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Monday, 21 December 2015

ISHRA TS : Tum Saath ho PART 4


"Ishita" he says slowly....  "Ishita you are now out Finally" Anita proposed me "Oh" thats the word comes from her mouth and then she adds quickly "ohh Raman thats Great so when the wedding bells rings" "Not decided yet " He replies  Ohh Ok By the way i have a surprise too...She says " One more...Spill " he sounds excitedly "Hmmm" She begins  " Common "  Raman says Impatiently  " Karan Proposed me too " Ishita says with So much heaviness Phone Slips from Raman's hand and screen touches the hard floor and  glass breaks in  numerous pieces like his heart just broken in pieces 



“When I close eyes Some time I see you…
When I listen music some time I hear you….
When I walk some time I see you walk with me…
But the hardest thing is Every time I breathe.. I feel you…”

"Meow....Meow.....Tera Mujhse Pahle Ka Naat Koi....Yuhi dil Nahi churata koi Jaane tu ya Jaane na"
(Scene From Movie Jaane tu Ya Jaane Na When hero runs behind herion on a airport and sings this song for her which he decided to sing only for her lover herion pet name is Meow hope you understand )

Bang Bang Thud Thad....and 
Raman falls from bed 

He jerks open his eyes Ohh God same Dream again from Movie Jaane tu ya jaane naa

Night After Class 10th Final exam
Ishita and Raman watching Movie Jaane tu ya Jaane naa where Hero Runs behind herion to stop her from going to America he just realize that he loves her and she is going to America with broken heart ...he runs behind her on Airport but Security Guard caught him he finally Sings A song which he told herion that he ll sing this song only for her love and when He sings She runs to him and throw herself in his Arms Movie Finish 
Ishita wipes her tears with Raman's Hanky He is laughing on her and also consoling her that this things happens in movie or Tv serial but She is crying more and at last she finally stops crying and looks at him...and says 
"i too want someone runs for me on Airport and sing song for me"
"Ohh and If he won't sing then" Raman ask curiously
"Then i ll leave him on Airport" She says and sobs  again
"ohh God you are impossible Ishita" says this he snug's her in his arms try to calm her

Falshback end  (Hope you are not confused its a flashback scene Raman remembers when he falls from bed after he saw same dream that time they were not couple )

He gets up  and switches on Tv

Our Reporter just reported that Finally Spaceship
 USSP-134 landed back on Canady Spaceship Center at 6am UST  and The Spaceship Head Karan Patel and Ishita Iyer had done great Job. 

Raman watches this news have a sigh of relief…
Its 35 days he haven’t seen or heard Her voice its slowly kills him from Inside…only work keeps him alive…he switches off Tv and Sleeps again

“So Ishita what you think about my proposal” Karan ask her when she is going towards her Car 

“ I ll give you reply soon” She replies without looking at his eyes…and adds “have to consult with”

He cuts her off “ have to consult with Raman” He says and gives a faint smile “ I ll wait “ and leave 

She stuns hear this She told Karan eveything about her and Raman She ddnt expect this sudden question of him Now just after 1 hour they landed back on earth….she shrugs this and sits inside the Car….

15 minute later…

The 1st thing she did when enters in her apartment switch on her Iphone and answering machine And for her shock there is no single message from Raman…. Disappointedly  she thinks May be busy in his marriage but I don’t even  know his marriage date He said that Anita proposed and wedding ll be one month or so “Did he married when I was in space” oh god she dials his number….

One two three Rings…..



“Hello Ishita are you there ??” Anita asks her 

“Ya…How do you know…I mean is this Raman Bhalla’s Number ???

“Yes yes he is sleeping actually he is suffering from cold and cough” She replies to Ishita

“Ohh And you must be Anita right “ Ishita try to fight with her tears ...

“ Yes “ And I will tell him when will he wake up

“Thank you” And Ishita hangs up 

Ishita dials Karan's Number 

“we are going to marry day after tomorrow is that okay ??“ She says without give him chance to say hello

“ Are you sure ” He asks her

“ Now I am sure” She says and hangs up…
Throws herself on bed and cry her heart out 
She wants to talk to Raman that If he stills feel something about her then  can they give a chance to this long distance relationship but she ddnt expect him to married in her absence Now there is no point to say No to Karan who is head over heel love with her and She knows him from past 6 month…. 


Ring Ring Ring…..

Ishita wakes up hearing her mobile ringtone

She picks without see Caller…

“Hello” she says in sleepy voice

“Are you sleeping at 6 in the evening “ He asks Her….

She jerks open her eyes and sit on bed hear voice watches Screen Its Raman…

“No just rest you say how are you “ She asks him

“ Not fine cough and cold he says and coughs again” 

“Hmmm Icecream “ She asks again

“ Yes” He replies slowly expecting  scolding from her

“ have some medicine” is her only reply…

Shocks 1st time no scolding from her side 
Silence on both side…..

Raman start again So howz your 1st journey to space did u enjoyed ??? 

