he disappears in traffic 

Someone Tap on her shoulder

"Good Job"

She smiles and walks with that person to her house

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