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Saturday, 26 December 2015

ISHRA TS : Tum Saath Ho Last Part

Credit of pic : original uploader

He opens his eyes....
All heads turns towards him.....but no effect on bride and Groom they are So engrosses in kissing each other
He is confused Instead of Ishita someone else is the Bride...and Groom is obviously No Karan i saw his pic once not clearly remember his face but Not this Guy then Who the hell They are and what they are doing i mean they are Kissing each other like there is No tomorrow or  they are hungry from Ages ...he thinks but All his thought kicks away when
  Man turns Raman by his shoulder....
hello Raman....Man says to him...
Raman : Hello.... Er....i Know you....He scratches  his temple... " KARAN" Ahhh...
Where....What he is searching for words ......What is all this he finally Says
Karan : are you come for Ishita's Marriage ???
Raman : he looks here and there...
Karan : i asked you something ???
Raman : NO....i came here to Stop her She thinks i am married But I am not And i love her and She...
Karan cuts him between She loved you too and you Both Are duffers
Raman looks at him in complete Shock....What it is mean She loves me And Please for God's Sake What happened  here i thought You both are going to marry here...

Karan again cuts him in between And says I ll tell you everything in Car we don't have Time just come with me i ll tell you everything in Way Just Says this he drags him out of Venue to Parking Area and almost throw him in his Car and he too sits on driving seat and starts the Car...
Raman : Can you please tell me where are We going ???
Karan : Airport
Karan : Ohh shut  up and Calm down We Are going to Airport Because Your Ishita is leaving For Australia
Raman : What ???
Karan : Yes
Raman : And What About Marriage...
Karan looks at Him and says I said you both Are really duffers Listen what she did to me
2 hours Ago
The Same Marriage venue
She is looking angel in white Wedding gown She wanted to be marry like this way two kids one boy and one girl is carrying gown's end  And She is walking towards Karan where he is stands with Priest ...while walking she remembers the incident where she and Raman did the same thing with Bride's gown (walked with carried gown in hand with her upto to the end )
She turns her head And She sees herself and Raman in those two kids walking with her
She somehow shrugs this thought and reaches to Karan....
They stand in front of each other and priest starts reading (Dont know what bcoz i never saw a church marriage )
All her moments Past is floating in front of her they met became friends..good friends...Girlfriend-boyfriends lover and how they broke up....
She closes her eyes.....and opens when she hears
"You May Now Kiss the bride "
 She sees Karan's Lips is coming towards her
"She takes a step back and put her hands on his lips"
 " I cant marry you Karan "
" What " his reply
"You were right i still love him And i realize this now" She replies
" NOW" he rises his eyebrows and gives her signal that everyone is looking at us
She looks around and Says "I am sorry to all this marriage wont be happen you may leave but please take Food before leaving"
Karan gives her disbelieving looks and walks towards Exit
She follows him calling his name " Karan listen Karan..."
Out of the Church
"Listen Karan please" she shouts behind him
"Ishita you yourself told me that you want to marry in two days and i told you before that think before doing anything bcoz you still loved him and you told me that he is married okay Now that we are not going to marry as you said do he is married and happy what will you do tell me " he shouts back
" i will wait for him " she replies with tears in her eyes
Her tears melt him in one go he comes near her and hugs her she hides her head in his chest he consoles her "ok ok Dont cry i cant you see you like this" She comes out of his hug and looks at him
he continus " Ya ya i know Raman too said like to you "
She smiles
After a pause she says " Agar tumhara pyar jaana chahe toh use jaane do ... agar woh laut kar aaye toh woh tumhara hai "( If your love wants to go then let it go ... if it returns then it is yours)
He nodes
She continues  " i have received a new Project from Australia first i denied now i am thinking to accept bcoz work ll keep me alive and If Raman really loves me then one day he ll come to me )
" Yes you should accept this project " Karan says  She replies "then i have to leave  with 1st flight" says this she bid byee to Karan...he wants to go airport with her but She says She needs Some time alone

Raman puts his hand on his shoulder  " i am sorry Man "
Karan looks at him "its okay "
I have one question Raman asks him
"If she leaves you there about 1 hour Ago what the hell you were doing that marriage" Raman asks him
"Errrr......he scratches his head...Actully After she left the Wedding planner started preparation for Second Marriage and the groom watched All the disaster with his eyes So he came to me and asked me to become his best Man " Says this Karan looks here and there in embarrassment  and Raman laughs loud hears this and meantime they reach Airport
Karan : Go go quickly i ll park the Car Best of luck...
Raman hugs him and jumps out of Car and runs  towards Entry....
At the reception
Recent   flight of Australia Time please....???
Receptionist checks and looks at him:  you are late boarding Already Done  All the passengers are waiting in the Area Now you can't ....before She says further he runs in one direction....
He runs towards the waiting  room but police stops him...
"Show me your passport and tickets" police officer asks him
" Sir i dont have Passport and ticket " he replies and try to jump o his place and try look behind him
police officer put his hands on his shoulders and pull him down "Hey  What are you doing Stay on your place otherwise i ll put in Jail" he replies angrily on Raman
Raman folds his hands in front of him" Sir My girlfriend is going Away from me she thinks that i am married  she is in waiting area Sir please you just let me in i ll go take her out Please Sir "