“It was amazing I enjoyed and worked a lot” she replies

“ I was thinking to call you in morning but then realized you ll be busy in formalities and all” He says
“yes and I called you but you were sleeping Anita told me you were sleeping” she says bit hesitation in her eyes when Anita’ s name mention 

“Ohh Anita ddnt tell me you called” He says bit surprised 
Ohh yes I called you to inform you about My marriage. I am going to marry in two days its all in hurry no time to print cards and all she says with so much heaviness in her voice 

Ek minute Koi door par Knock kar raha hai Ishita (One minute Someone is Knocking on Door Ishita) He says and Hold mobile stands up his heart pumping like  it ll come out in second 

After a minute...He gathers all courage and says
" Hello "  Its was
She cuts him "it was Anita na" 
before he could reply She says Again " accha Sun Aaj hi aa Jaa i want you on time (Listen u come today) Ok Bye now so many works and she hangs up 
put her hands on her heart try to sooth her self that was so tough for herself here and there Raman still shocks what he heard She is going to marry in 2 days and She called him in morning to say this She ddnt scold him too over 
ice-cream he runs his hands to his hair....
"How easily she moved on" he thinks 
"Why cant  she " a voice comes from same reflection of him in the mirror 
"Why cant she move on " that reflection in mirror Says Again 
"Who are you " Raman ask him lil bit scares while asking 
" I am your soul " 
"Am i died" Raman ask
"Shut up you fool you are not died i am here to realize you that you both duffers took this decision to stay apart so now why are u feeling low if she is going to marry someone else  " reflection yells at him...
"She....She loves me " Raman stammers
"She loved you and you loved her but that was past she moved on and i think you should move on too its the only way that keep me alive in you otherwise i ll die everyday just like i am dyeing from last 6 months just because of you" Reflection says and tears escape from his eyes and Raman feels his cheek wet too

"Why Are you dying " Raman asks him wiping his tears
" Because i am you soul Raman and if you are not happy from outside how can i be happy inside of you... " his soul says to him

"Raman whom you are talking"  Anita enter in Room looking at Raman who is standing in front of Mirror 

Woh Woh...he turns walks toward her a voice echoed in his head 
" Move on or dont let her go "

he holds Anita's hand she looks confusingly at him....
"I cant marry you Anita" because  because....He stammers  and turns loose ands and turns his side

"because you still love Ishita" She says and turns him by shoulder 
tears brimming in his eyes She wipes his tears "Big Boys don't Cry Raman "
and before you say "Esa Ishita bhi bolti thi naa" (Ishita too said like this naa) 
I know You loved her  and still loves her and will always love her and She loves you too Raman....
Raman Suddenly looks at her " how can you say that she is going to marry someone" he says irritably
"yes i know She called me to invite in marriage 

too and You know what she said "She feels sorry that she was not present at our wedding "our !!!! your and mine" She says to him

"WHAT" is his reply 
"yes she thinks that we are married Raman and when i tried to told her she said She is so busy and hang up" Anita says 

"ohh Kahi is wajah se to usne suddenly  Shadi karne ka faisla nahi liya hai "( ohh  did she took this suddenly Marriage decision bcoz of this reason ") he puts his hand on his mouth in disbelieve look on his face 

"I have to go Anita Right Now" He says and pickup his phone and Dials Flight Booking agent  number...
"I want 1st available flight for Washington DC "
Agent : Sir there is No flight for Washington DC due to bad whether...
"Ohh God " He shouts 
He dials Ishita's phone it's out of reach 
He tries again and again but no use 


1 and half  day later 
He tried tried but no contact to Ishita but finally Got ticket in economy class
He have only 10 hours to stop her marriage and flight takes  9+ hour from London to Washington DC...
"Please Fasten Your Seat Belts ... we Ready For Take Off" when Flight captain announces this 
he sighs , folds his hands and prays Silently that flight is on the time he have to reach the venue before she gets married....

"untle untle  al you stayled flom flying jut lite  me 
(uncle uncle Are you scared from flying just like me ) A lil girl ( his fellow passenger )asks to Raman in her Stammering tone 
He smiles hear this and about to reply but that girl again in her same tone 
"Dont wolly Mom tays i m bid dal now tu tan told my hand" (Dont worry Mom says i am big girl now you can hold my hand) Says this she hold Raman's hand 
A lone tear escape from his eyes and his minds goes to old memory 
When Ishita holds his hand just like this little girl 
Flashback :
Itita lahne de Waha Andhela hai Dusle laaste Se ghal chalte hai (Ishita rahne de waha Andhera hai dusre raaste se Ghar Chalte hai...Ishita leave this way there is dark we can so from other way ) Raman  says to Ishita lil scared when they were coming back to home from play ground 
Ale tuch nahi hoda Main Hoon naa (nothing will happen i am with you )Ishita says with confident 
" Ale Tu hai to tya " ( what if u are ) he says still afraid to go on that way  
"Dont wolly Mom tays i m bid dal now tu tan told my hand" (Dont worry Mom says i am big girl now you can hold my hand)
Says this she hold his hand tight in her hand and drags him to home

Flashback end :
He wipes lone tear with a smile on his face may be a positive sign he thinks and rest his head on seat try to sleep and keep his mind calm and collect all positive energy 
"positive thinking will let you do everything better then negative thinking will "

9 hour later 
 “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to WSDC Airport. Local time is 11.55am and the temperature is 32"C 

He runs out quickly out of airport after all the formality of Airport Already his flight 5 minutes late and 25 minutes waste in airport formalities Now he have 30minutes to stop her marriage and he have to reach the Venue before that 
He throws himself on Cab's Passenger seat Before drives ask him address he orders 
 "quickly drive to " Hilton Washington DC/North Gaithersburg " fly your taxi and i ll pay you 5 time extra "

Driver face lighten hear this  his grips goes tight on steering wheel  
in 20 minutes he parks Cab in front of the venue 
Raman quickly pays as he promised him 5 times extra and runs towards the venue and When he about to enter he hears Priest voice 
" you may kiss the bride"

Raman close his eyes and shouts 
" STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP" Ishita please stop this marriage and he opens his eyes All people Watching him and he sees
What will happen Next we ll see in next Update  

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