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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

ISHRA NEW SS : Suppressed Desire Part 1


He was standing in front of the huge bay window in his big lavishly

Cabin with a cigarette in his tanned hands and a glass of Scotch in

other. He always had a slight stubble on his face which make him look

enough older than he was and gave him a look of incongruous with his

sophisticated self, but nevertheless gave him an attractive demeanor. He

had an overall broad and heavy built, His Hair gelled and pushed back

showing off his broad temple. His sleeves were folded back to three or

fourth showing his tanned arms with a Silver Colored Rolex watch

shinning in his wrist. THE Mr. Raman Bhalla, a self-made man, the shrewd

businessman. Infamous for his straight business tactics, but known to

have a heart of gold when it comes to charity. He was immersed in his

thoughts, could see the shores of Arabian Sea through his cabin's

window, thinking about his bitter past that still haunt him to no

extent. How can she do that to him, he admitted that he was not the Guy

she wanted, he was not the perfect match for her, but still he loves her

with his heart and soul. Opening the first three buttons of his crisp

white Ralph shirt, Raman was a quite sort of person in both looks and

nature. He still remember that day when she came first time to college,

wearing a beautiful Royal Blue colored knee-length Dress perfectly

fitted to her body like a second skin. She was the most beautiful girl

of the college, her innocent face, her kohled black eyes, big lashes,

her pink lips, her fair waxed arms,her soft curves and her fair waxed

legs could be seen from her knee-length dress. She was purely a goddess

but the fact was and still she never cared about him, never gave any

heed to his emotions in fact playing cruelly with his feelings. GOD DAMN

IT he still thinks about her after what she did to him. He was busy in

thinking about her when he heard a knock on his Cabin, with his hoarse

voice he gave the reply "Come In"...He swiftly turn around to see his

Best Friend From School and still now, his best friend Mihir Arora

abruptly took a glass of scotch and cigarette from his hand and gave him

a frowning look, Raman smiles at him" sorry yaar...hey don't give me that

look...ok fine I'll not do this again...Mihir sorry yaar, ok listen I

have a plan for tonight, you, Mihika, Kids and me for Dinner, how's it ??

areyy yar Please smile a bit. Mihir Arora who knows everything about

his friend and feel sad on his condition, Mihir knew what he might be

thinking before he strode in. In a commanding voice Mihir asked Raman"

why are you doing this to yourself, why are you making your life HELL.I

Know you're still thinking about her. Raman just could not help but tears

overcome his eyes. He immediately wiped his tears from the corner of his

and come sat on the Royal Couch, looking towards the floor. Mihir could

see his condition and to lighten the mood he cracked a joke "Raman Your

assistant asked me for the Dinner Tonight" Raman looked up at him with a

sober expression,said "Don't go, her boyfriend is murderer and always

carry a sharpening knife to kill the guys who have been around". They

both looked at each other for a second and burst out in laughter. Mihir

came and sat beside Raman "Thank God you told me this or else I have a

full proof plan to make out with her, chal let me order something, I'm

very much hungry and We are supposed to be meeting with Damac Inc in ten

minutes. Mihir ordered the food from Bhalla Industries' canteen.

As they finished their lunch, headed towards the board meeting

discussing about the deal they have to crack. Raman now looked fine and as

a fact he is foodie that's why food make him feel happy. They entered

the board meeting, everyone stood up to greet their bosses. Raman only

gave a curt nod and sat on the head's chair of the big size table. The

flamboyant chandelier, the large mahogany desk that reminded the

cowering employee on the other side just how important his boss was, the

blood-red curtains draped over the windows, the shady brown wooden

floor... all of it, stripped and sent to the local junkyard. In their

place Raman had covered the windows with Venetian blinds, blocking the

glare of the sun, yet allowing him the calming view of the sea from his

desk. The desk itself was new as well - just as large - but much less

imposing. He preferred the freshness of a teak effect rather than the

pomposity of mahogany... the whole room was lighter, not so

claustrophobic... the intimidating portrait of his mother hung on the

wall behind him.He looked attracted with his one hand resting on his

chin. As he was engrossed in meeting when he felt a pair of hands on his

thigh he looked beside him, saw a lady in her late twenties, beautiful looked like she was interested in him, Raman gave her a lop sided

smile, making her squealed with pleasure. Raman whispered something in her

ear as she nodded in acknowledgement. The meeting got over with over

powering the Deal, he stood up passed a glance on that lady and walked

out with pride.

Hows it ?

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