No This is not allowed If you have tickets and passport then only you can Enter other please stay aside let other enter...he pushes Raman aside
Raman looks here and there People looks at him and goes to their way
He disappointingly walks back to Receptionist   to ask her next available flight for Australia
An idea Strike in his Mind
Raman to Receptionist: Ma'am can you please come out of your desk its emergency about my pregnant wife
She looks at him and nods in yes
She comes out Raman looks here  and there and says Slowly " My wife is pregnant and yesterday i forget to buy  her favourite ice cream so she is angry with me and in her anger  She said She is going to her Father's place i said Sorry but She ddnt listen and in hurry She  forget to take Doctor's prescription also not attending my calls " he says with puppy face
She smiles looking at him but ask" what you want me to do"
Raman : just let me allow to take you announcing mike for 2 min i ll say sorry and give her prescription  and give it you
Re: No its not possible
Raman with puppy face "please"
She nodes "only two minutes " and she goes back behind the desk with Raman...
He scratches his head takes mike
" Ishita....Ishita he says lil loud "
Its echoes In Entire Airport All people Looking at Speaker Some looks at Raman
Ishita who is sitting Jumps on her Feet and says to herself " its Raman voice " he is here OMG she runs towards the exit of waiting lounge but Stops when she hears next
Ishita  I know you are listing me Somewhere
" Ab main jo kahne wala hu ye Ye firangi nahi Samzenge  Par Mujhe Pata hai tum Jarure Samaz Jaaogi"  (Now what i am going to say this country people wont understand but i know you will understand )he continues  with his eyes closes
"Main rahoon ya na rahoon
Tum mujhme kahi baaqi rehna
Mujhe neend aaye jo akhiri
Tum khaabo mein aate rehna
Bas itna hai tumse kehna
Bas itna hai tumse kehna
Bas itna hai tumse kehna
Bas itna hai tumse kehna"

Ishita runs again and in a matter of Seconds She pushes two police officer who came in her way Jumping falling She is standing in front of him.....
tears flowing from her eyes the view is the same she wants Someone on airport Mike in his hand singing song for her
Raman opens his slowly eyes the view make his eyes Moist
"Ishita is standing in front of him with tear in her eyes"
He Spread his arms and she runs to him...Jumps to him he swings her in his Arms"
After a minute he put her on her feet...wipes her tears She Asks in low voice " bus itna hai kahna....Kya bacha ab Kahna "

Ishita i read Somewhere
Dont wait for the perfect moment take the moment and make it perfect and what better than this remember you want someone Run behind you on Airport Sing song for you and ......and he looks at her bends on his knees takes her hand in his well i did two and the last one  he sighs looks at her again and speaks
"i dont have words to make you feel better
but i do have the arms to hug you,
I have the ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about,and i have a heart that's aching to see you smile again

Will you Marry me ????
Tears flowing from her eyes
People started cheers : Yes...say yes ...
You say yes or i will say....Ishita looks at them....Still Hard to believe for her that Raman proposed the same way she wanted Someone Propose her
She looks at him and Nods her head slowly whispers YES
All the people Started hooting hear this some of couple hugs each other  ,Some girls are wiping their  tears
Raman stands on his feet wipes her tear takes her in his bone cracking  hug She hides her head in his chest and whispers to him "Anita..what about her ?? "
You duffer !! We (Raman and Anita) are not married he replies her she comes out of his hug and looks at him and both laughs
Someone Tap on Raman's shoulder He turns his side and looks at Receptionist She is standing with her arms crossed over her chest Raman quickly caught his ears and says Sorry She Smiles and warns him not to do this type of stunt....
He than takes Ishita to his side hug " Lets go"  She asks " Where "
"Where Nobody ll disturbs us " He says and starts walks with her towards the Exit
"The most beautiful moments in life are when you are with the one you love…
the one you always wanted… the one who blows your mind with his /her love… the one who makes you fall in love again and again… the one who can make you come alive with his/her one look and with whom you want the world to stop and never change...."

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