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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

ISHRA NEW SS : A Simple Wish Part 1

Hello Friends starting a new Story by My friend Yes yes i know so many stories pending but will update this story coz she already had written 10 parts  

Every year Ishita celebrated her birthday with her family, her brother and parents. The celebration was very simple. Her mother baked her favourite chocolate cake which was beautiful and yummy along with some mouth-watering delicacy. 

Until her 25th birthday. It was when the mishap took place and Ishita’s life was shattered. She lost her entire family in a landslide on their previous holiday in Ooty.


It has been two years Ishita joined Bhalla Pvt Ltd as Finance Intern. She was very honest & dedicated towards her work. In no time she was promoted to the post of Finance Manager. She missed her family a lot during end of the year and it affected her work life in someway . Her boss avoided her mistake the first year but just gave her a friendly advice to be more professional considering her past records.


Ishita was waiting for the lift as soon as it stationed the doors opened and she stepped in. At the  same time a man entered the lift. He was wearing a black business suit. Black shirt, Black trousers, Black blazer and a Black scarf nicely done around his neck. He was busy talking on the phone he did not realize Ishita was also there. Ishita was also lost in her thoughts .He reached out his hand to press the button at the same time Ishita also did the same. It was then he realized he was not alone. He gave Ishita soft smile and allowed her to go first. As the door closed the man finished his call and stood beside Ishita with his hand tugged in his pants pocket. All this time Ishita was lost in her thoughts and looking at the ground.

There was sudden jolt in the lift and it stopped abruptly. Both of them stood inside the lift not knowing what happened. Ishita was frightened but thanked god that she was not alone. Suddenly the lights went off. Ishita instinctively got hold of the man’s arm like a kid and started enchanting “Ram!! Ram!! Ram!!” under her breath. She was achluophobia. Taken aback by the action of his fellow companion the man did not know what to do. Sensing her unnerving condition the man placed his hand on Ishita’s hand to pacify her. He switched on his cell phone so that the light from it will illuminate the lift and ease Ishita a bit. He then moved towards the intercom. As he moved Ishita’s clutch became intense as if she was trying to say ‘don’t leave me and go’.

Patting her arms “I am here with you. Don’t be afraid.”

Dialing on the intercom he connected to the technical department.

“What’s wrong with the lift? We are stuck her in between 8th and 9th floor. Do something fast and send someone up here for help.”

Turning to Ishita “don’t worry everything will be ok. I have asked to send help.” He said in a very soft voice to keep the situation as light as possible.

Ishita listened to him half heartedly, she buried her head in the man’s arm and her clutches were stronger than before. He could feel his arm going numb but did not protest to the powerful clutch.

About 10 minutes later they could hear some rattling noise and someone mumbling.
The lift door opened but it was still stuck between 8th and 9th floor. The opening was divided into half. One half was stoned wall while the other was an opening to the 9th floor. There were two security guards flashing light inside the dark lift.

“Hey open our eyes. We will be out of the lift in few minutes”

Sensing the beam of light over her face Ishita opened her eyes but did not let go of her clutch. She was looking straight into his eyes.

Putting his hand on Ishita’s hand the man said “Listen to me. We will get out of here in no time. I will just leave you for few seconds to go up then I will pull you up ok. And keep looking in my direction. Don’t’ be afraid.”
Ishita gave him a soft nod and released her grip. The man with the help of the two security guards was hoisted up in the 9th floor, while Ishita kept her gaze on him as instructed. He turned and extended his hand towards Ishita. Impulsively Ishita extended her arms over to the man’s extended hand. He hoisted her gently and did not let go of her hand until he was sure that Ishita was steady.

In the light of the lobby looking up at the man who helped her Ishita realized it was none other than the owner of Bhalla Industries Raman Bhalla.

Embarrassed with her act in the lift Ishita apologizing said “I am sorry Sir for……”

Raman raised his hand cutting her short “Its ok” gave her a soft smile and walked in the opposite direction.


On Christmas Raman announced half day at office. Everyone went home except Raman and Ishita. Around 7pm when Raman was leaving for home he saw Ishita sitting in her cubical working. Raman went and stood beside her cubical observing her work dedicatedly. Realizing someone was gazing at her Ishita turned and was surprised to see Raman standing there. She almost stumbled while getting up from her chair.

“I am sorry if I scared you. But I think I gave it a half day, why are you still here?”

“Yes Sir I know its half day but I get bored at home so thought so staying and finishing some work.”

“That’s ok; it’s getting late. And leave some work for tomorrow.” Raman gave her a light chuckle and started to walk towards the exit. He stopped midway and turned.

“Ishita would you like to join me for dinner?”

Surprised to be invited for dinner with her Boss Ishita was dumbfounded.


“Grab you things and come with me and that’s an order.” Raman told Ishita with a soft smile.


After Christmas Raman and Ishita become good friends. New Year Raman invited Ishita for lunch. While they were both seated at their table they saw a group of people siting opposite them. They were having some kind of get together. As Raman and Ishita were placing their order they heard happy birthday song from the opposite table. It was someone’s surprise birthday party. This reminded Ishita about her birthday which she used to celebrate with her family. Her eyes were full of tears as her remembered her family and how she lost them two years back.

Ishita brushed her tears off smiled at Raman was observing all this.

“I am sorry….” wiping her tears off.

“It’s ok you don’t have to explain anything I know. You must be missing your parents during this festive season.”

Looking at the table across the other side she smiled and spoke “I used to celebrate New Year and my Birthday with my family. My brother was the biggest prankster and on my birthday he was at his peak. My mother used to bake me my favourite chocolate cake and cook lovely dishes, after dinner my father used to play his harmonica which my grandfather gifted him on his 25th birthday and he promised that he will gift it to me on my 25th birthday. My simple wish.”

Raman just listened to her silently and gave a side hug to ease her grief.


Everyone was excited for New Year and finished their work as soon as possible. Ishita also finished her work and was ready to leave. Before leaving she decided to meet Raman.

‘Knock Knock’

“Come in”

“I just came to say bye and Happy New Year”

“Happy New Year Ishita.”

Ishita reached her home finished her dinner and went to her bedroom. She switched on the television, but was not interested in watching anything she was waiting for the clock to strike 12. Time passed and the clock struck 12. She went up to her parents’ and bother’s picture wished them ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ and went to sleep. There was sudden knock on the door. Ishita thought she must be hearing things and went back to sleep. There was another thump at the door. She woke up and glanced at the table clock it was almost 1am.

“Who is it at 1am in the morning?”

Wrapping her night robe she went towards the door, looking through the peephole she could not see anything it was totally dark. She was confused to see no one on the other side but the knocking still continued. She opened the door slowly.

As she opened the door she saw a silhouette of a man standing in front of her. He was holding something in his right hand and took out a lighter from his left pocket and lighted the candle.

As he lighted the candle the radiance fell on the object and on the man’s face. She was surprised to see Raman who was holding a chocolate cake.



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