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Sunday, 6 December 2015

NEW ISHRA SS : Suppressed Desire Prologue


Raman's POV

He was still in dazed when saw HER, he cannot believe his luck that God gave him a chance to make her pay for what she did to him. But now he'll not going to slip this Exciting Chance to let her go without repay or a Punishment. He smirked at her cleverly, he scanned her from head to toe she didn't change a bit. Full of confidence and her face held the expression of  Miss"knew-it-all" he was certainly became angry first when he saw her in his Cabin but calmed down after seeing the innocence on her face, Damn it this innocence is just a trick nothing else but he's no more that Fool Guy which he used to be in their College time, he's now a sensible man who runs the multi millionaire company in India. He looked at her intensely, all his suppressed Desires come alive to him. He looked at her eyes which show the purity to him but he cannot believe her at least this time.

Ishita's Pov;

What in the world he was doing here, His eyes were hypnotic, his chest solid, and his arms strong and capable. Is that why her heart skittered inside her chest like a baby bird. Stubble dusted his firm jaw-line, the straight, slightly pointed nose denoted a reticence, bordering on arrogance... which suited him very, very well! Ishita a girl for whom everyone is a slave for her is now standing in front of Man who is ready to make her bend on her knees and wanted her to ask apology to him in front of the whole world for what she did to him. But after what she did to him make her realize he was so innocent, he barely think of hurting anyone. It wasn't her fault, she was not matured enough that time to find out what is right or wrong but after his reaction to the mess she created that time, it scares her to death. His anger made her shiver, he lost his all control that day, making her stoop so low in front of everyone. She felt incredibly afraid whenever she remembered that Day. But what to do, now the fortune made her stand in front of him and she is confident enough that she'll cope up with this phase of life too.

Raman stared at her petite frame, she was wearing a white chicken cotton dress with colorful Duppata in her neck. Her duppatta was slightly misplaced,showing her collar bone , her jet black long hair till her waist open beautifully, her waist he didn't noticed it earlier, he looked at it intensely her slim waist gave a sensation to him which he only get in his dreams when he dreamt about making her love. It's his weakness after what she done to him, he still dream about her like old times. Her fair face shinning like a moon. He stared at her chest area moving upward and downward as she take a breath. Raman coming out of his trance,finally spoke sarcastically "so her highness what makes you come here, after what you did to me I was sure that you'll never make me show your beautiful face". His question hurt Ishita. The ice in his tone, the taunting smirk on his lips ishita stammered as she gave him her files/documents of graduation "Ahh...I'm here for job" Raman who was checking her profile almost popped up from his seat, shouted "what" Ishita looked down to control her tears. After a few minutes Raman gained his senses back and smirked at her" Why...where is good for nothing boyfriend of yours?" asked her in a harsh tone. Ishita replied stammering "I...I broken up with Him" Raman waits for a five to ten minutes to absorb this info which gave him a peace and some kind of relief, coming forward to her not bothering to reply her, said "you know what miss Iyer there is a Proverb NO PAIN NO GAIN" she looked up at him not understanding why he is saying this to her. He come forward to her leaving merely a gap between them, held her by waist making her stumbled, said to her in a manner less tone "Spend a Night with me and the Job will be yours." 

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